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Prepared and adopted by the Citizens Advisory Group

January 12th, 2010


The Hinton & Area Community Sustainability Plan

Respectful of our past - Creating our future
Vision for a Sustainable Hinton
WHEREAS Located on the Eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies, Hinton is
surrounded by abundant natural resources that provide excellent
economic and recreational opportunities, and

WHEREAS Our responsibility to manage those resources for the benefit of future
residents and visitors is paramount, and

WHEREAS The Community of Hinton is defined as being from Obed to Jasper

National Park and the surrounding areas of Cadomin to William Switzer
Provincial Park, and

WHEREAS Hinton is host to an ethnically diverse heritage that creates a dynamic

community with excellent arts, cultural, recreational and educational
opportunities, and

WHEREAS Hinton is an inclusive society where citizens are engaged in all aspects of
the community creating a safe and harmonious place to live, work and
play, and

WHEREAS Hinton is a regional service center providing excellent facilities for

education, recreation, shopping and medical services, and

WHEREAS Hinton’s economy is heavily reliant on natural resource industries which

are significantly impacted by external economic, environmental, and
social trends, and

WHEREAS Hinton recognizes that we must evolve in a sustainable manner through

“development that meets the needs of the present without compromising
the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (Brundtland

THEREFORE We see Hinton in 2040 as a community that is:

• More diversified economically, culturally and socially.
• More vibrant by celebrating our unique cultural heritage, small-town
charm and natural amenities.
• More balanced by achieving innovative economic development while
protecting and conserving our ecological, human, economic and social
More engaged with government, citizens, businesses and visitors working
collaboratively, thus allowing everyone to enjoy a positive quality of life.

The Hinton & Area Community Sustainability Plan

Respectful of our past - Creating our future
We will achieve this vision by developing strategies and actions that meet the following
goals for the Five Pillars of Sustainability:

• Preserving and celebrating the historical heritage of the region
• Advancing and promoting Hinton as a regional leader for arts and culture through
learning, performing, and the promotion of local art and artists
• Attracting visiting visual and performing artists
• Celebrating the diversity of multiculturalism in the region

• Ensuring the needs of citizens are realized through effective programs and services
• Upholding and building a safe community for all citizens
• Fostering inclusion of all members of society
• Supporting opportunities and environments to encourage social interaction
• Encouraging healthy and active lifestyles

• Actively pursuing opportunities for diversification
• Managing balanced growth to sustain a vibrant economy
• Promoting and encouraging regional business partnerships
• Strengthening our role as a regional hub

• Providing proactive leadership that is transparent and collaborative with the citizens
• Providing fiscal responsibility and accountability to the community
• Ensuring that programs and services support the changing needs of the community
through partnerships and collaborative efforts
• Supporting and advancing civic engagement

• Respecting the natural environment and resources by meeting the needs of the present
without compromising the long-term viability for future generations
• Sustaining and celebrating the natural heritage and bio-diversity of the region
• Minimizing the ecological footprint in all aspects of the environment

The Hinton & Area Community Sustainability Plan

Respectful of our past - Creating our future

Throughout the development and implementation of our Community Sustainability Plan

we will follow the internationally recognized “Melbourne Principles” for sustainable
1. Provide a long-term vision based on sustainability, intergenerational, social, economic
and political equity, and our individuality.
2. Achieve long-term economic and social security.
3. Recognize the intrinsic value of biodiversity and natural ecosystems, and protect and
restore them.
4. Minimize our ecological footprint.
5. Recognize and build on our distinctive characteristics, including human and cultural
values, history and natural systems.
6. Empower people and foster participation.
7. Expand and enable cooperative networks to work towards a common, sustainable
8. Promote sustainable production and consumption through appropriate use of
environmentally sound technologies and effective demand management.
9. Enable continual improvement based on accountability, transparency and good
Signed by: Citizens Advisory Group

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Dale Rhyason, Committee Chairperson Scott Sunderwald, Committee Member

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Ellen Aust, Committee Member Tyler Waugh, Committee Member

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Jerome Cranston, Committee Member Jason Griffiths, Committee Member

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Jennifer Norquay, Committee Member Councilor Mike Jodoin, Committee Member

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Tanya Richardson, Committee Member Councilor Jane Macridis, Committee Member

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Dan Rollert, Committee Member County Councilor Lavone Olson,
Committee Member

Councilor Robert (Buzz) Johnson, Alternate
Committee Member

The Hinton & Area Community Sustainability Plan

Respectful of our past - Creating our future