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Ateneo de Davao University

Business Management Division

Jacinto St., Davao City

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree

Bachelor of Science in Marketing

Submitted by:
Bancud, Alexis
Dagohoy, Nicole Kristine
Lumarlan, Aichi
Poblacion, Rochard
Robillos, Jane



Name of the Company: EMCOR, Inc.

Industry: Retail
Address: Head Office JVR, Bldg., JP Laurel Ave., Bajada, Davao City, 8000
EMCOR is a world-class, community based destination store that provides
affordable financing and competitive prices for quality products and services
supported by personalized customer care.
To provide the community we serve with quality products and services through
our nationwide store network and by creating more job opportunities.
We commit to uplift the quality of life of our customers and employees while
ensuring fair return to shareholders.
The companys goal is to provide excellent customer service to its clients and
customers, as well as to give reasonable prices for quality products.
The company also aims for the customers trust and support.

To promote a profitable and sustainable business activity that meets the customers needs.

To increase the company's market share

To gain the competitive edge

To increase the company's role in relations to social responsibility

To provide excellent customer service

To ensure the quality and services

Core Values:
Dedicate ourselves to PROGRESS, PERSONAL GROWTH and

Brief History:
EMCOR is a 100% Filipino-owned retail business corporation specializing IN
APPLIANCES, furniture, computers & IT products, motorcycles, and money transfer through
its network of specialty chain stores in the Visayas, Mindanao, and Palawan areas. With the
launching of our online store, EMCOR will now be making its presence known in the online
industry and promote its companys goals and vision to the global community.
EMCOR was founded by Jesus V. del Rosario in 1958 and we are currently under the
JVR Foundation of the many companies of the JVR Group of Companies.

We carry a wide array of product lines like Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Sharp, Electrolux,
La Germania, Whirlpool, Sanyo, Canon, Brother, Epson, Toshiba, Acer, Lenovo, Kawasaki,
Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and many others. We have also partnered with Western Union for our
money transfer services. The core of our existence is our ability to provide high quality service to
our customers by providing the right products at the right time, in the right place and at the right

We believe that as responsible members of our society, we at EMCOR should pursue our
profit objectives in the spirit of service to the community. We believe in reconciling the profit
motive of our Company with service to the nation. Thus, we strive to maintain a balance between
the interests of our customers, employees, shareholders and the government by supporting
national and local agenda for economic development, social reform, educational/scientific
research, health care and environmental sanitation and preservation. To date, the JVR
Foundation has given more than Php200 Million in philanthropic work.



How often does the company conduct Human Resource planning and job analysis?
Human Resource Development monitors the key performance measures of all
employees in a monthly basis.
What are the types of recruitment for the following?

Managerial Positions

managerial positions,


company uses

internal search wherein

the assessment of an employer's current staff to ascertain if any current employees are






required job vacancies.


a business engages in internal recruitment, a current employee might be reassigned to the

new position by giving them either a promotion or an internal transfer.

2. Entry-level/ Rank& File

For the entry- level or rank & file applicants, the company uses external searches
wherein the assessment of the current available pool of job candidates, other than existing staff,
to ascertain if any are sufficiently skilled or qualified to fill and perform existing job vacancies.
When a business engages in external recruitment, a head hunter might be used to facilitate
the search, contact and recruitment
What are the reasons for recruiting?


The first reason for recruiting staffs is the growth of the business wherein the
business increases in size and is likely to need additional staff. The company needs to
employ new staff to cover more areas or territories for product sales, most likely to open
up new branches or offices. Second, is the changing of job roles due to the massive
development in technology. The company needs more people with information and
communication skills. Third, is the filling of vacancies caused by leavers, specifically,
people who acquire maternity leave, sick leave, or retirement leave. Last would be the
reason of internal promotion wherein someone gets a job that is better than their previous
one, that is within the business, which then makes a vacancy.


What is the selection process used by the company for:

Rank & File for entry level

The candidate must undergo a pre-qualification screening before he/she
may be considered to be fit for the job. There is an educational
requirement, age, aptitude, etc needed. After pre-qualification, the
candidate will be called for an initial interview, followed by an aptitude
test. Then if they pass the initial process, they will be called for a final
interview, and must submit Medical Examination results, and other needed
Should they achieve all qualifications, they will be hired and will be under
probation for 6 months before they will be evaluated for regularization.

2. Managerial / Executive
Managerial positions involve recruiting candidates within existing

EMCOR employees. In pre-qualification, candidates must have been in a

supervisory position no less than 3 years. Also, a certain number of
trainings must be completed. When the administration decides hes/she is
qualified, the candidate will be called for a comprehensive panel interview.
In the interview, the candidate presents their project study. Once the board
approves the study, the candidate will undergo a probationary period of 6
months wherein he/she must achieve the targets of the project study. After
6 months, he/she will be called for another panel interview where the
results of the project study will be evaluated. Once they pass, he will be a
full-fledged manager.




List of Employee Trainings:

Internal Customer Service
Basic Customer Service
Basic Supervisory Course
Basic Managerial Course
Partsmanship Training
Accounting for non-accountants
Training for trainers
Letter writing course
All sourced out trainings that each department needs

List of Employee development:

Team Building
Personality Development
Summer Outing

CSR Activities

What is the type of performance appraisal used?

