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“Zaid Kazzab lies again about

his links to Yusuf Kazzab”

Watch this!

Categorically rejected any

relations with Yusuf? (Again
by Zaid KAZZAB)
If you didn’t have ANY RELATIONS
with Yusuf Kazzab, then what does your
this article mean?

He was a corrupt man with

many deviance?

Then why Mr. Zaid Kazzab,

your article in Daily Dawn,
Sunday, August 13, 2000
starts with these words:
“A kind, benevolent and
honourable Muslim Sufi of a
small order has been
sentenced to death on
blasphemy charges by a court
in Lahore”
So this is how you define a
kind, benevolent and honorable
Muslim Sufi?
Which statement of yours to be
considered true? He was what
you said then
“an honorable Sufi Muslim” or
what you call him now?
“corrupt man with many

Lets read the article written by

Zaid Kazzab in favor of Yusuf

Convicted for blasphemy

A kind, benevolent and honourable
Muslim Sufi of a small order has been
sentenced to death on blasphemy charges
by a court in Lahore. I am an eyewitness
to what happened in the court and how
the prosecution murdered justice, human
dignity, Islamic and contemporary law
and all norms of humanity in the name of
Islam. Mohammad Yusuf Ali is a staunch
Muslim and a scholar of the Holy Quran.
He has rendered meritorious services to
Islam, Pakistan and humanity in his
career. It was only a difference of
interpretation which was exploited by
extremist mullahs and some Urdu
newspapers. Yusuf Ali had already spent
two years in jail and now he has been
I was present in the courtroom to assist
the defence lawyers. It was barred to the
outside world. I am witness to what
happened inside and how he has been
convicted. The prosecution had based
their case on four items: audio cassette of
Juma Khutba, video cassettes of Juma
Khutba, Yousuf Ali`s purported diary,
and one Pir and his few followers, who
claimed that he had claimed to be
“Muhammad“ in front of them many
years ago!
There was nothing objectionable in the
cassettes, and even according to Qanoon-
i-Shahadat, they were inadmissible, as
the one who had made these was not
known. They were highly edited,
doctored and manipulated.
The diary was not of Yusuf Ali`s at all,
and even the prosecution admitted that
they were not sure of its origin. It had no
name, no handwriting match, no owner.
It was simply alleged on Yusuf Ali and
was torn to shreds in its originality and
The Pir and his followers were again torn
to shreds, as none of them was the
complainant. They never reported the
alleged blasphemy to the police or any
other authority, which supposedly
happened many years ago. Their
credibility did not exist at all in terms of
contradictions in cross examinations.
One of them was on bail on fraud
charges. The complainant had all the info
on hearsay. He had never met the
accused in his life. All his info was
through Urdu newspapers. He accused
Yusuf Ali of adultery, but even in the
FIR, the relevant section was not
mentioned for lack of evidence, making
the complainant liable to “Qazaf“. His
testimony was not admissible at all.
Yusuf Ali had categorically, even before
the registration of the FIR, made it clear
through paid ads that he had not claimed
to be a prophet and he was a staunch
Muslim. Top religious scholars like
Maulana Abdul Sattar Niazi had declared
him a true Muslim and asked the charges
to be dropped. According to all legal and
Shariat requirements he had proved
himself to be a true Muslim. Still the
prosecution insisted that he called
himself a prophet. How can anyone be
the judge of someone`s faith? The
prosecution lawyers went so overboard
that even the judge had to stop them from
committing blasphemy in trying to prove
Yusuf Ali wrong. Even though Yusuf Ali
was on bail, he was arrested one day
earlier against all rules, laws and norms.
It is extraordinary how the bail given by
a High Court was cancelled by the
Sessions Court and the accused was
The whole trial was in camera and the
media was not allowed in to hear Yusuf
Ali`s explanations, his speeches and
comments. The media was also barred
from seeing the hopelessness of the
prosecution witnesses and their lawyers.
It was on this quality of evidence that a
great living sufi has been condemned to
death on so many counts that we have
lost count.
Now Yusuf Ali is in the line for gallows.
Will we wait and let the evil win or raise
our voices for our own survival?

My Suggestion: Zaid Hamid:

You better get yourself
checked up first by a good
psychiatrist. Get yourself
declared “Medically fit for
statements” and then come
to say things to other

I really doubt if Zaid Hamid

will be able to produce a
“Mental Fitness certificate”
from any bench of doctors.

Bottom line: Zaid Kazzab: YOU ARE