Execution of Fakhruddin

We want execution of the foreign agent (Dalal) Fakhruddin for murdering 160 million people of Bangladesh slowly by making food crisis. If he can’t manage the country he has no right to remain as a care government; like a person has no right to drive car on the road if he can’t drive it. The previous leaders were thieves, but Fakhruddin is acting like a license holder ’Robber’. This Fakir Uddin is making us Fakir (begger). And he only can jump on the people inside the door, inside Bangladesh. When foreign robber of India,

America and Britain create pressures, he can do nothing and acts like a GOAT (Chagol) (Too much brave?! hahahaha). He can see nothing to the foreign companies like Hyundai, Naiko whose corruptions and cheatings make us loss in the Jamuna Bridge & Gas Field projects. And this So Called brave and anti-corruption policy holder Fakhruddin can do nothing against them and acts like a Baby Goat (Chagoler Baccha) who can only jump around its mother. His all braveness(?!) and anticorruption policy towards them vanish like a pinned balloon by any unknown magic power of Aladdin’s Magic Lamp! If he could punish them(foreigners and foreign companies) and could charge the demurrages then we would think him as a real honest and brave person who is against corruptions. But he is like that coward man who only can quarrel with his wife indoor and gets threats from other persons outside. How can a foreign lawyer dare to conduct press briefing inside Bangladesh at this situation? Has he not violated the law? Why not so called brave(?!) Fakhruddin jailed him? Fakhruddin has failed to maintain his standard long ago. Now he sounds very sweet to make us forget everything and leave him as a holy person. No Chance! Fakhruddin has no right to remain as a government. Fakhruddin has no right to cheat with us. Fakhruddin has no right to become free. Fakhruddhin has no chance to escape from our punishment. We don’t want to hear sweet sounds from his mouth anymore. We want his execution for murdering 160 million people of

Bangladesh slowly. No army can hold back us. We are the soldiers. We will separate his skin from his body. Then we will rub salt all over his body. Then we will execute him or shoot him in open square and burn him so that no bastard will dare to cheat with ordinary people of Bangladesh anymore in future.

- Bangladesh Lovers

Please pass this report to your friends and all Bangladeshis by forwarding as an attachment.

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