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(ffr}~\;>"'~'~~ Dear Penpal :Hi. My name is

, {Jj);~y:.i John v,ero. 11m Italian ~rom Brooklyn. 11m.

i,~ ~1W1[B~i 17 ye~rs o~d. 11m looking for a pe~pal with

.Ii~ ... L~~ e.l~'~"'~;:~I.~/M~jl some intelligence. S.omebody who likes .to have '~ fun and somebody With a good personality.

I like to listen to music, disco; I love' fancy cars and I like to play all sports. "I love

partying. .

Right now I am in a program called Odyssey f-bbse; . I have been here fifteen months and

I am getting ready to move back home in a couple of months. What a relief from being in this


Patiently waiting, Jqhn


Dear John: Hello. My name is .Jos le , I live

in the Bronx and 11m 17 years old. [was born in the Bronx. My father is from P. R. and my mother is from D.R. 11m single. [donlt go

out at all and everything is boring. During some holidays I go to California. That.'s where

'1 really have fun. Right now, 11m trying to finish whatever JIm doing now, then maybe [Ill go back to L.A. I was supposed to g() to San Francisco, but I hear-d its too bor lnq, Maybe in the future 1111 move to Beverly

Hills. That+s if J finish what 11m doing. Dorr'f think 11m ugly and that's why I don1t even go out. [1m all right and I know that cause a lot of guys ask me out. And I always say no. I also like

fancy cars and I would like to know what.'s Odyssey House? I know how you feel being there-

in the DUMPS. Well, John I I would like to hear more

about yourself. Your Penpal ,

Josie ±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±

~\~~))~.~ Dear Josie: Whatls up? So you like it in Cali/~WJ.f.'tf;:f)' fornia! J like it there too. My father lives

&,: ;·D,&f§)._4: there. I usually go there every summer. I .~ usually go to North Hollywood. l ts nice there.


Odyssey House .is a therapeutic comm~nity for people who were drug users , This place is real boring. at least now I can go out when I want and do what I want because I am at the highest level of the program, 'getting ready to graduate.

For the first three levels you have to answer to other people and do what they te!1 you.

11m glad 11m getting ready to graduate. This program did a lot of good for me. I am drug free almost 16 months. I look really good.

I have my G.E.D. 11m starting college in February. I got my permit to drive and a lot of other good stuff.

Well, let me go. Be good and write back. I just have one question. You mentioned in your

letter - when you finish what you'r-e doinq , What are you doing?



Your friend, John


n ~ ~,(;~'l I 1M: Sh . I f

I _3ri~';~ He 0: y name IS. ern. am rom

~t l Br-ookjvn , New York. I am 21 years old. I

~~.~.~' have a 5 year old baby girl. She is very

-,c,lli.! ... beautiful and I love her a lot. I am also now

with child. I am very excited about this baby. I have for a long time wanted a next child.

I am also happy with a" my circumstances. I

am engaged to an older man and I love him a whole bunch. Right now I am living in a drug rehabilitation commuriity. I finally decided to

get my life together and I am very proud of myself for making that positive and what I feel to be a very much well thouqhtout decision.· I

have been living here for a good 7 to 8 weeks.

I like it here a lot. My family here is vel"y together and we all love each other and are ' concerned that each of us does the right things

as far as getting our lives together and separately and as individuals. I am not able to go to school here because I have my G. E. D. diploma already. But I am allowed in the computer class hopinq-:

to form a penpaJ relationship with an equally positive femal-e who is not seeking to find love, but who is already content in the romance department as I am. I could share my feelings with you and we would discuss being a young parent and the trials and tribulations of being young and faithfully in love.

Goodbye, take care, Sherri


Dear Sher-r}: Hi! How are. 'you? 11m going to start talking about myself. My' name is Aurea., but all my friends call me Aury. So you can call me

Aury. 11m 18 yeal"s old and I have a 1 year old son. He's the light of my eyes. He 's so gorgeous too. I see him with the eyes of the heart, right? [ja,

ja, ja.] But ;tls true. He's very nice and cute.

I love him so much. Well, you have a daughter.

