Theunjustmedia Interview With A Commander Of The Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan In Kandahar Tahir Afghan

Rabi ul Sani 25, 1431 A.H, Sunday April 11, 2010 In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. We are now hearing from the invaders forces that they are going to be launching an operation in Kandahar, just as they had launched one in Marjah, how do you see this move of the invaders forces. Commander Tahir Afghan: In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. All praise is due to Allah, and may peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, and upon all his family and companions. Alhumduillaah (All praises belong to Allaah), the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Mujahideen have a strong base in Kandahar province, groups of Mujahideen have been disperse in all the districts of Kandahar, specially a strong contingent of Mujahideen have been assigned to the city of Kandahar. The puppet administration plays no role in Kandahar, except sitting in their fortified administrative buildings, while the Mujahideen are freely move in Kandahar. When we first head from American and NATO forces commander General Stanley McChrystal that they will soon be launching an operation in Kandahar, in response to this news the Mujahideen launched a major operation in Kandahar city, in which the puppets and invaders administration buildings where attacked, this attack was launched to send a clear warning to the invaders that the Mujahideen are ready to face any type of operation launched by the invaders and their puppets; because the help of Allaah (SWT) is with them. If you remember in 2009, the Mujahideen took control of many areas in Kandahar, which were under the control of the invaders and their puppets, the enemy launched many operations to retake those areas but they failed, with the passing of time Mujahideen hold on Kandahar expanded and fortified. On the other hand, the world as witnessed the heavy physicals and materials losses which the Mujahideen have inflicted on the invaders in Kandahar, which has forced some of the invading countries to withdraw their forces from Afghanistan, an example of this is Canada, which has indicated that it will be withdrawing its forces in 2011, this is a major accomplishment of the Mujahideen who’s ferociousness have forced the invaders to withdrawn, it is not out of their own whims. The indication by General McChrystal that they will soon launch a same type of operation as they have lunched one in Marjah is just a propaganda of the invaders to divert peoples attention from their failures in Marjah, because they have not accomplished anything in Marjah, the flag waving drama which was stage by the invaders to dupe people that they have taking control of Marjah, however the reality is that the Mujahideen are in control of Marjah, and to prove this to the world the Mujahideen had invited journalists to come and see for themselves to who really is in control of Marjah, but to hide this truth from the world the invaders have blocked journalists from entering Marjah, only those journalists are allowed by the invaders who are on their payroll. Theunjustmedia: We repeatedly hear from the invaders that the Mujahideen are involved in the opium trade. Commander Tahir Afghan: Not to long ago the Americans permitted the local farms to grow poppy in their fields, to which Russia protested, because a lot of the Afghanistan opium, which is growing under the watchful eyes’ of the invaders is making its way to Russia. In this regards a complain was launched by the Russians to the NATO about the acceleration in the growth of Afghan opium since the invasion of Afghanistan, the invaders response to the Russian complain was that, if they stop the farmers from growing poppy as this was their only means to provide for their families would create a backlash against the invading forces. This is an absurd logic giving by America and NATO, to this I ask, does not the cowardly bombardment of the invaders in which thousands of innocent lives have vanished, hundreds and hundreds of villages have disappeared, the daily raids on peoples homes in which invading soldiers have disrespected our mother's, wife's and daughter's, bombing Afghans homes with depleted uranium from which our future generation and land have be contaminated, doesn't all this create backlash for the invaders?. The reality is that, that the invaders are producing and exporting opium, we have obtain information from our Mujahideen who have infiltrated enemy ranks and translators who are working with the invaders, that when the American invading soldiers are leaving from Afghanistan, they are taking opium in their suit cases, and the world also knows about Ahmed Wali Karzai who is the brother of the puppet president Karzai, that he is a key member of the world drug mafia, which is run by the CIA, these are the realities of the opium trade in Afghanistan, the Mujahideen are not involved in

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the drug trade, that is invaders propaganda. To refresh peoples memory, during the Taliban administration the opium trade was completely prohibit, and now under the puppet Karzai and his American bosses Afghanistan is producing 90% of the world opium, so thus, it is crystal clear who are the real beneficiaries of the Afghanistan opium trade. Theunjustmedia: So, if the Mujahideen are not involved in the drug trade, where are they getting the money to fight the invaders. Commander Tahir Afghan: As you know the Mujahideen who are fighting the invader are Afghans, for example the Mujahideen who are fighting the invaders in Helmand are from Helmand and the Mujahideen who are fighting the invaders in Zabul are from Zabul, which means that these Mujahideen come out of their homes and launch operations against the invaders and then return home, the Mujahideen have adapted a guerrilla warfare tactics which means hit and run, thus the Mujahideen do not need a lot of money to continue their Jihad against the invaders and their puppets. Theunjustmedia: Where are you getting your weapons’, we keep hearing that Iran and China are providing you weapons. Commander Tahir Afghan: Lets go back in history when the USSR invaded Afghanistan, at that time USSR brought so much weapons into Afghanistan, during that time the Mujahideen during fighting booty large stocks of weapons, plus when the USSR where kick out of Afghanistan by the Mujahideen they left behind very large stocks of their weapons, which included rockets, rocketlaunchers, Kalashnikovs, Sakeel guns, anti-air craft guns, bullets, landmines and tanks, also in the last nine years of the current invasion, the Mujahideen have booty many invaders and their puppets weapons, like tanks, rockets, military vehicles, small and large guns. In today’s fighting in Afghanistan, the main weapon of the Mujahideen is the Improvise explosive device (IED), which has inflicting the most losses to the ranks of the invaders, and these IED's are being manufactured in Afghanistan by the Mujahideen themselves. Recently, the Mujahideen have made a new IED called Omar which is remotely detonated, this IED has few specialties, on one hand its manufacturing cost is very minimal, while on the other hand it is very destructive, the manufacturing cost of this landmine is only US $100, but it can destroy the invaders million dollar worth military vehicle and one more specialty of this IED is that, the invaders IED detecting vehicles and equipment can not detect this IED, so the allegation against the Mujahideen that they are getting help from Iran or China is a mere propaganda, with a hidden agenda. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan invites journalists to come and see for themselves the weapons which the Emirate Mujahideen are using to fight the invaders and their puppets, this way the fraud of the fraudster can be exposed and the truth can manifest it self. Theunjustmedia: Thanks for speaking with us. Commander Tahir Afghan: No problem, May Allaah (SWT) help you in your propagation of the truth.

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