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A Collection of Rifts Magic Items

spell ring--light healing-(gold ring with topaz stones)-takes ppe from the wearer and uses it to
cast it on the wearer till the wearer is out of PPE(6) the ring has three casting actions per 15
Gringo's Tent--Chameleon & self set up and packing
Unnamed 24" diameter pure gold shield with a dragon sculpture on the from with arm
brackets and smaller brackets that the staff can be put into, the jaw is movable and a small
space is there (where the ruby tongue was)--enchanted to be absolutely indestructible. and has
a Create Gem ritual TW engram on its inside (10 min/L..made at 6th level)..1 hr
duration..creates a gem , that is considered 'natural,' for magical purposes, from what ever
gem components that are placed with in the circle while it is operating.
[Would most likely be found gathering dust on a shelf in a house near the site of old Seattle,
next door to a faerie mound.]
unnamed white metal broach enchanted with golden sphere(L7).... the staff acts like a
permanent Golden Sphere (PPE resivore max--1400 , now-1400 ) [Golden Sphere is a mod of the
Energy Sphere spell]
[ could also be with the above char 'Yuki']
Armor of Kormath- appears to be a set of several interlocking ring bracelets
Made out of 'white metal' and is enchanted so the wearer 's PPE is used as damage capacity , in
a MD environment its 1 PPE= 1MDC or 100 sdc / in a pure SD environment its 1 PPE =10 SDC, the
enchantment creates a magical force field, nat AR 10, that take damage off the wearer's PPE
Leviathan: greatest holy weapon
From somewhere out of the distant past this sword was predicted to come to Rifts earth to slay
the monster of the sea. But for all intensive purposes the prophecy is unknown by the world at
large. This sword was made by 'the unknown God' to slay the lord of the deep where-ever it
would run. The sword looks like any other long sword till it is used to fight off a evil
supernatural monster. Then is starts to glow and sear the flesh of the monster, rendering the
monster lame. If the Evil Supernatural monster does not flee then the sword can kill it for all
The sword gets it's name from its ability to slay the monsters of the seas with great and
powerful strokes, dealing three fold the damage to them. Shortening the term leviathan slayer
to just Leviathan.
While these powers are great, they are not what is what makes this sword special, even from
other Holy weapons. This sword was specifically made to slay the evil Alien Intelligence called
'The Load of the Deep'. No matter where the lord of the deep goes, this sword will find it's way
to a hero who stands in the way of the lord of the deep. Whether it be lost at sea,
underground, or the boundlessness of space, it will find it's hero to fight its foe. And the sword
is hidden from the lord of the deep till the hero comes to the lord of the deep's main body with
intentions to slay it. It is then that the sword's final, hidden, power activates, tearing the lord
of the deep asunder with each stroke. And on the 7th stroke that hits, it flys from the hero's
hand and into the body of the lord of the deep, seeking its core of being to slay it once and for
When found this weapon has form is a human sized long sword, but will resize and reshape
itself to make itself usable to the hero. It has a gilded blade, with what appears to be a
serpent wound about the tang to form the hilt.

Damage: 1d6x10 vs SN evil, Triple damage to sea monsters, damage x10 when used against The
Lord of the Deep. For all others it does 2d6 damage.
Powers: Breath w/o Air (Constant), Sonar Sight (1 mi.)