So you know already how big is a mot.her+s love. Well, I already talked a lot of me. Now I want to know more about you and tell you that 11m so glad

about you.

PS. Wilite to me soon.

Love, Aury



Dear Penpal: I am 21 years old.

11m from Staten J sland. I have a drug problem

I hope to recover from soon. 11m making an

effort to do so by attending Odyssey House. I abused drugs. badly enough that I feel the need to change. I also would enjoy having a pen pal. I feel the need to change.

I also would enjoy having a penpal who likes music, singing, dancing and most of all - sports. My favor ite foods are pizza, Chinese food, and McDonalds. My favorite colors are all blues.

11m interested in a pen pal who likes the same things and who is intelligent and has a sense of humor. As for me, 11m 121 pounds, have light colored skin and am 515" tall. I also like going out to movies, plays and other exciting events.

As for you ... I hope to hear from you real soon. By the way, 11m an Ar-ies and my name is Elizabeth Linell Williams.


Dear Pen pea I: I am an 18 year old mother of 4 boys. I live on the West Side of Manhattan. I am married (bad luck!) ... just

k i dd i ng. Well, as you see; I a Iso like to joke .:. around even tho I am sometimes sad. I don't r, mean that I am sad. I am happy most of the

- time. Well, I have in the past messed around with drugs, but now I am a very happy woman

.and mother. I feel very good and happy for you, for yourmurage in changing yoUl~ way of living.

I also like music, singing, dancing, and I have learned to like sports. When I was in junior high school I was on a few teams like soccer, basketball,

vollyball and baseball. I love pizza and 1111 die

for Chinese food (because I am expecting another baby). As you can see I carr't. go to Me Donalds cause I can+t eat that kind of food. No offence.

I am just pregnant. I am 170 pounds and I am

a tan color. Like you, I like to go to the movies, plays and exciting events.

lid just to hear from you soon. I am a scorpio.

And my name is Rufina Sanchez Espada.


Dear Ladies: My name is Alex Maldonado.

I am 20 years old and I am the father of one. Most of my teenage life I abused drugs, but now I want to' do someth i ng about it. I go

to Day top and I feel very good. My weight

is 156 pounds and I have brown hair and brown eyes. I am 5'9" and I like -to play softball and basketball. I like to go out dancing and I also like to go out for dinner in a fancy restaurant.

Excuse me, but I have to go now. Please write back.

Yours truly, Alex Maldonado


Dear Rufina: As you should. know, my name

is Eli zabeth. [am glad to hear from you. It's alright to kid around because I seem to do that a lot also. To know you're a mother is f antastlc; I have no children, but I plan to have my own soon.

I see we have a lot in common as far as things we like to do. Too bad you can't eat at McDonaids. But if you can't because you Ire pregnant, then don't. I have a craving for Chinese food every once in a while too. 11m glad you liked'

to hear from me and accepted me as your penpal. I'm writing you back and lid just love to hear from you a~in too.

So until then, take care and have a healthy baby.

OK. Al



Dear Elizabeth: I was very happy to hear from you. I am very very happy. I love to hear from you.

So don't you ever stop writing to me. I sometimes feel lonely, not lonely as in being alone, because I have my kids and my boyfriend, but I

would like to have a friend to talk to even if

. ..r~ lts only by computer. I am going to tell you something. You are a human being. You wonder if I might not want to hear f'rorn you.

I know that some people ar-e so inhuman that


Truly yours, Rufi

they think they are better· than anybody. But they're not. Well, to tell you the truth, I was

kind of worried about whether or not you would accept me. See, I am a woman and so are you. Some girls want guys; some guys want girls. Well, I guess when you are looking for a friend

to talk to it doesn't matter who you are orw·here you came from. Well, I am so happy for you and for me.

I have found someone to speak to. Well, you

better come to see me when you get ou t or have

time to do so. And thank you for the good advice

for the healthy baby.

And last but not least - I would love to hear from you again. Please don't leave me hanging waiting for your answer. Ok. So hurry and send me another letter.


. .

Dear Alex: My name is Rufina Sanchez and I am

18 years old. I am a mother of 4 boys. I love

to hear· from you and about you. It is also sad

to hear that someone is on drugs, but it is very good and exciting to heal" that you want to get off ~"",".,.,,,~them for good~ And most of all, when you have

a kid of your own to teach the reality of life ..

