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1. The opening and closing of doors are the most significant actions of mans life. No man knows what
him when _____ opens a door.
A. Awaited, They
C. Await, They
B. Awaits, He
D. Awaits, They
2. Even the most familiar room, where the clock _____ and the heart _____ may harbor surprises.
A. Ticks, Glows
C. Ticked, Glowed
B. Tick, Glow
D. Ticks, Glow
3. The wise man _____ _____ front door with humility and a spirit of acceptance.
A. Opens, Their
C. Opened, His
B. Open, Their
D. Opens, His
4. There are many kinds of doors. _____ are the curious little slatted doors that still _____ outside denatured
bar-rooms and _____ only from shoulder to knee.
A. This, Swing, Extended
C. This, Swings, Extended
B. These, Swings, Extend
D. These, Swing, Extend
5. There are trap doors, sliding doors, double doors, stage doors, prison doors, and glass doors, but the
of a door _____ in _____ quality of concealment.
A. Resides, Its
C. Resides, Their
B. Resided, Its
D. Reside, Their
6. A glass door is not a door at all, but a window. The meaning of a door _____ to hide what _____ inside: to
keep the heart in suspense.
A. Is, Lie
C. Is, Lies
B. Are, Lie
D. Was, Lies
7. Also, there are many ways of opening doors. There _____ the cherry push of elbow with which the waiter
_____ to open the kitchen door when _____ bears in the tray for supper.
A. Is, Shove, He
C. Are, Shove, They
B. Is, Shoves, He
D. Are, Shoves, We
8. There _____ the genteel, which footmen _____ wide the oaken barriers of the great.
A. Is, Swing
C. Was, Swings
B. Are, Swing
D. Were, Swing
9. There is the sympathetic and awful silence of the dentists maid who _____ the door into the operating
room, and, without speaking, _____ that the door _____ ready for you.
A. Open, Imply, Is
C. Opens, Implies, Is
B. Opened, Implied, Is
D. Open, Imply, Are
10. There is the brisk cataclysmic opening of a door when the nurse_____ in very early in the morning and
_____, Its a boy!
A. Comes, Said
C. Came, Say
B. Come, Say
D. Comes, Says


1. Prescription drugs relieve symptoms and chronic conditions are controlled.

2. Moreover, prescription drugs prevent illnesses and diseases are treated.

3. Some drugs offer so little medical benefit compared to the harm they can cause.
4. These drugs are rarely or never prescribed and can be obtained only illegally.

5. Stimulants increase blood pressure and create a psychological dependency, making them particularly
1. One suspects a heart problem when ____________.
A. He feels unusual constant chest pain
B. Unusual constant chest pain is felt
C. Unusual constant chest pain was felt
D. Unusual constant pain has been felt
2. To reduce the risk of heart attack, get regular exercise and ___________.
A. Foods low in fats and cholesterol are eaten
B. Foods low in fats and cholesterol have been eaten
C. Eat foods low in fats and cholesterol
D. Foods low in fats and cholesterol should be eaten
3. Cigarette smokers double the risk of experiencing a myocardial infarction and __________.
A. The risk of sudden cardiac death is increased
B. Increase the risk of sudden cardiac death
C. The risk of sudden cardiac death will be increased
D. The risk of sudden cardiac death has been increased
4. When people quit smoking, _________.
A. Their energy is improved
B. Their energy will be improved
C. Their energy has been improved
D. They improve their energy
5. If nicotine from ten cigarettes gets trapped in the bloodstream, _________.
A. A person is killed
B. A person has been killed
C. A person had been killed
D. It kills a person
1. It is important that all students be in the theater before 9:00 am.
2. Be in the theater before 9:00 am.
3. The students from Pampanga wish they could be in the theater before 9:00 am.
4. The teachers insist that each participant submit the waiver for the musical play.
5. Submit the waiver for the musical play.