1- Mystic Portal Shield: shield enchanted with targeted deflection, speed weapon, and mystic
portal for those pesky things like annihilate that can't be parried
2- TW Hydra: Multi-barrel TW rifle combining goblin grenade launcher, sonic rifle, pb cannon,
and tw chainsaw bayonet (think Gears of War Lancer plus)
3- TW Basilisk: TW rifle firing a petrification beam (spell I am researching)
4- TW four leaf clover: casts Beat Insurmountable Odds as an action to save your butt when you
really need it
Cloak of Shadow Meld: Functions as a standard Cloak of Shadows (PFRPG pg 258) with the
added bonus of granting the wearer the abilty to Shadow Meld as per the Wizard spell (PFRPG
pg 195) This power may be activated up to three times a day for a duration of up to 10
minutes. Cost: 15,000 gold
Stealth Armor: A suit of specially tailored armor, highly popular among thieves, assassins and
rangers, usually constructed of chain or double mail, though heavier armor can be made for a
higher cost. The armor is enchanted to be noiseless and lightweight as well as a Chameleon
enchantment that can be activated up to 3 times a day for 10 melees. Cost: 55,000 gold for
Chain or Double Mail, 60,000 for a suit of Scale or Splint, 65,000 for Plate and Chain or Full
Money Changer: An odd device becoming popular with merchants and world travellers, it is a
small metal box engraved with strange arcane symbols. It has a few different uses. First, any
amount of money or valuables placed in the box, whether gold or silver coins, gems, jewelry or
whatever will be transformed into whatever form of valuables the owner desires in equal
value. (for example the owner places 250 gold pieces worth of diamonds and silver, and
requests it be changed to gold coins, the box will transform them into 250 Gold in gold coins) It
can also be used to change the coins' regional origin, like changing Northern gold coins to
Eastern. It can change them to Old Kingdom coins as well, but NOT the Old Kingdom Dragon
coin. Can only transform a maximum of 5000 gold pieces equivalent per activation. Cost: 2000
Assassin's Ring: As it's name suggests, a popular item among Assassins as well as Thieves, Spies,
Mages and anyone wishing to travel incognito. It is closely related to Transfomable weapons but
rather than being a relatively large item transforming into a weapon, it is a simple ring
transforming into a knife or spike weapon. As a ring it appears to be a simple gold band,
sometimes even decorated with intricate engravings or even set with a small stone or two.
Activation takes little more than a thought, causing the ring to stretch and sharpen to a roughly
knife-like blade shape of a striaght stabbing spike. Damage from this weapon is only 1d6, but it
can be further boosted with other weapon enchantments, except for the Flaming Weapon
option, at additional cost. The ring will remain in weapon form until deactivated by the
wielder or, if the wielder is rendered unconcious it will automatically revert to ring form. Base
cost for the ring: 5000 gold
Shield Ring: I nice piece of protective handywork, highly favored by anyone that wants to carry
a shield without the added weight of one. The Shield Ring simply produces and energy shield
similar to a Psionic Psi Shield and may be activated up to 6 times per day for 20 melees per
activation. At the cost of three charges/activations the ring can also produce a domed Force
Field around the wearer with a maximum 10 foot diameter. SDC of the Force Field is 150 with a
duration of up to 10 minutes. Cost: 2500 gold
Ring of Light: A simple silver ring crowned with a clear faceted crystal, this item is essentially a

miniature Crystal of Light (PFRPG pg 256) set onto a ring. However, the light emited by this
crystal is much brighter than a Crystal of Light, enough to illuminate about a 15 foot wide
circle. It also has an added benefit of directing a beam of light in whatever direction the
wearer desires. The intensity of the light beam is actually quite bright, enough to light up a
roughly 5 foot wide circle at a range of up to 50 feet away. It can also be used to temporarily
blind opponents. Attacker rolls to Strike with the light beam using only PP bonuses to Strike.