But look to the good things in life, to the future .. A clean way. Don't look back. That sometimes makes people go back to the ugly way again. There are two passage roads: one is made out of ugly .roses and the other one is made of pretty ones. It is good that you want to do' something about it. Keep it up jn good thoughts. You'll make it. I am also very happy to hear that you feel very.good about it. Good ... good .... Keep it up. Well, my boyfriend thinks I shouldn't· be writing to a guy cause some guys may get the wrong idea about the girl. Well, no hard feelings. This is just friendship - someone to talk to. Hasta La Tuya Que Espero Que Sea Pronto!

Truly yours,

________________________________ B~l -_



--. -.~

Dear Rufi: I am happy to hear that you care about me, because I need somebody to wr it.e to.

A friend to relate my feelings to. So farewell. 1'1I be speaking to you.


\~ •... ~~ ::~a:~~;:;i~~~~:~::::~:~::::~:;::~::~::::::~~~~~~~~

{~,:~,-~qJ~% Not the twenty year old ~Iex. This Alex is ;;,~;~~~ only 17. I am a. Puerto .Rlcan Leo from the ~-""==----- Bronx. Uncle of four rueces and one nephew.

- I am 5'911 and 160 pounds. I am sorry to be the one that breaks the bad news to Y9U, but Elizabeth split the program. It's a shame to

see how people don't really care. about themselves. But I hope that by my breaking the bad news, you don 't do someth i ng fool ish.

So please make me feel secure by writing back and letting me know that you'r-e alright. Ok?

By the way when you write back to me start with Alexander. So I can know which Alex you're communicating with, alright?

Very truly yours, Alexander





REMEMBERING__________ 1

----Eleanor Burnpers-----


ELEANOR BUMPERS - October 29, 1984 - Rufina Sanchez

We all wish we could have done something for you. But as you can see we are small people to the law. What I mean is the

white people are still'superior in ·the eyes

of the law. I can"t do more than scream to the world that we have feelings too. We can just hope that God takes care of the murderer that took justice into his own hands.

It is happening over and over to us black people. I just hope it stops. God help

us all to end this ordeal of injustice against us. But we still have you in our hearts - Rest in Peace my dear lady.

Sincerely yours, Rufina Sanchez

11 .



Eleanor Bumpers was an old lady Who was shot to Death

She didn't mean any harm to anyone

Why would someone

Do such a thing

To someone

So weak

As she waS She was only

Trying to pr-ot ect herself

By taking a weapon

I would like to say

May she rest in peace from this day

until eternity.




Eleanor Bumpers was a 55"year old grandmother who was murdered on 10/29/84. They say she was mentally ill and that's why they shot her which I think is unfair, because if they think you are the same way they may kill you also.

I think what the cops did was illegal and immoral. Also I think that the police officers tried to cover

it up. The cop that shot her should get the DEATH PENALTY!!! !

ELEANOR BUMPERS - Lynette Hardnett"

Eleanor Bumpers you will always be remembered even '," x; though you are not here. 'You will always be remembered for the suffering you bore.


Eleanor Bumpers we· are with you,

We r-emember how those-cops treated and killed you, You are now dead,

But we want to do something for. you now,

We want to help you I .

lt 's a little late,

But we will remember and work for you By working for other people

Who are being treated the way you wer-e treated. We are with you ....



MOOD SPEA KS-----------


I come to school and do my work

It makes me happy when I am doing something good for me and my son It 'makes me happy when I am in a good mood

ICmakes me happy to know I have people that love me

and to care for me and to gi'Ve ·me a lot of attention

, love to be happy

it is a good feeling.

IT MAKES ME ANGRY WHEN ... Judy Quinones My husband always

wants to be right.

[ can never say

no, you're wrong.

Even though he's the best He tries to be better

than the rest.

It makes me angry when we argue and he tries to overpower me.

