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Sample Questions and notes you might consider to practice your hand at Legal Ethics:


What is legal ethics?

What is the significance of legal ethics? (3)
What is the present basis of legal ethics? What is the importance of this basis?
What do these terms mean?
-Bar and Bench
-Bar admission
-Titulo de Abogado
-Practicing Lawyer and Trial Lawyer (differentiate the two)
-Pro se
-Attorney at law and Attorney in Fact (differentiate the two)
-Attorney of Record
-Amicus Curiae and Amicus Par Excellence (differentiate the two)
-Bar Association
-Integrated Bar
-Integrated Bar of the Philippines


In whose power the admission to practice law is vested upon?

What does practice of law mean? (Cite Cayetano v. Monsod)
How would you characterize the practice of law?
Who are entitled to the practice of law? (Cite Sec. 1, Rule 138 Rules of Court)
How does one be admitted to the practice of law?
What are the requirements to the admission to the Bar? (Cite Sec.2, Rule 138, Rules of Court)
What are the continuing requirements to the practice of law?
Can a non-lawyer appear and handle cases in court? What are the exceptions?
Can Ms. A, a 1st yr student of law, handle a case and appear in court as counsel of a client? Why? What
cases can she appear in? What courts can she appear in?
Can a public official practice law privately in the Philippines? Are there distinctions on public officials who
can and cannot privately practice law in the Philippines?
What happens then when an unauthorized person practice law? (Rule 138, Rules of Court)
What proceedings lawyers are prohibited from appearing?
What are the duties of an attorney under the Revised Rules of Court? (Simply remember the relation of a
lawyer to the country, courts, to his client, to the profession, and to the public)
Categorize the followingCanon 1-6:
Canon 7-9:
Canon 10-13:
Canon 1: What is the primary duty of a lawyer? How significant is it along with the Lawyer's Oath?
Canon 1: How important is good moral character to a lawyer? (Cite Section 27, Rule 138, Rules of Court)
Canon 1: Aside from the practical reason in Question no. 18, what are the purposes of having a good
moral character? (Dantes v. Dantes)
Differentiate good moral character from good reputation. (Advincula v. Macabata)
What does barratry mean? Ambulance chasing? What is the significance of these terms as to the practice
of law?
Suppose Agent K seeks your help regarding



25. Suppose Mr. X seeks your help on his squabble with his neighbor regarding the fencing of land of his
neighbor which included some portion Mr. X's territory. He is very angry, sees red and wants to directly file
a case. What then should you do?
(hihi kutob ra ni Canon 1)
Canon 1: Duty to Uphold Constitution and the Laws
Canon 2: Duty of an efficient lawyer
Canon 3: Duty to an honest and dignified pronouncement of legal service
Canon 4: Duty to support improvement of Legal System
Canon 5: Duty to keep abreast of legal developments
-Who are required to comply with MCLE?
-What are the requirements in complying MCLE?
-Who are exempted from MCLE?
-How to apply exemption for MCLE?
-What constitutes non-compliance to MCLE?
-What happens to non-complying members of the IBP?
Canon 6: Canon that apply to lawyers in the Government Service
Canon 7: Duty to uphold the dignity of legal profession
Canon 8: Duty to be Courteous to fellow lawyers
Canon 9: Duty to shun unauthorized practice of law
Canon 10: Duty of candor, fairness and good faith to Courts
Canon 11: Duty to give respect to Courts
Canon 12: Duty to assist in speedy and efficient administration of justice
Canon 13: Duty to refrain from acts giving appearance or influencing Courts