Defenders may Parry or Dodge, but either act will cause the loss of an attack (having to cover
ones eyes with their hands). Failure will cause temporary Blindness with a -5 to Strike Parry
and Dodge for 1d4 rounds. Cost: 6000 gold; unlike the Crystal of Light, the ring does NOT burn
A Door!: Just place against a wall and knock! Seriously! Open the door and walk through to the
other side of the wall. This particularly strange item will open a door sized hole through a wall
up to 2 feet thick! Any thicker than that and the door automatically opens to a shallow broom
closet. It is still the size of a normal door so it can be a little cumbersome, but its awkward
size at least helps drive the price down. Cost: 500 gold
Portable Hole: Similar to A Door above, but with 2 big advantages; 1> It can open holes in walls
up to 5 feet thick, rather than the relatively limited 2 feet of A Door. It can also open pits in
the ground up to 10 feet deep. (The hole itself is about 8 feet across) 2> It can be folded like a
piece of cloth, making it a lot less cumbersome. Even comes with a special carrying case to
keep it from openning a hole in whatever container you carry it in. Like the Pit Cloak it
resembles, if something is in a hole it creates it cannot be picked up until the object/person is
removed. Cost: 25,000 gold
Directional Indicator Device: A small compass like device with no traditional direction
indications (ie north, south, east, west) but still has a free spinning arrow. Upon invoking the
command word "acba" the owner/user states the direction he wishes to go (ie north, south,
etc.) or indicates what he's looking for, giving a rough idea of how close or far and maybe a
direction (ie "Find me the closest set of stairs to the north of my location" or "Where is the
nearest exit?") Be cautioned on being too general in what your looking for. In the first example
the arrow will point straight toward the nearest set of stairs, whether they lead up or down,
that is in a general northerly direction. In the second example the arrow will most likely point
to the nearest door, probably the one the character came in through. Also be warned that the
device will point straight to whatever it is you're looking for, regardless of obstacles. With a
little care and extra attention, the goal can be found. Cost: 10,000 gold
Mystic Maps: An offshoot of the Magic Maps in a different thread (re: Random Magical Items)
These appear as blank pieces of parchment until they are smudged with a bit of dirt from your
location and the command words "Icki Bolana Wassa Maatu Wittu" (language unknown but if
translated by anything that magically speaks all languages or a Voice Box (see previously
mentioned alternate thread) it means "Where the heck am I?") This causes a map of the
immediate area around the invoker to appear on the map. One must note that immediate area
is a pretty flexible term and depends entirely on the type of map bought. There are three
kinds. The first one is the smallest as a 1 foot square of parchment. It will reveal the
surrounding 1 mile radius area. Next up is the medium, measuring in as an 18 inch square. It
reveals the surrounding 2 mile radius. Finally, the large measuring as a 24 inch by 18 inch
rectangle, shows the surrounding 4 mile radius. The maps will reveal landmarks, cities, towns,
villages, roads, rivers, trails, etc. It will NOT reveal the locations of people, monsters,
treasures and so on. The map may aslo be reset by rubbing more dirt into the parchment and
speaking the command words again, however each additional use beyond the third gives a
cumulative 10% chance of a flawed and entirely inaccurate map (the parchment can only take
so much dirt getting rubbed into it before it starts crossing the maps over each other) If used
indoors or underground, the map will lay out whatever floor plans there are within its radius of
effect for the particular floor/level the character is standing on. A different floor means a

different map.
Cost: Small: 800 gold, Medium: 1,500 gold, Large: 2,000 gold
Bottomless Feedbag: A handy device that saves a lot of money on feeding horses. Technically
however, the feedbag is NOT bottomless. The user simply drops a handful of a chosen feed into
the bag (generally about 6 ounces). This handful is then consistently replicated in the bag as
the horse eats it for a full 24 hours. At the end of that time, another handful of feed must be
put in the bag. If the bag is ever removed and dumped out, just a handful of feed comes out of
it. Of course if the bag is dumped out, it will need to have feed placed in it again for it to
work. Cost: 1000 gold
Shield Bracer: A standard metal or leather forearm bracer that functions exactly like a Shield
Ring, mentioned in a previous post, but with an added feature of a larger Force Field Dome
covering a 20 foot diameter with a dome of 250 SDC for a duration of 10 minutes. Cost: 5000
Invisible Bags: A handy little item for Thieves and smugglers, these bags operate similar to
Enchanted Bags (PFRPG pg 258) in being able to hold more than they appear to be able to, but
with an added feature. Uttering the command word "noseeyum" causes the bag, and its
contents, to turn invisible for 10 minutes. Perfect for smuggling items into or out of high
security areas. Note that items placed in the bag will still make noise if shaken/rattled around
too much. Available ONLY in the Small and Medium Enchanted Bag sizes. (Large Invisible Bags
just aren't cost effective) Cost: Small pouch, purse or bag; 5 lb capacity: 45,000 gold Medium
handbag, satchel or bag; 15 lb capacity: 50,000 gold
Horseshoes of Thunderous Attack: A set of 4 horseshoes that, once attached to the hooves, give
the horses Kick Attacks the equivalent of a Thunder Hammer strike as per the weapon
enchantment of the same name (PFRPG pg 250), adding 2d6 damage to the horse's kick and
setting of a booming clap of thunder when it strikes. There is a slight drawback; if these shoes
are put on a horse not specifically trained for combat (ie a War Horse), there is a 30% chance
the poor animal will be spooked by the sudden eruption of thunder when it kicks, causing it to
immediately bolt off, possibly losing its rider. (roll under appropriate Horsemanship skill
percentile) If the rider stays on, he can stop the beast after 1d4 melees of high speed flight.
