2008 RID Region II Conference July 31­ August 2, 2008

Raleigh, North Carolina “Finding Balance” Program Book Advertisement Form
Contact:___________________________________________________________________________________ Organization:_______________________________ Web site:________________________________________ Phone number:______________________________ Email:_________________________________________ Address/city/state/zip:________________________________________________________________________ Preferred formats for submission of copy-ready advertisements: Preferred Files EPS (.eps) TIFF (.tif) JPEG, high resolution (.jpg) Adobe InDesign (.indd) Acceptable Files PDF, high resolution (.pdf) Illustrator (.ai) Photoshop (.psd) Quark Xpress (.qxp)(.qxd) Windows or Macintosh files are acceptable (all supporting fonts and graphics must be included)

Graphic Resolution - Color & greyscale scans should be at least 300 dots per inch (pixels per inch). B/W line art scans should have a minimum of 300 ppi. Resolutions of a higher ppi will reproduce with better quality. The resizing of graphics can decrease the overall resolution, thus lowering the quality of output. Tip: Graphics taken from web pages are almost always low resolution and do not reproduce well when printed. Graphics created in programs like Adobe Illustrator can create scalable graphics that will reproduce with the best quality at any size. Color - Unless printing in color, create elements in black and white in native program. All colors will be

converted to black and white screens. Light colors will generally convert to low screen values that can drop out on press. Also, colors may convert to similar screen values that are difficult to differentiate.
Your advertisement must be submitted in electronic format “copy ready” by email attachment with the subject line of “R2 Program Book Ad” to Janet Beattie: janet_beattie@yahoo.com What size have you determined for your advertisement?  Full page 7.5”x 10.0” $200.00  Half page 4.25”x 7.5” $150.00  Quarter page 3.5”x 4.25” $100.00  Business card size 3.75”x 2.0” $25.00

All advertisements and payments must be received by July 10, 2008.

Amount of payment:_$____________________________ Please send your payment a check or money order payable to: FRID, PO Box 1448, Lutz, FL 33548  I would like information about other opportunities for participating in the 2008 RID Region II Conference; please use this information to contact me:__________________________________________________________________

Thank you for supporting the 2008 RID Region II Conference! Questions? Lisa Schaefermeyer or Brian Paille at 813-785-1214

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