Chapter 6

At last my 16th birthday was here; to celebrate I was throwing a house party and everyone was going to be there. I was preparing myself over at Kirsty’s house while Rayanne and Ferlisha started up the party at my house. I looked bare nice in my short yellow dress and my hair in curls. ‘You ready to go Chanz? Rayanne just text me saying it’s getting live at your house.’ She said looking at the message on her phone. ‘Umm yea alright I think I’m ready.’ I replied looking at myself in the mirror. ‘You look fine Chantel trust me, now let’s go before you miss your own party.’ She said pulling me out of her room. My house was only a few minutes away from my cousin’s house so we made our way over to the party in no time. Wow, my house was over crowded; I could hardly even step in! The neon lights that had been fitted in shone from the front room into the corridor and reflected off peoples clothes as they danced. I spotted quite a few familiar faces as I made my way into the front room. ‘Chantel! Happy Birthday.’ Rayanne yelled as she pulled me into her arms. ‘Aww thanks’ honey.’ ‘Oh it’s nothing, just go and have fun init; I think I saw Dion somewhere in here a second ago, I’m not sure.’ Ray said looking around. ‘Uh I can have without that boy.’ I yelled over the music; I could barely hear myself. Just then one of my favourite tunes boomed out of the speakers; Whine Pon Di Edge. Rayanne dragged me to the centre of the room and we started dancing. As I started whining I felt someone’s hands slide onto my hips and slowly pull me back towards them, I turned my head to see who it was and saw Jerome smiling down at me. Jerome was one of Dion’s sexy friend’s, he was mixed race with long curly hair and some sexy dimples. I smiled back at him as he pulled me closer to him and I continued to whine to the rhythm of the song. Jerome moved his hips in time with mine and watched me as I grinded up on him gradually getting faster with the rhythm, just as I started getting into it something on the floor caught my eye; it was a pair of the whitest Nike Air Forces I’d ever seen, as I looked up to view the owners face my eyes locked with Dion’s; he looked nice!

He stood in front of me with his muscular body and clean cut hair; even in the dark I could still see his chocolate brown eyes and sexy smooth skin. As Jerome noticed that Dion wanted to talk to me he backed up and walked away. ‘Ay Chantel lemmie talk to you for a second please.’ He shouted over the loud music. ‘What was that?’ I replied, not hearing what he had said properly. ‘Come for a second.’ He said pulling me out into the corridor and leading me upstairs into my room. ‘What you wanna say then?’ ‘Happy birthday init, I just didn’t wanna have to shout init.’ ‘Aww thanks’ Dion, so sweet. Where’s my present then?’ I asked jokily. ‘Lock your door and I’ll give it to you now then.’ He said as a smile carved into his face. ‘You dickhead, I’m celibate.’ I joked. ‘I’m joking, that’s hype. So how comes you don’t call man no more?’ ‘Well I thought you told me not to call you.’ ‘Oh, sorry about that, I didn’t even mean it, I was just got bare mad when I heard you tried lips Jordan init. So when you gonna come to my drum?’ ‘I’m not coming to…’ Before I could complete my sentence my cousin Kirsty rushed into the room. ‘Err… why you two up here when the party’s downstairs?’ ‘I was talking to Dion; he was saying happy birthday init.’ I said looking up at him. ‘Yea… I’m going back downstairs now anyway. Kool you lot.’ He left the room. ‘Why are you even talking to him Chanz? Are you forgetting that people still think you fucked him!?’ Kirsty yelled at me, even though I was a 2 years older than her she acted as if she was the eldest sometimes. I rolled my eyes. ‘Kirsty we were just talking man.’ ‘You can still talk downstairs you know!’ ‘Well I couldn’t hear him; it doesn’t matter anyway because I don’t even like him anymore.’ I lied. ‘Whatever lets go downstairs.’ She said grabbing my arm and dragging me out of my room and down into the front room. As I looked around I could tell everyone was having fun, now all I needed was to do the same; but first I needed a drink.

