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16-9530 ong FORT WORTH POLICE DEPARTMENT epores 8e 350 W. BELKNAP STREET 01/30/2016 Fort Worth, Texas 76102 sere cal INFO ONLY Manoa oe Fax 817-392-4201 OWEN, A 817-392-4200 Administrative Information racer reno SuspeTeT no | Repos Ds Repos re FORT WORTH POLICE DEPARTMENT 16-9530 ORIG 01/30/2016 05:27 160083315 Report taken | Information only/no criminal offens oy BP cose Pea Fort Worth 76110 B120 em Fonte [Taba Tote W WO1__ 01/30/2016 | 02:00 01/30/2016 05:30 Norse iOF ‘avant 3861/OWEN,A West Division Team 3 ist shift ‘eMenberOn | Asioant Env GLOVER,D West Division Team 3 lst shift 3861 Asorrnt BS Trt op Ys Sa ape | Const Ot West Division Team 3 1st Shift Successful Successful None 09 ering fer ‘palate ‘ep Tie 2543 01/30/2016 10:09:02 tino Type Nee va ree REP 1 IT _ CROWLEY, COLLEEN 2192871 WF SUS 1 I __MANZIEL, JOHNATHAN 2118004 wow DYE Tie thy | Officer A Owen 3861 and Officer D Glover 3862 working as W154 were dispatched to} 16, ERNE Foferonce to an assauit call. Report was made. Ropar ase Pek 3861/OWEN, A. 02/04/2016 14:40 Page 1 of 3 16-9530 one FORT WORTH POLICE DEPARTMENT Reporting party 1 | Individual CROWLEY, COLLEEN 2192871 ra] Sa ge ee? Wage) case 23 No 1" |120# Blonde/strawberr; = oe ‘ooo, Fort Worth 01/30/2016 Drivers License == I i: ‘O1/: 30/2016 es cE SE = = Suspect 1 Fndividual | MANZIEL, SOmMATHAN 2118004 White Male ae) Etety “vera? | roahe | Wert | Har Cour Eye Goer WM 23. Non-Hispanic or Non-Zatino No 601" 190% Brown Brown 3 ‘OALAVL | Vent Age PR Non-Resident 1 23 4220654 = = = one COLLEGE STATI. Texas 01/30/2016 Drivers License = 01/30/2016 Modus Operandi Apartment/condominium Not an offense-not applicable *#++ss#+++ 161 and Officer D Glover 3862 working as W154 were dispatched "a reference to an assault call. Upon arrival, officers made contact rowley, Colleen), who then told officers the following, Colleen and her ex boyfriend, SUS (Manziel, Johnathan) had met up with each other earlier this evening while hanging out with a group of friends at the Zaza Hotel in Dallas, TX located at 2332 Leonard St. After the group of ‘friends dispersed for the evening, Johnathan and Colleen were left alone together at the hotle. At this time, Colleen reported that Johnathan began a and aggressive towards her. Colleen described in incident at the Zaza Hotel in vague terms, explaining to officers that Johnathan was a as ifhe ‘were on some kind of drugs, but was also adamant about Johnathan not being intoxicated. Colleen was struck several times by Johnathan including a strike to her left ear which Colleen and Johnathan then proceeded towards the ie hotel and Johnathan, 1e Was going to drive her home because he did not want her to drive while intoxicated. formed her that ‘Once downstairs at the exit of the hotel, Johnathan and Colleen both entered Colleen’s vehicle, (Johnathan in the driver seat), and began driving to Fort Worth, where Colleen currently resides. During the drive home, Johnathan continued with his} behavior, claiming several times Colleen told officers that Johnathan would go back an etween shouting angrily anc Gs while making ae Colleen said that Johnathan struck her several mes while driving her vehicle back fo Fort Worth, But again was somewhat vague on the details of the assault Coteen and Jonnatian anv beck al ner apartment cated ot Tso. te nthe esr morning hours but Colleen informed officers that she does not have an approximate 16ea of what time it was. Officers asked Colleen if there was any further assault that occurred once they were back at her apartment in Fort Worth, and she began to become imitated with officer's questioning. Colleen did not report an assault at this location, and told officers that she was running in and out of her apartment through the front door in an attempt to get away from Ropar ase Pek 3861/OWEN, A. 02/04/2016 14:40 Page 2 of 3 16-9530 ong FORT WORTH POLICE DEPARTMENT Led Johnathan, Colleen informed officers that she finally rushed out of the apartment and ran to a nearby neighbor's: door to seek help. At that time, Johnathan then fled the area on foot in an