We lost a wonderful person at the crack of dawn of August 1st. A woman

leader, a mother, an advocate, and a nurturer who skillfully and patiently nursedthe country back to a state of "health" in 1986. From a dictatoradministration, this woman heard the cries of many, thereby leading them to freedom. Not just a state of mind but an essential val ue that every Filipino has been enjoying for the last 23 years. Corazon CojuangcoAquino is truly the Philippines' Icon of Democracy.

Cory, as fondly called by family, closest friends, and colleagues, was born on 25th January 1.933; attended various exclusive schools for girls; and, left for the US to complete her secondary and tertiary education.

Cory started in St. Scholastica's College as an elementary student. Hers was commendable experience for the embodied what the Benedictine Sisters taught; humility and simplicity oflife in celebration of one's service to God and fellowmen and women. She completed her primary education in St. S( holastica with flying colors! She graduated Valedictorian in 1943. She was quiet but an exceptionally bright young girl, as often described by the German Sisters who also served as

teachers. I '/II/Ilh' ,

During World War II, m 1945, an incendiary bomb set St. Scholastica's College on Fire. All the buildings were gone and SSC was forced to close down. The students transferred to other schools, among them Cory Aquino.

She then moved to the United States and studied at the Ravenhill Academy in Philadelphia, the Notre Dame Convent School in New York. and the College of Mount Saint Vincent J also in New York.

She also worked as a volunteer in the 1948 United States presidential campaign of Republican Thomas Dewey against President I larry Truman. Cory Aquino studied Liberal Arts and graduated in 1953 with a Bachelor of Arts in French Language, with a minor in Mathematics. Back then, she intended to become a math teacher and a language interpreter.

Cory returned lO the Philippines to study law at the Far Eastern University. It is also where she met Benigno Servillano "Ninoy" Aquino, Ir., son of a former National Assembly Speaker, and the rest, as they say is history.

COIll//IIUlliOIl 011 page 2


She, 100, has received honorary doctorates from the Boston University, Fordham University, University of the Philippines, University of Sto. Tomas, Ateneo de Manila University, San Beda College, Seattle University, and Parnantasan ng Lungson ng M aynil a, to name a few.


Indeed, Corazon Cojuangco Aquino easily shifted the country's troubled state into tumultuous-free condition, she wasted no time in time re-introducting democratic institutions which brought about substantive economic and social reforms. A value she has adaI?ted a'S a young Scholastican and practiced throughout her life as

woman -leader.



On the lighter side of things, Cory is also a painter. She

pU1S to canvass the serenity and calmness the represent her. These are further complemented by bright and vibrant colors, and turns out to be images that uplift the soul.

In 1985, she received the Ramon Magsaysay Award for International Understanding and was heralded by TIME magazine as one ofthe20 Most Influential Asians in 1999. Prior to that, she was conferred the "PAX AWARD" by no less than St. Scholastica's College, the highest form of citation given to the School's Alumnae.

She, too, was a recipient of the W. Averell Harriman Democracy Award in 2004. She received such from no Ir·'S5 than Madeleine Albright in Washington D.C.

As a citizen, she has continued her life's mission defending and strengthening Philippine democracy. She has also pursued her crusade in rebuilding the moral foundation of Philippine society.

Mrs. Aquino will be sorely missed; her legacy, however, shall remain alive in each one of us. It is now our moral obligation not just to her but the country and in service of God to ensure that her efforts do not go in vain. St. Scholastica's College Manila


By Corazon C. Aquino

Almighty God, most merciful Father, You alone know the time

You alone know the hour

You alone know the moment When I shall breathe my last.

So, remind me each day, Most loving Father

To be the best that J can be.

To be humble. to be kind, To be patient, to be true To embrace what is good,

To reject what is evil, lb adore only You.

When that final moment does come Let not my loved ones grieve for long.

Let them comfort each other And let them 1:110W how happiness They brought into my life,

Let them pray for me,

As 1 will continue to pray fOT them.

I loping that they will always pray for each other

Let them know that they made possible Whatever good I offered to our world.

