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Automotive Sector Monitor

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Automotive Sector Monitor

2016 First Quarter Issue

3rd February, 2016

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Automotive Sector Monitor

Automotive Industry climbing close to pre-recession level
Strong and profitable growth of the automotive sector post the economic crisis likely to continue during
2016, with annual sales reaching pre-recession levels in some regions.
The market for automotive sales in the U.S. is quite optimistic with over 17 million vehicles sold in 2015.
Europe, from its six-year sales slump, continued to grow at a weaker pace with a steady economic recovery
during the last 2 years, where the domestic consumption rate went up by 15%.
Russia automotive sector witnessed a plunge in sales during 2015. Fall in oil prices, low Ruble-Dollar
exchange rate and western sanctions over Ukraine had a catastrophic impact on the Russian automotive
industry. Passenger sales fell by 10.3% in 2014, and further shrank at an annual rate of 32%, during 2015.
The market in South America witnessed a 15% decline in sales. This could be accounted to the
dependence of the former on political and economic stability, which are highly volatile in the region.
However, automotive market is expected to offer decent opportunities in the light of low car ownership, lowcost production and growing middle class populations in Brazil and Argentina.
In spite of the ramping up of investments from OEMs in China, the overall market in the country slowed
down. This could be accounted to the decline in cost-advantage that China boasted about for long. Further,
spike in labour wages and recent crash of the production industry are expected to slow down the
automotive market during 2016.
Market performance in India has been inconsistent during 2015. However, on the brighter side, spike in
disposable income and low-production costs favoured the investments from automakers in the country, in
turn driving the market for automotive industry.


Source: Mordor Intelligence Analysis







Passenger Car




Heavy Trucks





Automotive Sector Monitor

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Major sectors Outlook

Automotive Security: With the market for connected vehicles to touch 300 million by 2018, the regulations
related to safety and automotive cyber security industry will grow substantially. Advancements like Intrusion
Prevention Systems (IPS) will further encourage initiatives with regards to developing sophisticated security
solutions in the light of growing autonomous vehicle market.
Automotive Technology: Technology has become the backbone for automotive industry growth. Higher
adoption of technologies such as ADAS, ABS etc. encouraged automakers to develop feature packed
vehicles, in accordance with the growing consumer preferences for the former. Night Vision Systems, Smart
Key, Smart glass and adaptive lighting systems are some of the technologies that are expected to
revolutionise the customer desired driving experience.
Electric Vehicles: Spike in automotive emissions, lower operating & maintenance costs and government
agency initiates are some of the major factors propelling the market for electric vehicles in the global
scenario. Further, with the potential adoption of electric vehicles, automakers are now taking the concept of
electric vehicles to a next level by targeting the high performance electric vehicle sector. Further, the market
for wireless charging for these EVs have a bright prospect over the coming 5 years, with countries like UK
spending $300 million on building wireless charging roads allows charging for these vehicles on the go.
Sensors/ Softwares: Electronic systems now contribute to over 85% of the features and innovations that
the automotive industry has witnessed over the recent past. These sophisticated systems pumped up the
demand for softwares and connectivity. Further, growth in advanced driver assistance systems and other
safety systems propelled the employment of more number of sensors in a vehicle. The number of sensors
per vehicle is poised to grow to over 200 by 2020. TPMS, Steering sensors and MEMS are some of the
sensor types that will witness an increased employment by automakers over the coming 5 years.
Materials: Vehicle lightening trends in the light of enhancing fuel efficiency drove the market for light weight
materials such as composites and aluminium in automotive industry. Automakers are now trying to employ
carbon fibre composites and aluminium extrusion for the chassis and body assemblies of the vehicle. Large
scale production is expected to bring down the cost for carbon fibre, in turn, acting as a major propellent for
the employment of this material in automotive construction.

Automotive Sector Monitor

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Die Casting: In the light of EPA and CAFE regulations to cut down automotive emissions and enhance the
mpg fuel efficiency, automakers diverted their focus on reducing the overall weight of their produce. Along
with employing lighter body materials, they have also adopted non-ferrous metal die casting parts for
engine, transmission and body assemblies. Aluminium die castings in particular, found their extensive use in
the manufacture of automotive engine parts, transmission housing, structural components and body

Automotive Sector Monitor

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Production &



High Performance Electric

Vehicles (HPEV)

Global HPEV market

Asia Pacific HPEV market
France HPEV market
Germany HPEV market
North America HPEV market
US HPEV market