Rating Scale through Key Performance Measures

2. How often the company does evaluate employee performance?

The company evaluates the employee performance on a monthly basis.
3. What are your rewards and incentives?

Salary increase

Cash incentives

Appreciation from the company through certificate

4. How does your company impose or give statutory benefits?

Aside from the mandatory 13th month pay, employees also receive Christmas bonus,
and Performance bonus. They also receive annual salary increase.
5. What are the voluntary benefits and how does the company impose it to the
Cash and trip incentives through target achievement and/or performance evaluation

6. What are the Retirement Benefits? And how does it being imposed to the employees?
Employees receive monetary benefit which is determined by the employees tenure.




Interview Notes

Selection Process:

Initial Screening- the process of determining the basic need potential of the

multinational's goods and services in foreign markets.

B. Completion of the Application Form- company specific employment form used to generate
specific information the company wants.
C. Pre-employment Tests- are tests that organizations give to job applicants to help them hire
employees who are productive, dependable, and low-turnover.
D. Comprehensive Interviews- a selection device used to obtain in depth information about a
E. Conditional Job Offer- a tentative job offer that becomes permanent after certain conditions

are met.
F. Background Investigation- the process of verifying information job candidates provide.
G. Medical or Physical Examination- an examination to determine an applicant's physical fitness
for essential job performance.
H. Permanent Job Offer
Statutory- is defined as something fixed, authorized, or established by statute, therefore the
benefit packages that Canadian employers offer, are designed to enhance the well-being of their
employee base, and will contain both statutory and discretionary benefits. Statutory benefits are
some of the benefits also referred to as employer paid benefits.
Job Analysis- is a process to identify and determine in detail the particular job duties and
requirements and the relative importance of these duties for a given job.

Sample Form


1. Where is Emcor located?
Emcor Head Office is located at JVR Building along J.P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City,
Philippines. It operates more than 160 stores spread across the Visayas and Mindanao
areas. K-Servico Trade, an Emcor affiliate company, operates more than 100 stores in the
Luzon areas. You may look at our directory to locate a store nearest your area in the
2. What are your store hours?
Emcor stores are open from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (GMT+08:00), Monday to Saturday.
3. Who can shop at
Foreign and local customers can order online for in-store pick-up or for delivery to your
specified address as long as it is part of our delivery area. Emcor stores handle deliveries in
the Visayas and Mindanao while K-Servico stores take charge of deliveries in Luzon areas.
4. Is the delivery free of charge?
No. Delivery charges will be added to the total billing statement. Initial cost is P500. Please
click here for delivery charges.
5. When will you deliver my order?
Purchased items are usually delivered within three (3) to seven (7) days.
6. What is the process of ordering on-line?
There are various stages that take place in making an order. First, the customer makes an
order and puts it in the cart. If you are a new customer, you will be required to register before

you can checkout your items for payment. Registered customers will directly go to the
checkout counter. Emcor will start the process of delivery immediately after payment is
7. How do I pay for my order?
You have 4 options to pay for your order. You can pay through:
a. YesPayments
b. Western Union
c. Globe Cash
d. Emcor Store Counter
8. Are your products covered by warranties/guarantees?
Yes. All products sold by Emcor and K-Servico stores carry the manufacturers
warranties/guarantees that are honored by any accredited service centers throughout the
Philippines. Specific warranty provisions and conditions are printed in the accompanying
warranty certificate for every product sold.
9. Where do I get my defective unit/item repaired?
Emcor and K-Servico are accredited Parts and Service Centers of the items we sell. You may
bring your defective unit/item (under warranty including non-warranty) at the nearest Emcor
or K-Servico Parts and Service Centers. You can also have your unit repaired at any
accredited service centers of the manufacturer in your place.
10. What is your return, exchange and cancellation policy?

Defective or malfunctioned unit/item must be reported to the nearest Emcor or K-

Servico store within one (1) business day from the date of delivery or pick-up.


Replacement of any purchased unit/item that has been confirmed defective can be

availed of within seven (7) days from the date of delivery or pick-up only when the following
conditions are met:

The unit/item must be in its original cartoon box with complete accessories and

packing materials

Sales invoice must be presented


There should be a recommendation from the manufacturer or its authorized service

center or Emcor/K-Servico technician that the unit/item is eligible for replacement


Once payment has been verified, the transaction cannot be cancelled anymore since

the payment made for your order is automatically captured by your bank.


Facilities and Services
On-site and on-budget
EMCOR Facilities Services (EFS) provides site-based facilities management,

operations, maintenance and consulting services for single buildings, campus settings and
national portfolios.

Our objective: to help ensure continuous systems operations, maximize operational

efficiency, while controlling capital expenditures.





Integrated Facilities Management

Supplier Management

Facilities Diagnostics

Renovations & Retrofits

Energy Audits

Vertical Transportation

Property Condition Assessment

Capital Planning

Security, Cleaning, Catering, Landscaping

Preventive & Predictive Management