Riders roll twice per round to stay on the terrified beast. If the rider falls off, the animal will
run straight on for 1d6+4 minutes, stopping only if it comes to an obstacle it cannot pass, such
as a wide river or gorge, a high wall etc.
Stunstriker: A special weapon enchantment, tailored specifically for Bounty Hunter weapons.
The weapon, regardless of type, increases the character's KO/Stun roll by +4 with this weapon
ONLY (for example a required 17 or better becomes a 13 or better with this weapon) with the
result ALWAYS being a Knock-Out on a successful strike. Victims are rendered unconcious for
1d6 melees. The only catch is that the weapon only does half damage in combat (PS and HtH
damage bonuses are unaffected) and cannot have any other offensive enchantments placed on
it. (can still be enchanted to be Indestructible or make its wielder Fire Resistant, but not a
Flaming Weapon, Eternally Sharp or even have the ability to Spit Fire or Lightning) Cost: 30,000
Transport Boxes: These small metal boxes are only sold in pairs. They measure about 1 foot
high and deep and 2 feet long. Other than some strange arcane symbols engraved in the boxes,
they are unadorned. When an item is placed in the box and the command word spoken, the
item is instantly transported to the other box. Any item to be transported by one of these
boxes must fit entirely into the box. If it cannot close completely, the transport doesn't
happen. There is also a 5% chance per activation that the box actually malfunctions, sending
the item 1d10x100 miles in a random direction, so be careful that what you send isn't too
terribly valuable. The Wolfen Military makes extensive use of these items for sending important

messages back and forth, which can be done in duplicates to ensure receipt in case of the rare
malfunction. Cost: 10,000 for a pair
Cat Boots: An item favored by Thieves and Spies, Cat Boots muffle the sound of the wearer's
footsteps as he walks, adding a +15% bonus to his Prowl skill. On command they will also sprout
small claws from the toes to add a +10% bonus to the Climb skill as well as an extra 1d6
damage to all kicks the user can perform. Cost: 35,000 gold
Cat Gloves: Mostly considered a cheaper version of Gryphon Claw Gloves by critics, these
gloves also sprout claws from the fingertips, though they are significantly smaller, doing only
1d8 damage with a successful strike. However, they ARE better suited for assisting in Climbing,
adding a +15% bonus to the skill. They CANNOT be used to parry. (too small) Cost: 25,000 gold
Steel Wool: Looks and feels like a normal suit of cloth or quilted armor of a strange patchwork
design. Wearer's will find it to be highly resistant to damage with an AR of 15! However, the
SDC of the Armor is horribly limited to just 50. This armor was originally designed as a
deterrent armor for Spies in case they got caught and attacked, giving them high mobility
combined with improved armor coverage. It is not meant for extended battles however. Just
enough to give them a chance to get away. Cost: 20,000 gold plus additional SDC can be added
at a cost of 10,000 per 50 SDC to a maximum of 100 extra SDC
Malfunctioning Magic Items (aka Uncle Remus's Bargain Bin)
These particular magic items are useful... usually... they have a tendency to not work quite the
way they're supposed to from time to time. But, for the price, they just can't be beat!
