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My belief Life is a continuous learning process, and the more you

learn, the less you know may not be original, but gives my definition
to the purpose of living. The learning process begins right from birth
and continues till the eternal life. What we learn we teach to the ones
who follow. I know more than what my predecessors did and less than
what my future generation will. Thats the way our lives are molded.
Though my doting parents tell me that I was a very early learner, my
formal education began at the age of three years and that too quite
reluctantly. But, as the arms of education opened up to me, I
welcomed them with both my heart and soul and after that, there was
no looking back. I have always been front line student; and a student
with most questions .at the age of ten I received my first lecture on
computers and that was the beginning of a long sojourn into the
My fascination with computers began from the school days when we
were first introduced to computers. I can remember the first
programming language taught to us: LOGO. I enjoyed making that
turtle run around the screen creating various shapes! Gradually we
were introduced to BASIC, Q-BASIC and Windows and my interest in
Computers just kept on growing. I feel like I have seen the computer
evolve right before me. This interest motivated me to opt for
Computer Science specialization in the Higher Secondary School.
There we learnt HTML, algorithms, hardware, microprocessors, C and
When I sought entry to the BE program, I was thrilled to gain
admission to the Computer Engineering Department of the
@@@@@@@ College of Engineering. I enjoyed studying topics such
as Data Structures and Programming Methodology, Programming
languages and Design and Analysis of Algorithms. I have a penchant
for programming and probably I loved them since all these are
somehow related to programming and conceptualization of various
practical problem domains. I always tried to solve mathematical
problems with anyhow with some or the other language.
I have also absolutely loved Computer programming right from the
2nd year of the BE, when we were taught Programming Languages and
Data Structures and Programming Methodology. I started practicing
languages like Java, C++ and developed forte for these languages. All
of these subjects require application of logical skills to a great extent
and hence they interest me because I love problem solving. I enjoy
employing my brain to think creatively. I am not very conventional

(procedure oriented) and I always like to hunt for alternative ways to

do any task. I like doing things in such a way that they cannot be a
better way. I remember writing a function for my project 5 times to
make it perform better.
I have worked on J2SE and J2EE (JSP, Servlets, Hibernate, Struts)
which gives me great exposure in designing not only middle tier of
applications but also front end. In the @@ year, I also worked on a
project named Translator, a project that provides innovative webbased software to help online retailers maximize their profits across
multiple channels such as eBay, Amazon, Yahoo Store or other online
markets. I did more than 50% of the coding myself. I spent many
sleepless nights working hard for the project, but my predilection for
coding ensured that I never felt fatigued. Every piece of code, which
successfully executed gave me so much satisfaction that it would
every time fill me with more vigor to carry on. During this time, my
desire to become a programmer strengthened manifold.
Thrilled by the amazing opportunity to learn via the medium of
practicals, I was happy to work on Load Runner for Llyods Banking
Group for performance tuning of applications and worked for Redkite
Financial markets for designing their front end. I have enjoyed these
opportunities. However, I still feel that to become the best at what I
am doing, I need a formal education in Computer Science. Algorithms
and applied logic are some areas that specifically interest me and I
would like to pursue these at my Masters.
While in enjoyed the process of a great education in the classroom, I
also enjoyed participating in a myriad range of co curricular and extra
curricular activities. I am a member of the College Computer Club. I
was instrumental in helping form the College Linux User Group. I am
a volunteer for the National Social Service and have actively
participated in various National Social service camps. I have a
predilection for fitness and thus, I derived great joy in being a part of
the College Weightlifting Team since, I not only go the opportunity to
enhance my team working abilities, it also helped me remain fit
through the rigorous exercises that I did. It is activities such as these
have have allowed me to state that I am ready to face the rigors of an
MS from the @@@@@@@@@ University.
An M.S. in Computer Science would be the initial movement toward
this satisfying this desire. For this purpose an M.S. from a reputed
university like yours would stand me in good stead and would also be
instrumental in helping me achieve my long-term goals. Equipped
with an M.S., I would be in a position from where I can play a
meaningful role in the global IT scenario. I am applying to @@@@@@

University because of its excellent research facilities and strong

expertise in this field. The department web site revealed a strong
faculty involved in the field of Computer Science. This has
strengthened my resolve to study at @@@@@@@
At a later stage I would like to return to India to fulfill my dream of
starting a computer-training institute. I would definitely try to work
towards developing a more defined curriculum and also try to modify
the method of teaching so a to make learning a more enjoyable
process. I think getting admitted in your esteemed university is the
first step towards fulfilling my dreams and therefore I hope to get
admitted in your university.
Munish Mehra
Fall 2013