My Country Notebook My Country is _____________ What Continent is your country on? Who are its neighbors?

What body or bodies of water is it near or in? What is its climate? What are some of its physical features? What is its capital? What are the native (indigenous) people called? What did you learn about them? Plants and animals that are native to this country include: Learn about their art and show or tell what you’ve learned. What kinds of houses do people live in? Listen to their music. What is it like? What languages are spoken there? I learned these words: A country is more than a place on a map. Here are some of the things I learned about the culture of this country: What religion is most common? Are Christians persecuted for their beliefs? What form of government does this country have? What does their flag look like? Show and tell what you learned about their money: Here is a typical breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a student like me: This is what I learned about their clothing Vocabulary words I learned studying this country: Activities and projects I did: People I spoke with or places I visited: Materials and references I used in compiling this notebook: Do people have the freedom to celebrate Christ’s birth at home and in school? Special customs, stories, songs and food the have at Christmas include: This is how they say “Merry Christmas” in their language: Their Christmas is similar to mine because: Their Christmas is different from mine because:

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