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We are the last generation. We are in the last apostolic and charismatic age.
God the Holy Spirit is the last, there is no fourth part of God.
From Moses to Jesus, from Jesus to Peter, the baton has been passed and he
could not handle it by himself. He passed it onto John and then to Paul.
Peter's problem was running with the baton amongst the Israelites despite God's
assignment to run with it from Jerusalem to Samaria, Judea and to the ends of
the earth.
The Ethopian coming to Phillip was not married. AEC: Paul took the baton and
passed it down. Martin Luther denied salvation by his works. Salvation is by
grace. John Levingstone, Kohn knox and Angus Buchan have run with it and
passed it to us. We are the winning generation that will hit the rope.
You are the finishing generation and the last hope of your team. Hebrews 11:
Picture the heroes of the faith shouting and cheering you on, "Vilimile, push!"
The Holy Spirit is pushing us. He has energy that he has pumped into us. We
are the strongest team, that is why we have been trusted to finish.
The three important qualities of a winning generation:
1. Servanthood mentality
Caleb had this mentality, a disciple of God by heart. "But my servant, Caleb ...
" The servanthood qualified him to be a winner. If you want to be a winner,
become a servant of God. Possessive language: "MY" servants, out of twelve,
Joshua and Caleb were God's servants. Pursuing the mind of Christ - Philipians
2: 5.
Stop being a performer, become a servant. God is not worshiped under a tree
but under the anointing. You are absent from church because you are singing
at a wedding, an engagement or a 21st birthday party. Stop that and start
serving! Do it for God, the One you are trusting for your marriage, you misistry

and your life. Be present at every service.

Cease the spirit of celebrity in the church. If you do you will join Bafomet's
army, who is in fact the lord of celebrities. Joyous Celebration is different
from Spirit of Praise for a reason. Gifts are to edify the church, not to
These days we do not have servants but we have performers. God uses the gift
with good character. We do not want your gift, we want your God.
2. A different spirit
Joshua and Caleb versus the other ten spies: the former had a different spirit.
Sex before marriage is not about a penis or a vagina, it is a cancer of the spirit.
i) The name Caleb means a vicious, hunting dog. A running, cunning dog.
When he went to spy he was hungry for Canaan and in him was the hunting
spirit because in his spirit was God's promise. Be hungry and vicious, you will
be satisfied.
ii) The spirit of boldness. Acts 1: 8 - "You shall be witnesses". The other ten
spies had the spirit of timidity and cowardice. Some people are fearful
cowards who say, "It's not easy to abstain from sex nowadays." It is a shame for
a girl to know the colour of your underwear. Ask yourself why you do not get
tired of sex. It's a spirit. The demon of sex is the most praised in the devil's
church. It can never leave unless you fast and pray.
The spirit of Mandela is very powerful. It is the spirit of democrasy. It was the
same spirit in the ten spies. Caleb and Joshua were ruled by theocracy, which
is the rule of God. You think South Africa got freedom. It did not!
You also need the theoo spirit. Divorce is a result of infidelity. Allowing the
devil go let you sleep before marriage? The same spirit goes into marriage and
has a hold on you. It will cause you to cheat on your spouse.
Stop following the LORD with a divided heart. You go to camps, not because

you want God. You have organised your own agenda. The Africa Evangelical
Church is bound by a common, familiar spirit. Everybody is having sex before
marriage. Go and sleep and then come back and serve but one day God will
expose you! Do it, God can see you. The church does not belong to the pastor
but to God.
A disciple is a follower. Follow in Jesus' footsteps. Do not love gospel music
when you do not even follow the owner of the gospel! Do not take your life
and toss it to secular music either.
When you follow God whoeheartedly you walk the talk. This is integrity. You
practice what you preach. You are a young person of integrity and a doer of
the word. Stand on His word in spite of ...
What are the results? "I Jehovah God will bring this man into the land, I will
usher him into the land." Nobody comes to the father except through Jesus.
You can never take yourself into your destiny. The creator of the destiny must
take you there.