As I walked over to the table to help myself someone grabbed hold of my arm, I turned to face them. ‘Chantel?’ The boy asked unsure whether it was me due to the lighting. I examined his face for a second then jumped when I realised who it was. ‘Andy!’ I yelled jumping into his arms. Andy was a boy I had been linking for quite a while earlier on in the year before Ramal and him got into a fight and he forced us to keep away from each other, Andy being a sweet boy/pretty boy was not really into all the hype so he suggested that me and him be friends till things cooled off. ‘You look good Chanz.’ He said checking me over. Thank you; I could say the same thing about you.’ He really did look good in his black Levi jeans and his white Lacoste cardigan and white Air Forces; his style was unique but still sexy. ‘I haven’t seen you for a while still. How you been?’ He asked as I took a drink from the table. ‘I know, I’ve been good you know just school and that. You?’ ‘Good to hear. I’ve been busy with college boii, your year 11 now init?’ ‘Yup, college next term can’t wait.’ ‘Believe me, it’s not all fun. We should catch up properly though, how about you give me your number?’ ‘I swear you had my number?’ ‘Nah, new phone. You think I would keep a choongting’s number and not bell it?’ He said pulling out his phone and handing it to me. ‘Joker. Well holla at me sometime.’ I entered my number into his phone. ‘Will do.’ I walked over to the centre of the room and soon got to work, I didn’t need to dance with a boy to have fun; but I spoke to soon. A dark skinned boy soon found a spot behind me and took hold of my small waist just as Back It Up began to play, I did just as the song said and backed it up on this boy; hard. Three songs had gone and I was still dancing with this boy, after a short while he pulled me over to the wall and leaned against it for support while I continued to gyrate my hips on his groin, as I did this a few of his friends circled round us and shouted as we danced… ‘She’s banging! I’m jumping on that next.’ One boy yelled. I just continued to dance with the sexy boy behind me. I caught Dion watching me from across the room several times; as our eyes met he looked away.

3 hours had gone by and I was exhausted, as the slow jams poured out of the speakers I rotated my hips on the dark skinned boy who I was still dancing with, people had given up on waiting to dance with me and now they were partnered up with other girls, nearly everyone was dancing; except Dion who remained in the corner watching me. I carried on dancing to the slow rhythm as the dark skinned boy raised his hands up to the middle part of my body and started to caress my stomach, as he did this he put his soft lips against my ear and whispered… ‘Happy birthday Chantel.’ I shut my eyes, his voice alone sent shivers through my body. I replied… ‘Thank you. What’s your name?’ ‘Alex. You’re a peng ting you know.’ ‘Thanks again. You from around here?’ I asked. ‘Yea, I live 10 minutes away init. Can I have your number to get to know you more? That’s if you don’t have a man.’ ‘Yea why not.’ I said reaching out for his phone. As soon as I handed back the phone Alex lowered himself so that he was almost on the floor and brought me down with him, I grinded on top of him as a huge circle formed around us and everyone watched; he could dance!

Chapter 7
Everything had gone well after my birthday shoobz. Three days had gone by already and I had nothing to do. My phone soon began to ring as I sat watching TV; private caller. ‘Yea who’s this?’ I really hated private calls. ‘Wow, you’re rude. It’s Alex, the one from your party.’ ‘Ohh, nah I just hate private calls init, how are you?’ ‘I’m good. What about you?’ ‘Well I’m ok, just bored. What you on today?’ ‘Got to look after my little sister init, piss take.’ ‘Nothing yet, haven’t had any offers.’ ‘How can a nice ting like you not have any offers?’ ‘Ahh whatever.’ ‘It’s true. But hear what I’m saying yea, mans will call you back inna sec cause I gotta do suttin quick and I won’t call on private.’ ‘Joker, alright then honey. Bye.’

‘Bye.’ Great I still had no where to go and Rayanne was on holiday. My phone started ringing again…new number, it was probably Alex. ‘Hello?’ ‘What’s good baby?’ ‘Who’s this?’ ‘Oh sorry it’s Andy.’ ‘Ohh Andy, I was getting worried. You ok?’ ‘Nah I’m not too good unah.’ ‘Why’s that?’ ‘Because man ain’t seen a sexy chick since I talked to you on your birthday, maybe you could help me.’ ‘Mmm and how could I do that?’ ‘Come and see man init, I got a free yard so you can bring your sexy self down here.’ ‘Well I don’t have anything else to do. When should I come?’ ‘Now init, I’m ready when you are.’ ‘Alright I’ll be there in 15 minutes yea.’ ‘Kool baby. Easy.’ I hung up. Well at least I had something to do now. Me and Andy used to be so close at one point, he almost took my virginity several times. I said goodbye to my dad and made my way to Andy’s house, he only lived a few minutes away. I stood in front of Andy’s door and knocked on it; he opened and invited me in shutting the door behind me. ‘So I don’t get a hug?’ He moaned. ‘I just got here man be patient.’ I said as I reached up to hug him. ‘You look banging Chanz.’ He said watching me in my yellow dungaree shorts and my black belly top. ‘I know it’s the clothes you see.’ I said walking up to his room. ‘Naaaah, it’s the body.’ He replied still in his trance. He followed me up the stairs and into his room. ‘Your room hasn’t changed much Andy.’ ‘Yea I know, you said you liked it like this.’ ‘Yea I do.’ I said smiling at him. ‘So you got a man yet?’ He asked sitting on the bed next to me. ‘Nope, no one wants me.’ I joked. ‘Don’t lie! I saw all them man queuing to dance with you at your shoobz.’