I can never get a word in

until he gets tired, and says, "Forgive rne ;"


IT MAKES 'ME FEEL HAPPY WHEN ... Daphne My son smiles

It makes me feel happy when My son plays nicely

with other children

I makes me feel happy when My man plays with my son

It makes me feel happy when I look at my son and see

How big he is getting

Itt- makes me feel happy when My son Kendrick says Ma-Ma It makes me feel happy when

I see how much I love .him! ! !

IT MAKES ME ~.APPY WHEN ... Elisa Ayala


Tiffani laughs

plays with her toys

It makes me happy when She sits up all by herself when she tries to talk

It makes me happy when

She wakes up in the mor-njnq cries for her bottle

when she carr'f wait to be changed.

IT MAKES ME ANGRY WHEN ... Elisa Ayala Tiffani makes a mess -in her diaper

It makes me angry when

I lay her on my chest

and she throws up on my breast ..

IT MAKES ME HAPPY WHEN ... Beatrice Davis The birds are singing

The children are laughing And the people are talking That makes me and everyone Happy.

It makes me happy when My kids are healthy

And not sick

To see a smile on their Faces

Makes me want to do Everything to make their Lives happy.


It makes me angry when I have to sit in a class

with people who steal from each other and then laugh in your face

lt 's not fair

that people have to steal from each other.


It makes me happy - when _

I go home and see Theresa It makes me happy when Classes are over at school

I t makes me happy when There isn't anybody at -horne It makes me happy when

I see my boyfriend on the weekend

It makes me happy when _'\ 'i'

lt+s time to go to bed

I t makes me happy when

My father calls and says hello It makes me happy when

11m having a good time at a party It makes me happy when

11m happy with myself



When someone disguised as a friend is really a foe

When you trust someone with your love and they abuse it

That's what makes me angry When you'r-e in a rut

and you turn to your friend and she/he doesn't care

You look around for support and find no one there

That's what makes me angry!



WHAT MAKES ME ANGRY? Felicia Crawford

It makes me angry when I want to do something and something else is in my way

It makes me angry when I have to sit In here when I could go and work

It makes me angry when I don't have enough money and I have to wait fo~r~Mrmrr~~ a welfare check

I'm no longer going to be angry 11m going to have what I want

It also makes me happy because I" have my two children to ease my anger.




\Nords vvords vvords _

PUZZLE - Judy Quinones ACROSS

1 agreement

2 resulting in death

3 assurance that II

will be done

4 causing pleasure

5 things in a room

6 statement of a


7 altitude


8 9

an ornament resistance to "author-ity

set in an upright


to make clear

an associate handed down from one's ancestors

a special purpose


11 12 13


I i


1-·'· .1

I -

! - .• ---,

~- -- .. i




That can be compared


_ LJ __


Strong and healthy.

11- _[ _] II

The dead body of an animal.

"- - _[ _]_ - - _II

To declare/defend






Resistance to illness'


"- - - - - - _[ _]II


II [ ] II



"- - - - - - _[ _] __ II

"The thing about a home that gets the rnosf interest·. II

[_] [_] [ ]

_] r ] _[ r..



VOGA·BULARY JUMBLE·· #2 Arlene San tiaqo

The dead body of an animal.

11 __ - _]


To be healthy and strong


To maintain/affirm


[ ]


Worthy of compassion


[ ]



[ ]




[ J


To clothe yourself


[ ]






Framework/ shell



Foe/ opponent


Often follows opulence '.

r ] r.. J [ ] [_] [_] f_J [_] [ ]

] [ ]'



SPEA KING OUT-----------_.

MY SAY - Arlene Santiago.

The government could be doing much more than lt's doing now. for teen parents. They could make the rents lower for us to be able to pay' them, fix up the burned out buildings that

are just standing there, get us jobs, treat

us like adults - because we have kids.

I think the Welfare system lsri't fair to teenagers who have kids. Because 11m 16 years old when I needed to apply for public assistance they told me I had to wait until I am 17. To me

thats not fair.

They should have more proqr-ams for parents to go to. For example - to talk about problems and to just be around somebody to talk to. The government should help us more - we should have a place where we can go for help.