Direct Methanol Fuel Cell

Global DMFC market

Wireless Charging for Electric


Global wireless charging for EV market

North America wireless charging for EV
Europe wireless charging for EV market

Lightweight Cars

Global market for lightweight cars

Europe market for lightweight cars
Asia Pacific market for lightweight cars

Automotive Energy Harvesting &

Regeneration market (AEHR)

Global AEHR market

Europe AEHR market
North America AEHR market
Germany AEHR market

Automotive Robotics

Global automotive robotics market

North America automotive robotics
Europe automotive robotics market

Automotive Exhaust Analyzer

Global exhaust analyzer market

North America exhaust analyzer market
Europe exhaust analyzer market
Asia Pacific exhaust analyzer market
Germany exhaust analyzer market
US exhaust analyzer market
China exhaust analyzer market

Automotive Night Vision Systems Global ANVS market

North America ANVS market
Europe ANVS market
Asia Pacific ANVS market
South America ANVS market
India ANVS market
Germany ANVS market
China ANVS market
US ANVS market
France ANVS market


Automotive Sector Monitor


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Automotive Auto Transmission

market (ATT)

Global ATT market

North America ATT market
Europe ATT market
Asia Pacific ATT market
India ATT market

Tire Pressure Monitoring

Systems (TPMS)

Global TPMS market

North America TPMS market
Europe TPMS market
Asia Pacific TPMS market
South America TPMS market
Africa & Middle-East TPMS market


Automotive Fault Circuit

Controller (AFCC)

Global AFCC market

North America AFCC market
Europe AFCC market
Asia Pacific AFCC market
South America AFCC market


Automotive Smart Key

Global Smart Key market

North America Smart Key market
Europe Smart Key market
Germany Smart Key market


Automotive Camera

Global Automotive camera market

North America automotive camera
Europe automotive camera market
Asia Pacific automotive camera market
South America automotive camera
UK automotive camera market
US automotive camera market
Germany automotive camera market
France automotive camera market
India automotive camera market
Japan automotive camera market
China automotive camera market
Italy automotive camera market
South Korea automotive camera market
South Africa automotive camera market




Automotive Sector Monitor


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Automotive Sunroof

Global automotive sunroof market

North America automotive sunroof
Europe automotive sunroof market
Asia Pacific automotive sunroof market
India automotive sunroof market
US automotive sunroof market
Germany automotive sunroof market
UK automotive sunroof market
South Korea automotive sunroof market
China automotive sunroof market

Automotive Sensors

Global automotive sensors market

North America automotive sensors
Europe automotive sensors market
Asia Pacific automotive sensors market
South America automotive sensors
US automotive sensors market
Germany automotive sensors market
France automotive sensors market
Italy automotive sensors market
India automotive sensors market
Israel automotive sensors market
South Korea automotive sensors market
China automotive sensors market
Japan automotive sensors market
Russia automotive sensors market
Saudi Arabia automotive sensors

Steering Sensors

Global steering sensors market

North America steering sensors market
Europe steering sensors market
Asia Pacific steering sensors market
US steering sensors market
China steering sensors market

Automotive MEMS

Global MEMS sensors market


Global ADAS market

Automotive Navigation

Global auto navigation system market

Automotive Reed Sensors

Global Reed Sensors market

Russia Reed Sensors market
North America Reed Sensors market
Europe Reed Sensors market
Asia Pacific Reed Sensors market





Automotive Sector Monitor


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Automotive Parts Die Casting


Global Automotive parts DC market

North America auto-parts DC market
Europe auto-parts DC market
Asia Pacific auto-parts DC market
Latin America auto-parts DC market
US auto-parts DC market
France auto-parts DC market
Germany auto-parts DC market
Italy auto-parts DC market
Canada auto-parts DC market
Russia auto-parts DC market
India auto-parts DC market
China auto-parts DC market
Japan auto-parts DC market

Automotive Parts Aluminium Die

Casting (ADC)

Global auto-parts ADC market

North America auto-parts ADC market
Latin America auto-parts ADC market
Europe auto-parts ADC market
Asia Pacific auto-parts ADC market
US auto-parts ADC market
France auto-parts ADC market
Germany auto-parts ADC market
Russia auto-parts ADC market
India auto-parts ADC market
China auto-parts ADC market
Japan auto-parts ADC market

Automotive Parts Magnesium

Die Casting (MDC)

Global auto-parts MDC market

North America auto-parts MDC market
Europe auto-parts MDC market
Asia Pacific auto-parts MDC market
Canada auto-parts MDC market
US auto-parts MDC market
Germany auto-parts MDC market
China auto-parts MDC market

Automotive Parts Zinc Die

Casting (ZDC)

Global auto-parts Zinc Die Casting


Die Casting


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Automotive Sector Monitor


High Performance Electric Vehicles Market(HPEV)

Global high performance electric vehicle market is poised

to grow at a CAGR of 38.75%.