‘Mmm.’ ‘I can be you’re man, the offers still there.’ ‘What about Ramal.’ ‘We can do a D-low ting init.’ ‘Let’s just see how things go first.’ ‘Suit yourself but I’ve told you bare times I like you a lot Chanz, there’s something about you. I don’t even know how I can still be on you after it’s been nearly a year unah.’ ‘Well like I said lets see how things go.’ ‘Alright baby.’ Can I use your toilet please?’ ‘Go ahead. Need help?’ ‘Shut up.’ I got up and walked to the bathroom. I couldn’t help but think about Andy’s words, the way he felt about me was exactly how I felt about Dion. I entered the bedroom and as I did so Andy jumped to his feet and came over to hug me. ‘Wow, I wasn’t gone that long.’ I laughed. ‘Still missed you though. I like your shorts by the way.’ He said. ‘Thanks, so do I.’ I grinned cheekily. ‘You don’t know how bad I wanna take them off you though.’ He took hold of the straps on my shorts as he said this. ‘That’s not happening honey.’ As I said this he slowly unbuttoned his white shirt and undid the buttons on his jeans. ‘So what…your still not gonna take them off yea?’ ‘If you want them off then you’ll have to take them off.’ I said, I could never resist Andy’s sexy body, he was one fine boy. ‘I don’t mind doing that, I’ve got a lot planned for us today Chantel.’ I smiled as he undid the last of his buttons exposing his muscular chest, I just wanted to run my hands and tongue all over it. He took off his shirt and threw it aside, I almost stopped breathing when he removed his jeans and dropped them to the floor, the black briefs he wore showed the large ridge of his erection. ‘Come here baby, now it’s your turn.’ The sexy smile on his face caused me to walk right over to him. ‘Do you know how much I’ve thought about undressing you again Chantel?’ He whispered huskily into my ear as he kissed my neck. I took

a deep breath to steady myself; the touch of his moist tongue on my neck only fuelled the fire that was burning inside me. ‘How much?’ I managed to say. ‘Too much baby…’ He answered reaching out and removing my belly top. ‘…and seeing you like this is not helping at all.’ He continued dropping my top on the floor. He undid the buttons on my shorts and allowed them to slide down my legs and then he offered me his hand as I stepped out of them. Now all I had on was my bra and my black French knickers. I slowly undid my bra and allowed it to drop off as I watched Andy’s mouth drop. After a few seconds he reached out and started to caress my breast, shaping them to the feel of his hand. As he touched me my breathing became erratic and I leaned on him to grip his firm shoulders. I clutched onto him as he took my right nipple into his mouth, licking and sucking. Each and every tug sent sensuous sensations through the whole of my body. ‘Andy!’ I gasped as he scooped me into his arms and carried me over to the bed. He slid his hand up my legs and removed my frenchies, his eyes stayed focused on what was between my thighs. ‘I want you Chantel.’ He said softly lifting himself on top of me as he slipped his tongue inside my mouth with an intensity I knew both him and I felt. He broke the kiss and began to caress my body all over becoming familiar with the soft feel of my body. He kissed me everywhere, starting with my breasts and moving down to my navel, as he went lower I started to tense, he lifted his head and looked into my eyes. ‘Do you trust me Chantel?’ ‘Yeaaa… I trust you.’ I responded breathing heavily. ‘I love you.’ He said as he stroked my hair. ‘Andy, I dunno…’ ‘It’s alright baby, as long as you trust me. I got a surprise for you.’ ‘What is it?’ ‘I wanna show you how much I like you init.’ He said as he reached out his hand and slowly traced it up my leg towards the centre of my thighs and started to play with my clit, the more he did this the harder it became for me to concentrate or even breathe. As he stroked me I could feel the pressure building up inside me.

