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Labor Relations Management in

HR Project Proposal

Submitted to:
Prof. Surya Prakash Pati

Submitted By:
Chand Ajmera


Anukriti Chabbra


Manisha Jaiswal


Sakshi Singh


Sourav Dhal


Radhika Singh


Project Topic: Labor Relations Management at Maruti Suzuki

Labor relations relates to the customs that create a fair workplace between the employer
and the employee in an organization. A sub head under Industrial relations, labor
relations is the practice of managing unionized labor.
In recent past there have been numerous instances of labor unrest in the industry.
Manufacturing one of the most labor intensive sector has been highly influenced by the
turbulence created by labor management tussle occurring in the past. Maruti Suzuki has
been facing such issues from quite some time now and Manesar violence in July, 2012
left the entire nation gaping. The very concept of Labor Management has become the
core concern of many organizations now.
Through this project, we propose to analyze the various issues related to labor
management, some insight about present labor laws, consequences of labor unrest and
good HR practices to maintain cordial Labor relations. This will be done by taking
examples from the industry and Maruti Suzuki context.
Proposed issues to be covered in the project:

Issues and challenges faced by organizations confronting labor unrest

Collective bargaining and union relations
Understand contemporary capitalism and labor force and their dark side
Understand reasons for union formation and various policies that govern this

Understand how companies can use labor relations as long term competitive
Deduce the steps that companys management can take to create harmonious
labor-management relations.

Proposed Methodology:

The proposed methodology has been devised in following three major steps:
1) Secondary Data/Information Collection:
Labor issues concerning various organizations
Existing Labor laws and HR practices
2) Primary Data/Information Collection:
Questionnaire survey among people with work experience about their views
on Labor relation management at their organization and HR practices
Interview of people from Maruti about their experience and their views about
the incident that happened
Survey of people in manufacturing for their views about labor unrest problem
in the industry
3) Information Analysis:
Inferences about the causes and effects with regards to Labor unrest
Inferences about effective and ineffective HR practices in Labor management
4) Conclusion & Recommendations:
Conclusion about the causes of failure in labor management and their effects
on the organization performance
Recommendations about good HR practices for maintaining relations
between management and employee

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