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2010 Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid Report: Prepared for The Daily Sun
The undergraduate admissions selection process for the Cornell Class of 2014 concluded on April 1, 2010, the official mail date for the Ivy League. Admissions Highlights: ! Cornell received an all-time high of 36,337 applications for freshman admission; this represents a 6% increase over last year, and a 10% increase over the past two years. The overall admit rate (Early Decision and Regular Decision) is 18.4%; the admit rate last year was 19.1%. A total of 6,678 applicants were admitted; 1,176 were admitted Early Decision and 5,502 were admitted Regular Decision. Of the 6,678 admitted students, 50% are female and 50% are men. The admitted students represent every state in the United States, as well as DC, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. They also represent 79 countries. 2,563 students were offered a place on the waitlist. Last year, 3,311 students were offered a place on the waitlist. 24,977 students were denied admission. Last year, 22,434 students were denied admission. Median SAT Critical Reading/Verbal Score is 710; median SAT Math score is 740.

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Financial Aid Highlights: As of April 8th, 2,135 admitted first-year students had completed a financial aid application and had been reviewed for need-based aid. Of these 2,135 students, 563 students received an enhanced financial aid package under our initiative to support students from enrollment priority groups. We expect this number to change since there are quite a few admitted students who have not yet completed their financial aid application.


CORNELL UNIVERSITY Undergraduate Admissions Report: Class of 2014 April 2010
I. Overview
Applications Received 3,594 32,743 36,337 Number Admitted 1,176 5,502 6,678 Admit Rate 32.7% 16.8% 18.4%

APPLICANT TYPE Early Decision Regular Decision Overall Total


Profile of Admitted Students (Early Decision & Regular Decision)

GEOGRPAHIC (home state of admitted student)
New England New York Mid-Atlantic Southeast Midwest Southwest Far West International Blank/Unknown Number of Admits 630 1,735 1,309 488 492 387 1,031 599 7

TOP 7 STATES IN THE U.S. New York California New Jersey Pennsylvania Massachusetts Texas Florida

1,736 813 539 304 276 266 235


Top 7 Countries (Outside of the United States) China, including Hong Kong Canada Republic of Korea Singapore India England Pakistan

Number of Admits 101 99 93 54 37 17 12

Recruited Athletes Legacies URM (African American, Hispanic, Native American, Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, Bi/Multicultural URM) Number of Admits 256 753 1,398


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