‘You like that baby?’ He asked me as he continued to play with me. ‘Uh huh…mmm it feels good.’ The feathery touch of his fingers was slowly driving me insane. ‘How would you like it if I replaced my finger with my tongue?’ He whispered hotly into my ear. ‘Why would you wanna do that?’ ‘To show you how much I love you.’ ‘But I’ve never been…’ ‘Yea I know, I wanna be the first.’ He interrupted. My heart pounded erratically in my chest, before I could even reply Andy slid himself off the bed and gently brought my body closer to the edge and then, he took me into his mouth. My back arched at the first touch of his tongue and a deep groan escaped from my throat, I clutched on the bed sheets needing something to hold onto, his tongue was driving me wild, I had to clamp my lips together to stop myself from screaming. ‘Uhhhhhh…Andy!’ I screamed as my body shattered into a million pieces. Andy’s tongue began to stiffen as he pushed it deeper inside me. My groans steadily grew more frantic and my body movements more wild and aggressive. He lifted his mouth long enough to say… ‘Let go of the bed baby, hold onto me.’ ‘Uhhh huh.’ I managed to say doing as he said. ‘You ready?’ ‘Yeaaa... I’m ready Andy.’ Before I knew it his tongue shot back inside me and began to explore. As I screamed out his name waves and waves of pleasure washed through me. Not to long after Andy slowly pulled his mouth away and sat back on his heels watching me as I slowly came back from pleasure land. ‘You ok baby?’ He asked as he lay down by my side. ‘Yea, I-I’m good.’ I panted. I lay in Andy’s big strong arms thinking about what had just happened as he held me tight. ‘I love you Chantel.’ ‘I know you do baby.’ I replied, as I said this I climbed on top of him and looked him deep in the eyes. ‘I’m always gonna be here for you Andy.’

His arms automatically wrapped around my waist and I slowly brought my lips down to his, sweeping my tongue across his before I kissed him. Just as Andy brought his head up to my left breast my phone began to ring, I jumped up on to my feet and picked up my shorts which held my phone; it was Jessica. ‘Yea hello?’ ‘C-Chantel where are y-you!?’ ‘I’m with my bredrin, why what’s wrong?’ ‘Oh my God, I’ve fucked up…I-I don’t know what to do!’ ‘Jessie are you crying?’ ‘P-please come meet me, c-come to my house.’ ‘Ok honey I’m coming now, it’s alright.’ I said locking off. Jessie was crying and I had to comfort her; I’d never been one to choose man over my girls. ‘Who was that?’ Andy questioned as he noticed me dressing. ‘One of my girls, she’s in trouble.’ ‘So you’re leaving?’ ‘Yea, I need to help her init.’ ‘But…you know what; I’m not even gonna say nothing.’ Andy said in a frustrated tone as he got up and started dressing himself. ‘Fine, at least I know I got one good boy who knows his tounge ain’t just for talking.’ I joked. ‘Aww It’s nothing, I always get satisfied customers.’ He replied. ‘Very funny, make sure you call me and I’ll come see you again.’ ‘Yea and maybe you might stay for longer next time eh?’ ‘Would love to.’ I said cheekily. I grabbed my phone and gave Andy a quick kiss on the lips before heading out of the room towards the door. He followed me downstairs and opened the door; I kissed him one last time and rushed out making my way over to Jessie’s house. When I arrived at Jessica’s house I was out of breath from running, whatever was going on must have been important because before I even got to her front door she ran out and hugged me; their were tears everywhere. ‘What’s wrong Jessie?’ I asked in shock. ‘I-I-I, I’ve b-blown it C-Chantel…e-everything!’ ‘Alright we’re gonna go inside and get something to drink and then your gonna tell me what’s going on ok.’ I said leading her inside and

sitting her down in her front room. I went into the kitchen and took a class from the cupboard and filled it up with water and took it to Jessica. ‘Here drink this.’ I said handing her the glass. ‘Thank you. Your gonna hate me Chanz.’ She said as she sipped at her water. ‘What makes you say that?’ I asked comforting her as she began to cry again. ‘W-well a few weeks ago, I invited Ramal over here a-and we had sex again.’ She sniffed. ‘Again? Ahh Jessie, I told you to forget about Ramal.’ ‘I know but I like him so much you don’t understand.’ ‘Look… trust me Jessica I know where your coming from but these days honey most boys have no feelings what so ever for girls. I don’t want you to get hurt.’ ‘Well that’s to late.’ ‘What do you mean?’ I said leaning closer. ‘Chantel… Ramal didn’t use a condom.’ ‘Oh shit!’ ‘I went to see my GP today, I’m pregnant Chantel, I’M FUCKING PREGNANT!’ She yelled bursting into tears. I didn’t know what to say or do; it was as much a shock to me as it was to Jessica. If she decided to keep this baby would Ramal even stay around?

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