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Time available for students to complete

the Writing Test: 40 minutes

Use 2B or HB
pencil only.

* This is not an officially endorsed publication of the NAPLAN program and is produced
by Pascal Press independently of Australian governments.

Today you are going to write a persuasive text, often called an exposition.

Pupil-free school days

Many schools have pupil-free days. These
are days, usually the day after a school
holiday, when teachers go to school but
students do not.

What do you think of pupil-free days?

Write to convince a reader of your opinions.
Before you start writing, give some thought to:
whether you strongly agree or disagree with having pupil-free days
the way you will present your ideas: clearly list or order your points
the reasons or evidence for your arguments
your brief but definite conclusion. In your conclusion list some of your main
pointsyou may add a personal opinion.
Dont forget to:
plan your writing before you start
write in correctly formed sentences and take particular care with paragraphing
choose your words carefully and pay attention to your spelling and punctuation
write neatly but dont waste time
quickly check your story once you have finished. Your position must be clear to
your reader.
Remember: the stance taken in a persuasive text is not wrong, as long as the
writer has evidence to support his or her opinion. How the opinion is supported is
as important as the opinion itself.

Copyright 2012 Pascal Press

Excel Test Zone Year 3 Sample Test


Copyright 2012 Pascal Press

Excel Test Zone Year 3 Sample Test


Copyright 2012 Pascal Press

Excel Test Zone Year 3 Sample Test


Copyright 2012 Pascal Press

Excel Test Zone Year 3 Sample Test

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The final paragraph refers to

the topic and re-establishes
how the writer feels. There is a
forceful, personal concluding


New paragraphs, with topic

sentences, are used for new
arguments and the summary.


The writer refers regularly to

words used in the topic.

The text contains a wellorganised introduction, body

and conclusion.

Text structure

Evidence and examples are

used to support the argument.
Objectivity is maintained
throughout the writing.

Arguments for the writers

reaction are in separate
paragraphs. The points raised
are obviously important to
the writer in a personal way.

Persuasive techniques

The audience is readily identified

(families, pupils, teachers).
Background information is
provided to give context to the
points raised. Brief statements
are made, outlining the issue
to be discussed.



Advanced levelsample of persuasive
tests Test 1

Excel Test Zone Year 3 Sample Test

There are no spelling mistakes of

common or unusual words.


Punctuation, including apostrophes

and full stops, is correctly applied.


Ideas are delivered forcefully.

A strong viewpoint is expressed with

careful choice of words.

Ideas are well balanced to create a

sense of rational, logical argument.
A strong simile adds impact.


There is a good variety of sentence

beginnings (e.g. Nowhere, Firstly),
types and lengths.
A topic sentence is used to introduce
each paragraphs main idea.
Questions and exclamations are used
to good effect.

Sentence structure

Adverbs and adjectives are well

selected to qualify statements.

Nouns are used to make generalised


A good variety of precise verb types

are used to establish strong,
informed arguments.


Language and Ideas

Please note that this sample has not been written under test conditions. During a test you might not have the time
to produce such a polished piece of writing. However, this sample gives you a standard to aim for.

Schools should not be given pupil-free days. Teachers with long holidays can do their
planning during the holidays. They have enough holidays! Pupil-free days cause
unwanted extra work, cost and inconvenience for the students families, and are
boring for the students. The school days should be used to everyones advantage,
especially the students.

Pupil-free days can be costly. Parents with young children have to get a babysitter.
Many families have both parents working. One parent will take a holiday for the two
weeks of school holidays but that usually leaves the extra day at the end. Special
arrangements and payments have to be made.

Pupil-free days are wasted days for students wanting to complete their education.
Pupils have to hang around waiting for school to begin. Many students are already
bored with holidays. They havent gone away because their parents still have to work.
Some students hang around and get involved in anti-social behaviour. Pupils should
be in school, not roaming the streets like feral animals.

Surely teachers get enough holidays each year. There are at least ten weeks of holidays
for teachers. Ten weeks is more than most other workers get. If teachers have to prepare
work all together, why cant they do it on a day when the pupils are on holidays?

Firstly, why should schools be closed and teachers get extra holidays to prepare their
work? You dont see police stations closed down so that police officers can prepare
for future crimes. Nowhere else allows a whole building to shut down for a day so
that workers can prepare for their work.

Schools are permitted to have several pupil-free days each year. These are usually
tacked onto end-of-term school holidays. They are free time for teachers to prepare
school work. Should teachers have these extra days at school without pupils?
I dont think so!

Pupil-free school days

Advanced level Sample of Persuasive Writing

YEAR 3 Sample of a very good piece of writing