And let them realize that our separation Is just for a short while

As we prepare for our reunion in eternity.

Our rather in eaven. YOLI alone are my hope, You alone are my salvation.

Thank YOLI for Your unconditional love. Amen

In March of this year, St. Scholastica's College conferred with great pride the PAX award all Mercedes Arrasria-Tuason and Zenaida Valero-Roten. in recognition of their service to their communities. We share with you the introductions given h}' Ms. Heidi Perez Cruz and Ms. Amparo Lim. The rich mosaic of their lives afC testaments to the Benedictine values they have committed to practice in their private and public lives,

Barely a (ew weeks after the Pax conferment Mercy Tuason was nominated as Ambassador to the Vatican. She is now ill Rome after successfully passsing the scrutiny of the Commission on Appointments. The Scholastican alumnae congratulates Ambassador Tuason On this noteworthy appointment. We know that she will be an asset in the diplomatic community.

It was with heartbreaking grief that we bade goodbye La President Cory Aquino. Passing away on August 1, 2009, the nation for five Jays poured out its grief in the daily vigils and visits to her wake. The hundreds who marched with the Iu neral cortege: the thousands who waited patiently by the road, and who the hundreds who to this day continue to visit and lay flowers at her grave are testaments to a recognition by a grateful people a former President and the person who practiced the values of honesty and integrity in her public and private life. President Cory gave credit to her Benedictine education as a important cornerstone to her persona.

For President Cory, Susan Fernandez Magno and alumnae who have passed on to God's grace we pray this blessing:

May the Angels in their beauty bless you

May they turn toward you streams of blessings ~

Mayall the Angels he your sheltering and joyful guardians.

Ma. Asuncion na 0 na'AB'83

That in all things God maybe glorified!


YE 20

Sister M. Angelica Leviste, OSH President

Sister M. Vicenl.1 Anuran, OSB VJ> for Administrative Affairs Informauon & CI in ic Supervisor HRD Director

Mary Thomas Prado, OSB VP for Academic Affairs

Sister Vida Mones, OSH l-inance Director/Treasurerj IT Director

Sister Martha Lugtu, CSB Social Acnon Center Director

M. Mary Jobn Mananun, OSB Sister Mary Placid Abe]o, aSH

lWS Director Dean, School of Music &:

A111mna~ Moderator

Sister M. Angeline Arceo, DSH lnstitutional Campus Ministry Officer &: Head. College CMO

Sister M. Filipina Pineda, aSB Bookstore. Ii! food Smicl?5 '" Manager & NSS Principal

Sister Edna Quiarnhao, aSB Grade School Principal


Sister Consortia Rodela, aSH Special FadLilie!t Su pervisor


Sister Adela Arabia, OSH High School Principal

Sister M. Roselha Geronimo, OSB Laboratory &: Studio Supervisor



Mn. MERCEDE& QEIN1\QE& i\QQi\&TlA TU1\&oN. fl&'49 by: Heidi Perez Cruz, Hs' 49/AB'51

March 22, 2009 - St. Scholastica's College, Manila

Our high school class 1949, 60 years after graduation, did an audacious number during the recent alumnae homecoming program. We danced lO the beat of the movie musical Mama Mia. We were still recovering from the jitters of that audacity when we received word that one of the 2009 PAX awardees is our own classmate, Mercy Arrastia Tuason.

Previous PAX awardees were President Corazon Aquino, Justice Cecilia Munoz Palma, among others. Their shoes are hard to fill but they are the yardsticks by which other awardees are measured. Mercy's reaction to the award was a picture of child-like innocence, characteristic of her lack of regard for any recognition of her advocacies and charities. After her conversation with Sister Angelica, who notified her of the PAX award, her matter-of-fact question almost floored me. "What is thai award?" She could not even say the name or the title. Given an explanation, she balked as if it were some kind of tragedy. "Why me?" She asked again. But I took that as a rhetorical question coming as it did from someone whose daily concern is more for working in the vineyard of the Lord than receiving an award.

