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Joint stock company

„Kurzeme breeding and artificial insemination station”

Reg. Nr. LR KR LV 40003017085
Prepaid stock capital - Ls 438 000

The decision-making plan of regular shareholder’s general meeting in accordance with

the routine dated April 26, 2010:

1. Notifications issued by board and council.

To approve notifications issued by board and council.

2. The approval of annual report 2009.

To approve JSC „Kurzeme BAIS” annual report 2009.

3. The use of profit in year 2009.

3.1. Company board and council has the proposal to distribute profits from year 2009 in
amount of LVL 102 746 (one hundred two thousands seven hundred forty six Lats) among
the shareholders LVL 0.07 (seven santims) per one share, the remained profit switch to the
company development necessities. The total paid off sum of dividends amounts to LVL
30 660 (thirty thousands six hundred sixty Lats).
3.2. There is the proposal to identify June 16, 2010 as dividend calculation date, June 18,
2010 – as dividend payout day.

4. The approval of budget and policy for fiscal year 2010;

To approve the fiscal year 2010 formulated budget and policy.

4.1. The budget.

The budget is planned at a profit of LVL 31 500 (thirty one thousand five hundred Lats).

Total earnings 796 000 Ls Total expenses 764 500 Ls

- sales of products 537 000 Ls - production expenses 464 500 Ls

- services 116 500 Ls - breeding material procurement 90 000 Ls
- fixed assets 115 000 Ls - insurance, services 50 000 Ls
- other 27 500 Ls - fixed assets 160 000 Ls

4.2. The policy.

1. To improve sales ratios of products and services.
2. To implement hogpen reconstruction project.
3. To sell Kuldiga and Kandava department premises and lands.
4. To continue farmland purchasing for grain farm needs.
5. To purchase all necessary fixed assets.

5. Certified auditor approval for fiscal year 2010 and auditor salary determination.
Company board has the proposal to affirm „Revidentu serviss” Ltd., registration Nr. LV
48503004390, certified auditor business license Nr. 15, address Krasta street 4-39, Dobele, as
JSC „Kurzeme BAIS” certified auditor per year 2010.

6. The determination of rewards for members of the council.

On the general meeting, the members of the council have the proposal to award the premium
to the company council and board per last year operation results. The provided total amount
of money is LVL 5000.00 (five thousands Lats), including social tax of the employer.

The chairman of the board Gatis Kakis