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Hyderabad citys original name was Chichulam, when plague visited

Golkonda fort and its surrounding the royal family quarantined themselves by
moving to Chichulam area. It was during this period in a bid to beat heat, the
dust and wind they laid many gardens and dug up many water bodies. When
an Italian Travernier visited the city and impressed by the plethora of gardens
he exclaimed as Bhagnagar.

Qutub Shahis built many edifices around this

area including Charminar.

It was the second Nizam, Nizam Ali, in a bid to be away from Marathas,
shifted his capital from Aurangabad to Hyderabad.

Thats how, Hyderabad

regained its prominence. The Asaf Jahis built many secular edifices and most
of them are being recognized as heritage buildings.

Hyderabad and

Secunderabad are known as twin cities because Hussainsagar Tank divides or

connects these two cities. However, the beautiful Hussainsagar lake is not only
polluted but also encroached and became Smashan Ghat started from NTR
ghat, Chenna Reddy ghat and P.V. ghat, God only knows how many other
ghats would come about this area. Successive governments have alienated
Hussainsagar river bed (Shikam land) to their cronies, acolytes, co-casteists to
build theatres and commercial establishments.
Now, Sri K.Chandrashekar Rao, Chief Minister of Telangana state, is
contemplating to shift the Secretariat to Erragadda. This will bring bad luck to
him. It was Hussain Shah Wali, a son-in-law of Ibrahim Qutub Shah, the ruler
of Golkonda kingdom turned to be a Sufi saint and used all his wealth to build a
dam across the Kalvaleru, a tributary of the Musi river to quench the thirst of
many people.

However, after the formation of Andhra Pradesh, many

constructions within the tank bed were built.

Little did they realize that

whosoever added or tinkered with the tank bed or original construction not only
lost power but relegated to limbo of history, unwept and unsung. The minister

who cleared the file for Necklace road lost power completely and relegated to
oblivion. Another minister who allowed Buddha statues to be erected in the
midst of the tank lost power. One political party takes lead to immerse Vinayak
idols is not coming to power, one CM with great fanfare laid an helipad met
premature death.
Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao shifting / changing Secretariat would face
many difficulties.

Ours is a democracy and no political party ensconces

permanently, because voter holds permanent power.

If KCR builds new

Secretariat at Erragadda, after some years another party will come to

Hyderabad and convert it into a hospital similar to that of a new Secretariat built
by DMK Supremo, Karunanidhi in Chennai. Hence, the TRS government is
well advised to concentrate to improve power, irrigation and health rather than
to flitter away energies and state finances. The Honble Chief Minister should
know ours is a secular country and personal religious predilections should not
cause the state exchequer. He is free and at liberty to redeem his personal
vows to gods and goddesses from his personal account but certainly not from
state finances.

Capt. Lingala Pandu Ranga Reddy

F.R.A.S. ; F.R.N.S. ; M.R.Hist.S (Lond.)
501, Shanti Soudha Apts, Erramanzil Colony, Hyderabad-082.