Quill of Trans-Literacy: Works just like the standard Quill of Literacy, writing up to 25 spoken
words per 8 hours. Problem, is the words will be written in 1d4 different languages (ie the first
4 or 5 in Elven, the next 3 or 4 in Western, the next one in Gobbely, and all the rest in Dwarf.
Or whatever other combination the GM can imagine) Cost: 5,000 (still a little expensive
because even these need to be made from a Cockatrice feather)
Whimper Bottles: They look like Screech Bottles, but when uncorked or smashed, they release
the sound of several whimpering puppies. <shrug> Maybe you can figure out what to do with
these things. Cost: 50 gold
Tome of Amnesia: Functions like a Tome of Images and is (fortunately) even more rare. Images
are placed on the pages in the same manner as a standard Tome. However, once the book is
closed or the page is turned, there is a 50% chance that this book will "forget" the image that
was placed on it, thus rendering that page blank again! Cost: up to 1 million gold (it IS still a
Rune Book people... ) but rarely sells for more than a million if it's discovered as a forgettful
Beheading Cloak: Not literally! This is a Cloak of Invisibility without a hood. So, when it's worn
the wearer's head can still be clearly seen. The cloak may be pulled up over the head to cover
it, but this will leave the wearer's feet visible instead. Other than that, identical to a Cloak of
Invisibility (PFRPG pg. 258) Cost: 20,000
Leather of Tin: A suit of Soft, Hard or Studded Leather with an AR of 14 and 45 SDC. Cost:
15,000 plus additional SDC can be added at the same rates and limitations as Leather of Iron
Barding of the Pegasus: A set of standard horse barding of any type, though leather seems to be
the preferred type for this enchantment, upon command of the rider a pair of mystic wings
sprouts from the shoulder area of the armor allowing the horse and rider to fly at a speed of 60
mph. The horse still suffers from its usual restrictions on how much it can carry and is
incapable of pulling anything (like a cart or wagon) while flying. Duration of the flight is up to 3

hours at a time and the power can be activated twice per day. Cost: 25,000+ gold (heavier
types of barding tend to cost 25%-50% more) Special Note: As normal horses are NOT used to
flying around, there is about a 25% chance the beast panics and bolts the first time it is
activated. Riders roll against appropriate Horsemanship skill to avoid being thrown. If the rider
is thrown, the armor's power automatically shuts down and the horse takes off in a straight run
for 1d6+4 minutes or until it comes to an obstacle it cannot pass such as a wide river or gorge
or a very high wall. Riders that are not thrown may be able to calm the animal in 1d4 melees.
Nightmare Barding: A dark colored suit of barding, usually Plate, set with hard edges and
spikes. When commanded by the rider, the animal and rider are engulfed in a fiery aura similar
to the Fiery Touch spell. (PFRPG pg. 234) The only real difference is this aura is visible! If the
rider dismounts, the aura no longer covers/protects him, but he can still re-mount the beast
without taking damage from the flaming aura. (he's also the ONLY one that can do this) Also
once per melee the rider, while mounted, can command the horse to Breathe Fire as per the
spell. (PFRPG pg. 237) Unlike the spell, this only costs one attack, but it is one of the rider's
attacks, not the horse's. Range of the breath attack is 20 feet. Duration of the fiery aura is 20
melees (Note: The flaming aura must be active for the Breathe Fire ability to be used) and may
be activated 3 times per 24 hour period. Cost: 50,000+ gold
Silver Shoes: Actually horseshoes, but still made of silver, enchanted to be Indestructible (silver
is a pretty soft metal otherwise), these little beauties let a horse's Kick Attacks do double
damage to Vampires and other creatures vulnerable to silver. Cost: 100,000 per set of 4 (a
bargain, really, considering the Indestructible Enchantment costs 30,000 per item)