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TKT Practical

What is TKT Practical?

-Assessment of English language teaching ability.
-Ability for teachers to demonstrate a range of teaching skills in a classroom context.
-Freestanding module
-Can be taken alongside other TKT modules
-There is no compulsory course component
-Can be taken at any stage in the teachers career

For candidates to:
-Apply their knowledge of planning and teaching within a practical classroom situation.
-Plan and deliver lessons with a focus on language or skills.
-Set up and manage learning activities designed to achieve specific aims.
-Manage the classroom in such a way it encourages learners participation.

Who is it for?
-Teachers who wish to develop their teaching practice.
-Teachers who are moving to English after teaching a different
subject. -Teachers teaching primary, secondary or adults

Minimum Professional Requirements.

-There are no specific entry requirements.
-CEFR B1 or equivalent but they are not asked to take a test.
-Ideally familiar with terms included in TKT glossary.

How are teachers assessed?

-Assessed of 40 minutes teaching.
-The session should include a combination of Language Systems and Language Skills.

Elements to be assessed.
-Lesson plan (5 lesson plan criteria): Aims, components, stages and sequence, language
analysis and strategies, resources and materials.
-Teaching (40 minutes- 5 lesson plan criteria): learning atmosphere, focus on
form/developing skills, classroom management, use of English. Monitoring and feedback.

-Candidates are assessed on their ability to plan and deliver a lesson and there are for
bands that the assessor can award.
4-Very good
The 5 lesson plan criteria:
-Aims (general and subsidiary)
-Components of a lesson plan
-Stages and sequence
-Language analysis/ appropriate strategies
-Resources and materials

The 5 teaching criteria:

Learning atmosphere
Focus on language (form, meaning and pronunciation)/Procedures to improve
ls skills Classroom management
Appropriate use of English
Monitoring & feedback

Elements to be included in lesson plan.

-Cover page with:
Name/Date/Venue/Level/Type of lesson
Main aim
Profile of the class
Lesson Rationale
Personal Aims
-Subsidiary aims
-Interaction pattern
-Possible problems and solutions
-Approximate time
-Materials (referenced when necessary)
-Add your appendices

Once you have received confirmation of your entry:

-You have to submit by mail your lesson plan, using the lesson plan template, including
all the handouts you are planning to use to the following e-mail:
-Your lesson plan with handouts must be sent to the Authorised Centre Creative Solutions
MX143, via email, 4 days before your observation.
-All your appendices must be properly acknowledge and included in the
lesson plan file. -Your lesson plan must be in WORD format, with file
extension .DOC
1. If I am using a reading for a handout. Do I have to copy all the text into the lesson
- No, you can scan the used text and insert it in a WORD document. It is important for you
to do this, since Cambridge does not accept any other document format. Remember to
acknowledge your material properly.
2. If I am using a listening do I have to send a copy of the CD or an mp3 file?
- No, if you have access to the tape script, you can scan it, the same as with texts you use
in reading. You can also write the transcription. . Remember to acknowledge your material
3. I sent my lesson plan to the centre. Do I have to have a copy the day I am
- Yes, you have to have two copies on the day we observe you. One copy is for you and
the other one is for the assessor.
4. Do I have to plan a skills lesson or a language lesson?
- Since we are going to observe you for 40 minutes, you have to plan a balanced lesson in
which you include both skills and language.
5. How many times am I going to be observed?
- TKT Practical carries only one observation. There is no a second chance or a mock
lesson in which we can observe you.


Do I have to use the very same lesson plan format the centre provided me

Yes, please use it as a template and make sure the centre receives it in WORD format (by
mail) 4 days prior to your observation date.

Is it compulsory to include the language analysis format?

Yes, it is.

Am I going to receive immediate feedback?

No, the assessor is allowed neither to inform you your grade nor to provide you with any
feedback. The centre will inform you your grade. It usually takes about 3 or 4 weeks. You
will receive official confirmation from your centre.