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Reading : Read the paragraph carefully and answer the questions that follow.

Millions of people around the world today are undernourished or nutritionally

deficient. The reason is because there is a grave shortage of food.
Young children are mostly the victims of malnutrition followed by pregnant and
nursing mothers. And in most cases, also the girls are less fed than boys. Most victims
of malnutrition are found in rural areas. It is not surprising because most poor people
are found in rural areas.
The problem of money as the concomitant cause of malnutrition is often
aggravated by poor nutritional practices. Thus in a way, the problem of malnutrition is
not caused by poverty but by ignorance. Some mothers for example prefer to give milk
formulas to their babies instead of breastfeeding them.
Thus, nutrition education is one instrument in solving the malnutrition problem.
In this regard, the education for the girls is a most pressing need if only to eradicate the
pernicious beliefs about the way food is distributed within the family.

Choose the word or phrase that means the same as the underlined word. Encircle the letter of the
correct answer.
1. Food supplements should be given to expectant mothers to provide them necessary vitamins
needed by the body.
a. Additional rich food
b. Food rich in minerals
c. Food rich in protein
d. vegetables and fish
2. There is a prevalence of malnourish children in the country.
a. abundance
b. eliminated
c. improved
d. preserved
3. Filipinos have many superstition beliefs which should be eradicated.
a. adored
b. eliminated
c. improved
d. preserved
4. Boys should be fed more than the girls because they
a. are brighter than girls
b. become breadwinners in the family
c. eat too much than girls
5. Malnutrition is caused by
a. money
b. population growth
c. problem of money

6. Which statement is true?

a. Ignorance can also be a cause of malnutrition.
b. It is better to give milk formulas to infants than breastfeeding them.
c. There are no malnourished children in the Philippines.
7. The main idea of the selection is
a. education
b. malnutrition
c. nutrition
8. In Filipino families, the father is usually the
a. helper
b. lover
c. provider
9. Which outcome is likely to happen?
Government will help the poor by opening food rations to them
a. Malnutrition as a problem can be solved.
b. There will be food for malnourished children.
c. There will be no malnourished children in the Philippines.
10. My heart goes out every time I see a skinny child begging for food. The
statement appeals the sense of
a. feeling
b. hearing
c. sight
Read the given sentences. Then write the correct spelling of the misspelled words
in the space provided after the sentence.
11. I hope my suggestion is aggreeable to you. ____________________
12. Famuous people are not always happy. ________________
13. Christie has expresseve eyes. _______________
14. Drive carefuly. __________________
15. Tell me your unforgetable experience.


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Circle the indefinite pronoun in each sentence.

1. Somebody is assigned to decorate the room.

2. The work will be early if somebody would participate.
3. Our teacher wants everybody to attend the mass.
4. The twins are both excited.
5. Many want to have some rides and booths.

Fill in each blank with an appropriate indefinite pronoun.

6. __________ were very happy.

7. ___________attended the mass before going to the booths and rides.
8. __________come from other schools.
9. They prepared a punishment for ____________ who will step on the line.
10.___________also prepared some awards.

Use the following phrases in sentences. Add appropriate indefinite


11. sweep the floor

12. arrange the chairs
13. fix the tables
14.Check the lights
15. keep the decorations


Fill in each blank with the correct form of the personal pronoun.

1. Zeny lost _____________book. ________wanted to borrow ________book.

I could not lend _____________my book because ________was using ______.
So I tried to borrow another book for ____________. However, all the girls
were using ___________ books.
2. Anton was very proud of _________ new polo. _________mother had made
it for _________.
3. Melanie invited ____________ to her party. My brother did not want to go
with ___________. I was angry with __________ because I had to go by
4. Frida and _____________rode on a bus. __________ insisted on paying for
5. _____________; __________ insisted on paying for ____________.

The boys were busy doing ____________ project. __________ did not want
to bother _______________.