A grader when she first came to S1. Scholastica's, Mercy went on to high school and college and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1953, major in Nutrition, minor in History and the then mandatory Horne Culture. Unlike the other students in school who carried the Castillian propellant in their veins, she was not given to boisterous behavior. She was so prim and proper that we are lacking in memories of her misconduct.

ller kinship with other Scholasticans is extensive: mother Teodorica Reinares, mother-i n-law Magdalena del Rosario, sisters and sisters-in-law are also Scholasticans.

Mercy is the widow of Iose Ramon del Rosario Tuason whom everybody knew as Boy. He died in an air crash in 1970, left the 39-year-old Mercy with 7 very young children ranging in age from 11 months to ] 7 years. On her shoulders fell the sale responsibility of rearing these children and running a sizeable business. Her business acumen later supplemented by that of her children brought to their already comfortable life more material blessings. But Mercy lives by the biblical dictum that to whom much is given, much is expected.

One would not think that someone who used to grace the society pages woulu keep these expectations very much alive in her nation-wide charities and apostolates, This 78-year-old grandmother of 28 with a reed-like figure, spinning like a top to keep an incredible schedule, has been the untiring supporter of numerous religious and civic organizations, priests and seminarians. She built chapels in ay-out places, on her own donated land, sustains educational projects, provides balanced meals for street children, brings the word of Cod to women prisoners, c'reers and feeds lepers and helps children of soldiers fallen in battle. She even brought a team of disabled to compete in a sports event in Prague, Czechoslovakia and brought home a gold medal.

10 addition, she and her group launched a family-oriented 1V network and worked on the translation of the catechism to Tagalog. They also run a shelter for confused young mothers. As if these were not enough, they took action against a congressional bill that would not only allow but encourage abortion. I am not even half-way done with giving an account of her charitable and civic involvements, the listing of which seems endless. Taking stock of them like this is literally a breathtaking experience.

Lest I intrude into the citation of this award, let me just mention the main arteries of her apostolate: Center for Peace in Manila; OUf Lady of Mercy Halfway House, Alabang; Radyo Maria & Franciscan Seminary, Bicol: Boy Tuason Memorial School, Davao; Perpetual Adoration Chapel, Davao; Divine Mercy Chapel, Davao.

After all has been said and done, let me tell you, Mercy, we are very proud of you. My reluctant friend, the Lord allowed this recognition. Keep your PAX award as though you received it from llis divine hands.

Ladies and gentlemen, with deep admiration in my heart, may 1 Tuason.


~1\:X 2009

introduce to you Maria Mercedes Reinares Arrastia

- ~ ~, Ir 'I I t.' ~,~, J I' I[ " I '[ ,I" r « . -

- • j ',I ,_ I~ I J \. II I \ , ., IL • \"'!I '. II )\


DR. ZENAIDA V ALEDO DOTEA. tl8'47 by: Amparo C. Lim, HS'70jAB'74

It is with honor and great pleasure for me La present the next honoree She is someone I greatly admire since the first time I heard her address the assembly of the Catholic Women's League of the Philippines as the National President about 10 years ago. Born in Bulacan eighty years ago, to me, her whole life, she epitomizes the Scholastican motto of Ora et Labora - Prayer and work to which all of us had been taught.

She is truly a woman of faith - a disciple of the Lord, and not only does proclaim it in the many apostolate she has chosen to lead. She espouses it by the way she lives her life as well. She has chosen well - the works for the Lord in all these many years.

A woman of vision of today as before (the present with a past?)- All her advocacies for the past 20 years are. still so much a problem of today, from women's concern to environment. She started as a Doctor of medicine, a Housewife and widow to Dr. Mario Roteo, a Mother to 5 children Mario, Jr. Ma. Cecilia, Ma. Rosario, Raben and Santiago Michael and a Leader to all the organization she is affiliated with.

