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15 Populations Name ______________________

1. Which of these is an abiotic factor that affects populations?

A. predators B. food supply C. weather D. disease

2. Why is determining exact animal populations difficult?

A. most animals are move around C. many animals hide from humans
B. there are different techniques for counting D. all of the above

3. What type of growth does this graph illustrate? X

A. logistical growth
B. constant growth
C. exponential growth

4. What does the line at the top of the graph (labeled “X”) represent?
A. abiotic potential B. commensalism C. carrying capacity D. death rate

5. Predators can increase biodiversity in an ecosystem by...

A. increasing the number of pollinators C. reducing the overcrowding of prey species
B. increasing competition among prey species D. all of the above

6. A researcher catches and tags 10 catfish, and returns them to a lake. Later, he catches 20 catfish
total, and 4 have tags. What is the best estimate of the total catfish number in the lake?
A. 5 B. 50 C. 100 D. 200

7. Which of these three strategies allows the best long-term growth of a deer population?
A. kill most of the deer’s predators
B. ban all hunting of deer
C. improve the food supply for the deer

8. Which of these types of species would you expect to have the lowest populations in an ecosystem?
A. predators B. producers C. detritus feeders

9. What is the primary human threat to wildlife, such as mountain lions, in the U.S.?
A. traffic accidents B. habitat destruction C. over-hunting

10. Animals that kill other animals for food are called _______, and the food is called _______.
A. predator, prey B. parasite, host C. carnivores, omnivore

11. The connection between grazing animals and the plants they eat is called….
A. competition B. herbivory C. detritus feeders D. parasite-host

12. Researchers are watching the effects of wolves on the cougars in Yellowstone Park because…
A. cougars are predators of wolves C. these species are natural competitors
B. cougars cause overpopulation of wolves D. hunters shoot more cougars than wolves
13. Which of these phrases has the closest meaning to “carrying capacity”?
A. rapid growth B. exponential growth C. maximum population D. detritus feeder

14. A population that grows rapidly without any limits is called…

A. natural growth B. exponential growth C. logistical growth

15. A relationship where both species benefit (like lichens, or bees pollinating flowers) is called.
A. herbivory B. exponential growth C. parasite D. mutualism

16. ____________ get energy by consuming dead plants and animals.

A. Omnivores B. Carnivores C. Detritus feeders D. Parasites

17. Why has the human population on earth increase rapidly in the past 200 years?
A. higher birth rate (women have more babies than before)
B. lower death rate due to science and technology (medicine, vaccines, etc.)
C. more immigration from other countries

18. Animals use _______ to move from one area to another because of food, water, or seasons.
A. birth rate B. mutualism C. commensalisms D. migration

19. What is the most signficant population limit for male mountain lions?
A. amount of prey species B. fighting other males for territory C. getting killed by hunters

20. What might cause a population of animals to increase over time?

A. higher birth rate B. lower death rate C. migration D. all of the above


21. According to a recent NY Times poll, what percent of children under 14 have a TV in their room?
A) 10 % B) 25% C) 50% D) 80%

22. Which actor appears in all of these films: Holes, Transformers, and I, Robot?
A) Will Smith B) John Voight C) Shia LaBeouf D) Russell Crowe

23. Which entertainer’s real name is Marshall Mathers?

A. Juanes B. Usher C. 2pac D. Eminem

24. In November 2005, Jimmy Ray George of Easley, South Carolina, died of smoke inhalation when,
after escaping from his burning house, he went back in to rescue his…
A) baby daughter B) goldfish C) cell phone D) college diploma

25. What movie includes this famous line: “I love the smell of napalm in the morning.”
A. Saving Private Ryan B. Apocalypse Now C. A Few Good Men D. Braveheart