CAGR 38.75%

The market will reach 0.52 million units by 2020.

Source: Mordor Intelligence Analysis

Tesla pioneered the concept of HPEV and encouraged their

North America is the largest market for these vehicles,
followed by Europe.
The market for HPEV in France is expected to grow at a
CAGR of 36.88% till 2020.

HPEV Market (in $billion)

Applus + recently unveiled its Volar - e supercar prototype

at Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona to strike the F1 circuit to
be held there.

Automotive Energy Harvesting and Regeneration Market (AEHR)

The market for automotive energy harvesting and regeneration is expected to touch $350 billion by 2020.
ZF-TRW introduced Integrated Braking System (IBS) that is scalable from A-segment vehicles to SUV.
Growing demand for electric vehicles is expected to propel the market for AEHR over the coming 5 years.

Automotive Robotics Market

Robust growth of automotive sector is positively inducing the use of
robotics for meeting the growing consumer demand.
US, Japan and Germany are the key contributors to the market growth.
The market for automotive robotics is poised to grow at CAGR 14.3%
till 2020.
Premiumisation and mass production in automotive sector would
encourage automakers to automate majority of their operations and
subsequently employ robotics in the automotive industry.

Asia pacific

Source: Mordor Intelligence Analysis


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Automotive Sector Monitor


Automotive Exhaust Analyzer Market

Potential scale of tampering like that in the Volkswagen scandal
raised alarms across the EPAs, putting the current exhaust
analysis techniques under stringent scrutiny, in turn bringing
automotive exhaust analyzer systems into the spot light.
Global market for automotive exhaust analyzer is poised to grow
at a CAGR of 8.85% till 2020.
HORIBA MIRA Ltd and Robert Bosch GmbH continued to
dominate the market with their up-to-date products.

Robert Bosch

Source: Mordor Intelligence Analysis

Automotive Night Vision Systems Market

Growing incidence of road accidents during night owing to
poor light conditions propelled the market for automotive night
vision systems.

Source: Mordor Intelligence Analysis

The market is poised to grow at a CAGR of 15.36% from 2015

to 2020.
Near infrared based NVS systems are gaining popularity, while
manufacturers are trying to develop better Far infrared detection
systems. Robert Bosch, DENSO and ZF-TRW are in the
forefront developing these systems.







Employment of these systems is high in luxury cars as of

2015. However, by 2020, this technology will find its use across
the vehicle range, due to growing safety concerns.

ANVS Market (in $billion)

Automotive Auto Transmission Market (ATT)

Market for automatic transmission is expected to register a CAGR of 9.54% till 2020.
Augmented power requirements and fuel efficiency trends are driving the market for ATT.
As of 2015, North America was the largest market. However, it is the market in Asia Pacific region, which is
expected to witness a higher growth rates with India and China leading the market.
Employment of auto transmission in heavy vehicles is expected to grow over the coming 5 years.

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Automotive Sector Monitor

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems Market (TPMS)

Concern for passenger safety compelled the governments
across the glove to implement stringent safety regulations.
EU TPMS regulation (formulated in NOV 2012) is one of
them which mandates the installation of TPMS on all the
new passenger vehicles in Europe from November 2014.

Source: Mordor Intelligence Analysis

The global market for this system is estimated to grow at a

CAGR of 15.23% over the next 5 years.
CAGR 15.23%

Increased fuel efficiency, along with additional safety are

some of the major propellants for the TPMS market growth
in the global scenario.
Direct TPMS, which provide real-time information on the tire
pressure using pressure monitoring sensors are gaining
popularity among the manufacturers.







TPMS Market (in $billion)

Automotive Fault Circuit Controller Market (AFCC)

The global market for automotive fault circuit controller registered revenue $85 million in 2015. This market is
poised to grow at a CAGR of 7.35% till 2020.
Strong smart grid initiatives and demand for energy-efficient solutions for automotive electronics are some of
the major factors driving the former market growth.
Resistive SFCL from Nexan is a notable development over the recent years in the market.

Automotive Smart Key Market

Technological advancements, coupled with demand for
premium features from consumers, are major propellants for the
automotive smart key market.



China would be suggestively having higher growth in smart key

industry, across all vehicle segments by 2018. The market in
China is expected to grow at a CAGR of 32.3% over the coming
5 years.