She is passionate about Life through her involvement with Woman Empowerment as seen in the promotion of the dignity, spirituality and rights of Women. She is a woman, always seen through her ei.dless rallies and congress lobbying for women's causes. The latest lobby was in congress during !,he hearing on the Issue of Reproductive Health Bill and Magna Carla on Women. She is board member oftlie ini~rnational organization ofWucwo (World

Union of Catholic Women's Organization. I I'


1/ ,

Woman of Achievement - her passion is such that while president/of the cWL Catholic Women's League of the Philippines, she established a Women's Desk in many region o( our c'6untry, to address women's concerns, rights and dignity. This desk works in counseling victims of violeAce, rape, inc~st and sexual harassment. Ora. Rotea came to share the pl ight of victims of physical, psychological and sexual violence as she listened to their stories in the crisis centers, Even today she is still involved in this are~ through the CBCP (Catholic Bishop Conference of the

Philippines) office on Women now on the Migrant women' I

yl, I'

She was also involved with Environmental issues, ther~'s Marys Wood, a garden all over the country where the CWL members or the ladies in navy blue and white eolar and tuffs plant, nurture and protect our precious trees and plants and in other parts - protect the corals & dams 'and even lobbying for their cause She also spearheaded CINEMA or Catholic Initiative for Enlightened Movie) which reviews films and rates them and distributes them to major newspapers, private firms and educational institutions, and presently ar- officer of the PPCRV (Parish

Pastoral Council For Responsible Voting .

A Woman of Substance, A Woman of our times. Th~1JJ. as is now, wherever she believes She was led by the Holy Spirit, she translated her perception oftbe need of others into Springboards for meaningful action as her work in CWL and CBCP, PPCRV and others attests.

One only needs to look at the faces of the disadvantaged women and children whose Lives have been touched by Dr. Zenaida Valero Rotea to realize the extent of her compassion, conviction and faith in her duty as a woman, a teacher and a disciple of God. As to her accomplishments, she humbly maintains that all that she had done were not solely hers, but made through the cooperation of her colleagues who are the direct implementers of the project. But all these would not happen without whom the Ideas and persistence came about.

Without much adieu, let me present my idol someone we can all emulate, and my friend & fellow Scholastican

.... Dr Zenaida Valero Rotea J '

____________ ~~_,~' __ ~~ ~A

,1\X2009 ..

- .-

, .~ ;'~ :Llll :\. il f\L l:L ; \J lL'1 \~' ~\) . '.

5tCducatorand pe,rfOrming vocal artist, Susan has pent most of her adult life as a women's right advocate, using her gifr of song to bring to light the plight of women and pay tribute to the vital role women play in Philippines society. This year's BAYl awardee and UP Gawad Parangal sa Larangan ng Sining at Kultura outstanding alumna, Susan has gainted recognation not only for her work to uplift women but also for championing the cause of Fihpino culture and music.


High School Class '74

concert at the Cultural Center of the Philippines where she continued to perform as a singer for their art exhibit openings, allowing her to fulfill her personal crusade to make art and musk available to both the rich and the poor.

member o[KALAYAAN and MORES, and board adviser for Musicians for Peace. Susan hosted various shows and programs at the CCP and has also given a series oflecturesthrough the years on the subjects closest to her heart: women's and children's rights.

Susan Fernandez-Magno was a senior lecturer for the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the Ateneo De Manila University. She was research consultant and facilitator, and 1. columnist for Abante's USAPANG BABAE. She was also assistant professor at Sr. Scholastica's College, and senior lecturer at the University of the Philippines, both her alma matter. She was National Coordinator for IBFANjUNICEF, member and coordinator for various women's and social welfare organizations,

Susan recently appeared in AKO MISMO because she believed in the cause. II I thought I could popularize my personal crusades and advocacies (using music & sociology to upl ift the status of women, defend women's rights) as will as serve to inspire others about doing something (no matter how small) within one'S own capacities to make a defference in our lives. This Ako Mismo campaign is one great opportunity to project the cause in the rninstrearn milieu, " said Susan.

With her full, haunting voice, she distinguished herself with the s oei a II y re I eva n l themes sh e chose for her songs, representing the country in international music festivals and women's rights and gender equality symposia and forums. A pioneer and filipino alternative music, she was best known for her rendition of feminist anthem BABAE KA, a Metro Pop award-winning song. Susan hosted CONCERT AT THE PARK for 11 years, and had her first solo


p.a;'lt 2009

-, .

