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ANTH 1102

Instructor: Jason Gonzlez


Archaeology Project:
Website Archaeology
You recently graduated from the University of Georgia, Department of Anthropology with a
certificate in Archaeology. You find a job with the Archaeology Conservancy in Albuquerque,
New Mexico. The Conservancy has been acquiring and protecting archaeological sites in the
United States for nearly 30 years. They have been very successful and are now ready to expand
their mission on a more global scale looking at archaeological resources the world over. Their
intention is to protect the heritage of disenfranchised peoples, protect human history, and further
the scientific goal of understanding the human past. They have hired you to help expand their
understanding of various archaeological projects in the United States and throughout the world.
They are looking for new sites and locations that need protection and long term research
potential. They need you to do independent research on how various archaeological projects
organize their work in terms of research design, community outreach, public education, and
heritage protection. Fortunately, many projects have websites, which describe what their
research entails and how projects are organized.
The assignment:
Write a report reviewing at least 3 different archaeological projects from around the world.
Below is a list of websites with several potential archaeological projects to look at. You must
review at least 3 projects, but you may use more (remember to stay under the 6 page limit). You
may also search the internet for different sites from the ones listed below.
Your report should start with a quick overview of each project. You will then need to address
the questions and topics that are listed below. These questions are intended to help you start the
writing process. You are more than welcome to discuss issues that go beyond the questions
presented here. In addition, you will need to use your text book and your notes when
appropriate. To help the Conservancy, you need to rank the archaeological projects in terms of
quality of work, potential for public use, threatened nature, and heritage importance.
Potential archaeological project websites:

Research Design:
1. What are the research questions of the archaeological project? If they have no questions,
what is the intended purpose of the archaeological project?
2. Do the research questions have definite goals? Are these goals achievable in the shortrun or are they more representative of long term research desires? Are you unable to
assess these issues?
3. How do they present their data? Do they describe their methods and techniques (in other
words do they describe how they are digging)?
4. Does the project have a concern for publication? Do they have data available online?
Do they provide a list of project publications?
Community Outreach:
1. Does the project discuss any interaction with local communities where the archaeological
project is?
2. Do they have any structured programs to interact with the local community?
3. If not, do they instead involve governmental institutions? Do they collaborate with local
archaeologists or scholars?
4. If not, why do you think they have no interaction with local communities?
Public Education:
1. Does this project have a component that attempts to get information out to an audience
that is greater than the academic community (This can include the website itself)?
2. Do they offer programs for students to learn archaeological methods and techniques? If
yes, what does this educational component entail? Do they offer credit from an
accredited university? If yes, how much credit and what is the cost? What is the purpose
of this educational program?
3. Do they offer opportunities for amateur volunteers to participate in an archaeological
project? Are these free opportunities or do people have to pay for the chance to work
with archaeologists? What do you think about this?
4. Who is the intended audience of the website? What is the purpose of the project website,
and what do you think the website authors hope to get from it? Why?
Heritage Protection:
1. Does the project have a concern for protecting the archaeological resources they have or
will have uncovered?
2. Do they have a program that is intended to protect the archaeological site from looting,
development, destruction, etc?

3. Or, is the project itself a salvage program in that they are trying to recover as much
information as possible from an archaeological site that will inevitably be destroyed?
4. If they are protecting the site, why are they trying to protect the site and for whom?
For Final Thoughts:
1. What can you say about all of these projects as a whole?
2. What does your analysis say about the purpose of archaeological research, the long term
intentions of archaeological research and the potential for long term protection of cultural
heritage? How or how not is archaeological research like this important to you and local
Structure of the report:
Your first paragraph should be an introduction to the website project, discussing the point of the
paper and preliminary statement of your conclusions. Then you should cover all of the above
questions and topics for the assignment in a logical order. Feel free to expand beyond these
questions but you must answer everything included here. Remember, to include your ranking of
the archaeological websites. You should try to refer to class notes and the text book to do this
assignment. End the project with a conclusion, summarizing the conclusions and the reasons
behind them.
This project report is to be at four to six pages of written text, typed, double-spaced, 12 point
font, and in compositional form. The margins should be no larger than one inch. Points will be
taken OFF if these directions are not followed. You must answer all of the above questions, and
you must refer to the class notes and text book.
I expect this report to be written in a scholarly manner. Therefore, I expect complete sentences,
correct spelling, proper grammar, appropriate organization, and a high standard of readability.
Furthermore, citations are required both internally and as a works cited page. HALF OF YOUR