Smart Key Market (in $billion)

Source: Mordor Intelligence Analysis


The global market for automotive smart keys will touch $22
billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 23.7% over the
forecasted period.(2015-2020)

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Automotive Sector Monitor

Automotive Camera Market

Global automotive camera market is expected to grow to $11.2 billion by 2020, at an estimated CAGR of
21.34% till 2020.
Demand for safety systems, advancements in camera-based driver assistance sensors and growing aftermarket sales for parking cameras, are some of the major factors pumping the market.
A7LA camera from Ambarella, is one of the latest advancements in camera systems. This module allows full
30fps, 1080p full HD single and dual view camera configurations.

Automotive Sunroof Market

Decline in the market for convertible cars resulted was the major
driving factor for automotive sunroof industry.
The market for automotive sunroof will grow to $7.6 billion by 2020
from $4.69 billion in 2015, at a CAGR of 10.31% over the
forecasted period.
Recovering sales of luxury cars will boost the sales of panoramic
As of 2015, European automotive sunroof sector, dominated the
global market, with over 33% market share.
North America
South America

Automotive Steering Sensors Market


Asia Pacific

Source: Mordor Intelligence Analysis

The global market for steering sensors is poised to grow

at a CAGR of 13.65% till 2020.

CAGR 13.65%

Europe dominated the global market as of 2015.

However, it is the Asia pacific region, which is expected to
dominate the market by 2020.
CIPOS based sensors from Hella, steering effort sensors
from KMT Telemetry and multifunctional steering sensors
from Guttersberg automotive are some of the promising
products in the market.
Sober sensors launched biosensors to prevent accidents
due to alcohol impaired driving.






Automotive Steering Sensors Market (in $billion)

Source: Mordor Intelligence Analysis

Steering sensors market in Europe is estimated to grow

at a CAGR of 13.73% till 2020.

Automotive Sector Monitor

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Automotive Navigation Systems Market

Stringent regulatory requirements, growing availability of data and developments in autonomous vehicle
technologies are the major factors driving the market for automotive navigation systems. This market is
poised to grow at a CAGR of 12.85% till 2020.
Asia Pacific region holds high prospects for this market and is estimated to dominated the global navigation
systems sector by 2025.
Global market for automotive navigation systems is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.98% from 2015 to

Automotive Parts Die Casting Market

Global market for automotive parts die casting will
touch $48 billion by 2020 from $35 billion in 2015,
at a CAGR of 6.94% over the forecasted period.


Source: Mordor Intelligence Analysis

Asia Pacific market held the largest share in global

scenario, with China leading upfront. Market in Asia
Pacific region is poised to grow at a higher CAGR
of 8% till 2020.
CAFE and EPA regulations to reduce emissions
and increase fuel efficiency drove automaker to
employ die cast parts.
The market for magnesium automotive parts die
casting will grow at a CAGR of over 11%, while
that of zinc will grow at a very slow rate of 2%.
Aluminium parts die casting market will witness
new opportunities from India, Mexico and Ukraine



North America
Latin America



Africa & Middle-East


Asia Pacific

Automotive Sector Monitor

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The analysis of market trends, growth patterns, and dynamics of a studied market, and forecasting the future
values depend on the overall market, demographic, geo-political, and macro and micro economic conditions
of a country or region, leading to the identification of broad exogenous and endogenous factors such as
historical market trends, macroeconomic and business cycle effects, seasonal effects, average selling price
trends, and homogeneity in the cross-sectional country trends.
The research process adopted for this entire study can be broadly classified into two phases: size estimation
of the historical and current years, and the forecasting methodology for the forecast period of the global,
country, and segmental-level data that lead to the Data Generation Process (DGP) for the studied variables.
The size estimations are carried out through bottom-up and top-down approaches, examining the revenues of
the key players, studying the size of the applications, end-user demand cross-validated by secondary and
primary resources. In this report, for analysing the trends of the studied market in the forecast period, we have
incorporated rigorous statistical and econometric methods, validated by secondary, primary, and by internal
experts through our extensive data intelligence repository. The market is studied from the demand and supplyside perspectives to analyse the consumer and producer behaviour patterns in the review period that affect
the demand and consumption trends.

Data Inputs through primary expert

opinions, cushioned by secondary
databased research

Data curation for reliable future research

Presentation by impactful articulation
& depiction of research findings

Data Validation with econometric model

Forecasts with observable basic characters/ Trends

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Automotive Sector Monitor

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Automotive Sector Monitor

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Automotive Sector Monitor

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