-;-~ , [I II \ l' T. , " [' ~,' l' " ~, f o "":

'.. I l\ ! ~ II J r I, J., '" ,\ j 1, II r, , " 11 ..

HS·8_i Gears Up #or 20.I.O

ow do you round up 240 batch mates after over 20 years of losing touch? This and other reat tasks have taken on the preoccupations of the r IS 85 core from the first meeting in October 2007. Looking back almost 2 years after, we are proud of how many classmates we have rediscovered _ here and across the world, how many projects we have done together and how much more we have set to achieve, Today though, things have become less daunting and insurmountable. We look to February 2010 with greater challenge, inspiration, and the confidence to achieve the goals we have set forth from the beginning. Everything is looking good!

Always at work! HS '85 gathers for its regular general I assembly, March 09. Plans are underway for projects for

the rest or the year and into 2010 .

What's cooking? An Ogle-Ryan Benefit is in the works for this October '09.

..._l!k~Tlo,.,e.~·, E!/:_t.Jut-er- §~t.la

By: Elsa Lava Mapua, GS'59/HS'63/CoUege'G7

The Boys of Sister Gratia (BSG) are our "fellow Scholasticans". They have heartwarming memories or their caring and energetic kindergarten teacher - Sister Gratia, aSH. If your you are in touch with other RSGs who would like to share their memories, please feel free to contact us at 524-1559 or email alumnae_office@ssc.edu.ph sc we can feature them in our alumnae newsletter.

OCA Brothers

Percival S. Oca

Jose Wilfredo S. Oca Bro. Bernardo S. oca School 1957-958

1 remember that my older brother, was in Prep while I was in Kindergarten. Little Bernie came along with us to school, and since he was too young to study, he just stayed with the maid at the pergola, and waited for us.

One day it rained so hard, Sister Gratia saw Bernie and asked him if he wanted to come in and play. I Ie willingly followed her to the classroom and played. And then all, he became a regular student in the nursery class. Being the youngest kid in school, Bernie naturally became the favorite of Sister Gratia and of all the girls. And that explai ns why all three of us brothers were in St. Scholastica at the same time for the school year 1957-1958.

Prospero M.Hernandez

Boys of Sr. Gratia 1949

The trips to the chapel led by Sister Gratia has definitely had a positive effect on me. At a very young age I was exposed to the beauty of the Gregorian Chant, Later in life, I would go back to the same chapel (0 enjoy the masses sung by the Benedictine nuns and even in mv 60s, I still love to listen to

the Gregorian Chant. '

I know I have a class picture somewhere (but [ can't find it) with all of us dressed in white Easter bunny costume and on the right side of the photos in her white habit and black veil her hands folded and hidden under her habit. is Sr. Gratia.

·!I UDD· .1.

; r l

. Pathways to '99

- Luisa Glenda Togonon, 11$'1999

IAtlended my high school reunion a few days ago. It was a much hyped event. with all those Facebook annuouncernents and all. As I counted the weeks and days leading up to it, images of Romy, Michelle and Martin Blank kept swirling in my head. Of David Cook, too, whose concert J would be ditching for my high school girlfriends (sorry, love).

Before that night, I thought of taking out my yearbook and memorizing the names and races or suddenly forgotten classmates. Our yearbook-covered in blue (of course) with hand-drawn silver stars, quotes from our teachers, and wide-eyed races frozen in time--doesn't have all that "person most likely to succeed" or "most popular girls" shtick Probably because we didn't need those anyway. We already knew each other inside out, or at least we thought so. Anyhow, labeling ourselves seemed a bit rhildish, no? And we were women of the world, yes?

Yes, women. I went to an all-girls school, which made this reunion balloon with even more excitement and, should [ say trepidation. (Or was it dread?) I wondered who among us had the weirdest jobs, me oldest children, the most fun marriages and the most drastic rnakeovers, Who was still blue and purple and pink and white, in that unique color spectrum that only students in all-girl schools will understand. Who still thought of herself as my friend, and who won't talk to me a decade after.

