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Break the Blockade- Dec 1812

General Scenario
Upon declaration of war, British Navy forces begin a blockade of key American East Coast
access points including the Chesapeake Bay. The Americans are not happy about this and some
of Marylands finest intend on annoying the British ship that just set anchor near the inlet of the
bay. The Americans need to remove the blockade in time for the American Blockade Runner to
make it safely through with much needed goods for the young nation. The British realize this is
just the start of a long War and want to preserve their weary troops and their ever important
Naval vessels.
This game is designed for each side to plan and anticipate what the other side might do, with
timing of movement important.
Disclaimer: I am giving players opportunities to determine attacks/defenses and balance of
forces, if gameplay becomes too greatly unbalanced early in the game, the GM will make the call
to provide opportunities for recovery and to continue the game.

American Characteristics/Objectives
1. American Infantry forces will be considered hidden in the light woods/scrub until they
opponent forces are within 10. The artillery pieces will be placed on the table and
considered visible due to their firing arcs being prepared.
2. If after 6 turns on land, the British have not achieved any victory points (captured and/or
destroyed American land assets), they may begin to retreat. By Turn 6 whatever British
forces are out there, will have to decide whether to retreat back to the landing ships or
break off and head east away from the Americans to be picked up.
3. The American Line unit cannot be activated until the British landing forces have engaged
either an American Militia unit or gun. The GM will let you know when specific troops
can be activated.
4. The Americans cannot afford to lose their artillery this early in the war and will protect it
by limbering and moving as soon as threatened
5. No later than land Turn 5 the American Blockade Runner will arrive. If the American
land/naval forces have not begun to break the British blockade or at least destroyed a fair
amount of the British land forces the Blockade runner can choose to engage in the fight.
a. Note 1: the Americans do not want to lose this vessel. The blockade runner will
fire only on the British ship but they will not stop to engage or board.
b. Note 2: The blockade runner may be pursued by another British vessel so be
aware of this and try to avoid being damaged significantly by the British ships.
American Infantry and Ship Forces:
1. The following are the American Land and Naval forces:
a. US Player 1:
i. 2xLt Howitzer (LH Trained) set mainly for ship bombardment, if
necessary it has 2 loads of canister (this requires 1 full turn to load and
reset the gun) see note above about not losing guns
ii. Maryland Militia Unit 1 (6/4/2) 6xstands Green unit SM/Cold Steel
iii. American Line Unit 1 (8/6/4) 8xstands Trained unit SM/Cold Steel
b. US Player 2
i. 1xHeavy Smoothbore (HS Trained) can be used for ship bombardment,
if necessary it can be pivoted and reset to fire at troops on the land (this
requires 1 full turn to load and reset the gun) see note above about not
losing guns
ii. Maryland Militia Unit A (6/5/2) 6xstands Trained unit SM/Cold Steel
iii. Maryland Militia Unit B (6/4/2) 6xstands Trained unit SH (no Cold Steel)
c. US Player(s) 3/4 have ships with the sheets as marked.
i. The small American vessels have limited crew and do not want to board or
be boarded.
ii. The small American vessels appear initially as fishing boats and can get
closer for an attack (1st shot fired) but once they fire they are targets.
iii. Depending on the game balance, the GM may push the Blockade Runner
through if there is enough sustained damage to the British forces. If the
play balance is the other way, the Americans may have a few turns to
engage the large British ship.

British Characteristics/Objectives
1. American Artillery will be visible from the ship at the start of the game. American
infantry forces are suspected to be in the area but will not be visible in the light woods
until within 10 unless they open fire.
2. This is the start of another long weary campaign for the British. They have been here
before being annoyed by the upstart American land and naval forces and want to settle in
comfortably for what looks like a long winter. Upon the first attack on the British ship
you can deploy up to 2 long boats (boat 1 will have 2 Marine units, Boat 2 will have the
Line Unit and the Commander). Long boats move 6 inches a turn (no wind effect). They
are too small to be hit by the American Artillery (they do have a small gun that can fire
grape shot if attacked).
3. GM suggestion: spread your forces out on the landing to minimize attack on all your
units at once. Once you have landed, it will take one turn to get your units into good
4. Victory conditions for you are to capture/destroy/chase away the American land
(especially the artillery) and small naval forces and hold your anchor at the head of the
bay. If after 6 turns engaged on land the British have not destroyed/captured/routed any
American land units (Infantry/guns) they should return to their launches or head East
away from the Americans.
British Infantry/Marine and Naval Forces:
1. The British Infantry and Marine forces are all veteran troops as follows:
a. British Player 1:
i. British Marine Unit 1 (6/4/2) 6xstands Veteran unit SM/Cold Steel
ii. British Marine Unit 2 (6/4/2) 6xstands Veteran unit SM/Cold Steel
b. British Player 2
i. British Line Unit 1 (8/5/3) 8xstands Veteran unit SM/Cold Steel
ii. British Marine Unit A (6/4/2) 6xstands Veteran unit (will need to send a
long boat back to bring them ashore) SM/Cold Steel
c. British Player(s) 3/4 have ships with the sheets as marked.
i. The British can easily destroy the small American vessels which have
limited crew and firepower but you lack forces to head to shore, defend
your own vessel, and board a ship. As a proper British Sea Captain you do
not want to board or be boarded unless your vessel is in danger of sinking.
ii. The small American vessels appear initially as fishing boats and you
cannot fire on them until they fire the 1st shot, but once they attack they are