unknown direction of travel. ‘As our investigation continued, Colleen became increasingly uncooperative, stating that she did not want to answer any more questions, did not want to fill out a statement or make a report, and did not want officers to otogach ha nano in nes Coleen wasconcomod ot hs pot. i just before he fled her apartment on foot. Officers notified Air One to conduct a fly over search of the area in an attempt to locate Johnathan, assuming he ‘was still on foot nearby. Officer J Briles 3977 and B Magalion 3961 working as W161 were dispatched to assist in the search for Johnathan and drove through the area without successfully locating him. Colleen informed officers that Johnathan's parents lived nearby so | attempted to contact them to verify whether or not Johnathan had simply gone to his parents house after know the address where Johnathan's parents reside. | contacted Johnathan’s mother Jand she informed me that she was currently in Tyler, TX and does not know the address to their home in Fort Worth because they had recently moved. Both Michelle and | attempted to contact Johnathan's father (Paul), who was at home, but neither had any success in making contact. | attempted to call Johnathan on the cell phone number provided by Colleen and did not receive an answer after ringing several times. | tried to contact him again shortly after the first attempt and his phone went directly to ‘voicemail, as if he had tuned the phone off. Colleen informed officers that she believed Johnathan was staying at the Zaza Hotel tonight with an individual by the name of Garrick Patterson, but stated that she did not personally know him and did not have any contact information for Garrick. | called the Zaza Hotel in an attempt to make contact with Garrick to see if Johnathan had retumed to the hotel but management was unable to provide any contact information, Officers were unable to locate Johnathan after searching the area. Due to the location of the assault being in another cities jurisdiction, combined with Colleen’s apprehensiveness about making a report, an information only report was completed. Sgt Burchfield was notified and made the scene. ‘Axon camera footage of officer interaction with Colleen was captured and downloaded to CSSU was not notified ‘Sgt Burchfield “PLEASE FORWARD TO FAMILY VIOLENCE** Ropar ase Pek 3861/OWEN, A. 02/04/2016 14:40 Page 3 of 3 16-9530 ooor FORT WORTH POLICE DEPARTMENT epores 8e 350 W. BELKNAP STREET 01/30/2016 Fort Worth, Texas 76102 Nar fat Monaro ot Fax 817-392-4201 OWEN, A 817-392-4200 Administrative Information racer reno Supper no Repos Ds Repos Te FORT WORTH POLICE DEPARTMENT 16-9530 0001 03/30/2016 | 12:35 Neroatep OF ‘ase 3861/OWEN, A West Division Team 3 1st shift Enweady | Assan FS Trlr ropa Sta every? 3861 West Division Team 3 lst shift Successful Successful None eros ‘ara "soa Te 603128 01/31/2016 06:35:38 On 1-30-16, |, Officer A Owen 3861 was contacted by Sgt Burchfield in reference to an earlier report taken involving an individual by the name of Johnathan Manziel. Sgt Burchfield instructed me to make further attempts to locate Manziel and receive positive confirmation an earlier in the morning. A poin} making contact with was that of Johnathan's father, Paul Manziel with Paul again and was successful on this attempt. | reached Paul at the aforementioned telephone number and introduced myself as Officer Owen with the Fort ‘Worth Police Department. | then went on to further explain that | was calling in reference to an incident involving fis Son and-agitiend of his explained to Pau that at tis point, oficers were sil interested in tocating Johnathan IMIMRRRRIMRRMRE orc asked if Paul had seen Johnathan or spoken with him today Paul informed me that he had seen Johnathan and that Johnathan was doing fine. Paul then went on to say that he does not wish to further comment on the situation. Paul then requested that officers not contact him again unless there is an existing warrant. CSSU was not notified Sgt Burchfield was onginally unsuccessful in || attempted to make contact Ropar ase Pek 3861/OWEN, A. 02/04/2016 14:40 Page 1 of 1