But what J wondered about the most was how much I had really changed since high school. I suddenly round myself, 10 years (lOyears!! !) later-In my corporate clothes and black pumps, with lipstick on and an engagement ring around my finger-feeling exactly the way I did when I was still stick-thin and wearing enormous eyeglasses. In this strange woman's body, I was a child again. awkward and self-conscious and confident, all at the same time.

With all of that hanging over my borderline neurotic head, I walked carefully to the registration table, one warm Saturday at five past seven in the evening. Once there. well, I was blown away.

In five hours. I was yanked from the comfort zone of my adulthood and transported to the precarious cradle of my youth. And in those five hours, between semi-drunken laughter and nostalgia, halfway through vintage (read: preY2K) videos and wide-angle OSLR shots, and as we spontaneously sang our graduation song "Pathways", I finally stopped. Stopped. Wondering. Because. in those five hours, and in the following days, 1 realized:

4 5.

Friendshtps formed in high school are almost always bound to last.

These friendships may not be the purest, but can certainly be the most honest.

There are those that do not last forever, however. Some may even end badly. So be prepared to race the consequences, like an awkward moment at yow high school reunion. In such cases, you can choose between fight and flight I choose flight (which may not always be the right path, by the way) .

. And some friendships ... leave you hanging. For that well, there's always the next reunion.

Ten years later, you realize that you have all changed, your are all different, and yet you are still the same. (This epiphany will throw you out of the loop for a few minutes.) This goes to show that the essence of you being never really goes

away-no matter how much makeup you put on or how thin you become. It doesn't matter if you are me president of the country or a bum. You can never hide who rou really are from the people yet met in puberty.

These are: also friendships that you think you did not have, but actually had. What a nice surprise.

You were unstoppable and fearless then, so why are you pausing now? If. on the other hand, you were afraid, looking back on those years should give you the courage to be brazen. Nothing beats a sorry past more than a fantabulous present!

1 n sh 011, whatever we experi en ced in high schoo l figures I arge in who we are today. Th ere's no use denyi ng th i s. Instead, think: those four years have the potential to bring out the absolute best in you. The BEST, jf you really wanted. So don't waste them, and don't waste the next 10 years feeling bad for yourself. Live up tome promise, mow.

We must cherish the lessons, including the silly ones. Also, cherish the people who taught them-teachers, classmates, friends, even th principal. Respect your school and uplift it through your actions. You are and will always be a reflection

or it. '

No one has a perfect memory. My brain remembers half of what happed 10 years ago, and will probably remember even less in the next 10 years. But oddly, that disability does not take away the feeling. The space in my heart carved especially for high school remain, and will remain unchanged.

I share these thoughts with all those who will be taking a trip down high school lane and are stressing about what to wear (no one cares, you will all be beautiful). Most of all, I share them wit my batchmates, S9 that we will forever remember who we are and who we can be, simply because we have each other.

South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu once defined "ubuntu" as the essence of being human. It speaks of the fact that my humanity is caught up and is inextricably bound up in yours. r am human because I belong. A person is a person through other persons.

I am who I am now because of them, my batch mates. It's that simple. 1 may see them again tomorrow. or in another 10 years, or perhaps never again, but I will walk "through the pathways of my life" knowing we are entwined-all 315 of us-and we are better because of it.

6. 7.

1. 2. 3.




Goodbye for now, kulasas of '99. "Til our paths cross again.


W ,AX 2Dl1!}

": . \\ '[ II)" '[~' 1 \\ II "J II' 11 " ",' f

-, ;" \\ I, j \1, j 1 d l ~~ h _ ,\ II ~..I.,)) "

c. a. b. c. d.


f d. e.

