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WHENEVER YOU REMEMBER ‘Words and Music by Slowly J= 66 DIANE WARREN, F ia i mf (sith pedal) Verse: ad Se ? b. When you lock back on times we 2. When you think back. on all. we've F BO) # — SSS SS ee 5 i ie wer gay ive 4 and know. tha thro’. the good. and how ud, 1 hope you smi. done, hope you're proud, When you. ook back and see F Gna) ti SF when no=bod + y could hold us down. and no-bod = couldhold us down. . = thru? the had, T was on your side it time “to shine a 6 a Vv es = We claimed the bright - est star, and we, we came. so far. and a, they ‘They thought they'd see us. fall, but we, we stood. so tall. and a0, we Chorus: BA Bh F When ev = er you re-mem = ber times gone Bi) Gna) BA Bx) q ite Fr 4 ef am if fe by, se-mom-ber how we held our heads so high whenall this world was there for us Bm gS FE PA 3 Whenever you re-mem-ber, T'll be BKS) Grartay Gmc Re-menvber how wereached thal dream to - geth - er, Gm) FA Bio) ° 4 Bridge: Dm cB BS PA é bos & & & We claimed. thebright - est ster_ and we, We came. so fir, you know. that we, FIA Bbn ‘we showed . them. all. and,no,— they, won't forget, c 29) Wheney-er you reemem ber times gone by, re-mem-ber how we held our heads so An%@) GB cay cm BB f # i f igh when all this world was there for us ‘and we be-lieved. that we — could touch the sky. — o on co) 3 Whenever you re-mem ber, Til be there. Re-mem-ber how we exched that dream to - Amma) AnD Em? oid Ee] ce) S os)