Here is the status of the demolition work as of August 28,2009 Demolition Started June 16,2009

As of August 27,2009, demolition work covers only the building along Estrada side a and the interior part of the building facing campus field, and only the part previously by the Music Department. The area occup.ied by the

I-CATHY and HRM will only be demolish after the PA4SCU accreditation of I-CATHY department scheduled on the 2nd week of September.

for areas covered by the on-going demolition, accomplished were:

All steel windows were already removed except those facing the campus field 70 % of the roof at Estrada side building -removed

80 % of the 2nd floor (T & G)-Estrada side and 0 % @ campus side

9S % of the partition walls

90 % of all tiles and wood floors at ground floor Roof of Main stair -100%

On-going works: demolition of concrete columns, walls and beams

The demolition work is expected to be completed hopefully by the end of November.

Updale,.. De ... olilion WOllu Of '1. Cecilia·, luildin, '1. 'chola,Iica·, Coile, •• Manila




Managing Di .. ector


By Elsa Lava-Mapua CS59/HS63/COIIG7 Bang Karaan GS'73/HS77

Sf. Scholastica's Alumnae foundation Inc. (SSAFl) is proud of former President Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino, Mercy Arrastia-Tuason Susan. Fernandez-Magno and all Scholasticans who have studied in our beloved Alma Mater.

What do Scholasticans have in common? To quote Corazon Aquino from one of her speeches,"They arc exemplary tedders in their chosen fields, steeped in the Scholastican ethic of Ora el La bora, prayer and work, glorifying Cod in what they do for their fellow Filipinos."

Be an active member of our alumnae association. Get a SSAFI Membership Card [also known as SSArJ CARD)

The SSM) Card:

Serves as an ID and proof of active membership

Is your way of showi ng you are "Proud to be a Scholastican" Pacilltates campus entrance when avai I ing library services and transacting alumnae matters.

We have also enhanced the benefits of SSAFI Card holders by inviting bookstores, Ilower sho] 'So sports shops, hotels, restaurants and other business establishments to be SSM I Card partners. They will give discounts/and or entitlements to Scholasticans, when presenting their valid SSAFI C.ard. Most of these establishments are owned/or run. by Scholasticans and friends-Goodwill Bookstore, Anvil Publishing. Kyoto Flower Shop, Nike Women, Boracay Sands Hotel. Mary Grace (Restaurant), I Iouse of Minis. Manila Sunset Restaurant (in Los Angeles), Sugarhouse, Infini Line Boutique, The Leather Collection and Godiva Skin Stati 11. We are negotiating with other establishments. The list is gTOwin~!

If you own a business and would like to be a SSAFI Card Partner, please contact us. This way, we can encourage Scholasi icans to patronize yo II r husiness.

Fhere art: tWO (2) types of Memberships, Regular and Lifetime Regular Membership:

• New liS/College Craduates PHP500 4 year valid i ty
• New Grade School Graduates PHP120 4 year validity
• Old GS liS COL Graduates/Renewal PHP500 4 year validity
• Boys of Sister Gratia P1 fPSOO 4 year vaHdily
• Lifetime Membership: PHP2000 Lifetime We an' now offering Lifetime Membership. Any Scholastican can apply for this. How to apply

Fill-out SSAFf Card application form and attach [ X 1 rD photo. On the blank space at the bottom of the form, indicate the type of membership you are applying for=Regular or Lifetime

forms are available ,H the SSAFI office. You can also download the fonn from the sse Website (www.ssc.cdu.ph). Then click on Alumnae and friends and look for SSArt Card.

Pay corresponding membership fee. Directly to SSAPI office or Via Bank Deposit ~ La account of St. Scholastjca's AJumnae Foundation IDC., United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB) Vito CrUz Branch Account no 120-100772-3

As proof of'paymern, send a copy of deposit slip (0 SSAFI either by FAX, or as an email attachment. Telefax: (063) 5241559

A1TN NO€'Oli Laca; Email: alumnae. office@ssc.edu.ph When payment has been verified. t>SJ\FI will process the card. You will he notified hy phone or through email. as soon as card is ready for pickup.

For further details call or email SSAF[ office, or check sse website

--~~--------------~-------- Aa

l}1AX 2D09 .,