I feel we teens are condemned for having children, There is no evidence that the governor is going to really help teen parents. We should iII ustrate more the needs of teen parents. How

can we give our children happiness if we are

not happy because we dont have the things out of life that we need to survive? We dedicate

our lives to our children. We would show a lot of gratitude to these people if they would help us. Without help it will be fatal to us because we all need help to survive.



Yesterday I felt that teen parents were

treated unfairly. I believe the panel of city officials and city organizations were not responsive and were uncooperative and rude. We all know how not to get pregnant and there are many centers to teach us, but what about the teen parents who need help? What is the state going to do about that?

We didn't emphasize what we needed enough! We didn't accomplish much, but I learned to respect others" opinions. The YWCA Teen Parent Program deserves a pat on the back and -a standing ovation. We supported strongly what we believed in. Yes, we do need help from the

state, but we are independent young adults.

The SPEAKOUT could have been rewarding

if the council had responded to our statements and if they'd given us some solutions to our problems.


THE DAY - Rufina Sanchez

On the morning of October 27, 1987, we, the YWCA Teen Parents Program, took a trip to Manhattan Community College for a SPEA K OUT in front of senators and other city officials. We started late but we got- there. Then they divided all the teens who attended into four groups. I n the YIS group there were more teens without children than there

were with children- so there was a little .

disagreement of opinion between all of us. They would say, IIWe can prevent pregnancy with bh-thcont.rol ;" And we would say, "You can+t , II So it caused a big argument between the YIS students and the other teens. What

we teen parents really need was not taken into consideration. Almost all of the teens who spoke didnlt have any kids and it wasn't fair. I think they should have had more teen parents at the program than they did.



On Tuesday,. October 27, 1987, my class and I went to a Speak Out that was held in Manhattan Community College. My personal opinion is that some of the situations that were dealt with were okay and were discussed the way they should have been, but some of the situations were

not dealt with properly.

I i

The situations that were discussed properly

by the students were housing, welfare, and raising the minimum wage. There were some students talking about how there shouldn't be any help for teen parents and they criticized us. They said that there shouldn't be any housing for teen parents or any other type

of help that we ask for. I think that isn't right. If we didn't get help our children would be suffering. Not giving help isn't going to stop teens from having babies; it's just going to make life a lot worse.

The Speak Out was a good place for teen parents to go to so we could hear what people

think of us. Some people think there's nothing wrong with being a teen parent. Other people have a lot of opinions that criticize us as parents. I personally don't think there's anything wrong with being a teen parent. Once you know that

you can take care of your child the way the

child should be takeh care of, it doesn't matter whether you're a teen parent or not. I know

for a fact t.hat some teen parents take care of their chHdren better than older people do. Your age doesn't mean that you can't be a good parent.

I had my first son when I was 15 years old and m1 second one when I was 18 years old, and I know that I'm a good parent. So I wish some people today would stop criticizing teen parents, because it's not your age that matters. It's wh do for your chi Id that really matters.



If I were to hire a new school chancellor he/

she would have to be a strong and supportive person. The chancellor would have to' make sure the teachers are doing their jobs. 'He/She would have to providetall schools with the books the students need to study and work from.

The chancellor would have to make sure the school systems are working as they should in order

for the students to get a good education. The chancellor would have to fight, for the schools' needs and not give up until the funds are provided for these needs.

The school chancellor would have to make sure that good physical education and counseling

is given to every student. The chancellor would have to do everything in his/her power to make sure these problems are handled as they should be.



Arlene Santiago

The type of person I would like for chancellor is a person who cares about what is happening in the schools. He also should get involved

in all the problems that are taking place in the schools.

When I hire the chancellor I want him to make sure that there are better qualified teachers. who know what subject they are required to teach. He must make sure that the teachers treat the students with the proper respect.

He would have to make sure there is no graffitti on the walls. Also he would have to remind the teachers that they are there to help the students with any problems they are having.

He should tell the janitors to keep the bathrooms clean and be sure there is enough toilet paper

in the bathrooms.



The type of person I would want is' a caring person and kind to the kids in school.

would want him or her to put a lot of effort into what they do. I would expect him or' her to stick to his or her word.

The person lid pick for chancellor would get more supplies for the gym, try to get the kids better lunches, make the schools better places

to teach in and get all the graffiti off the walls and floors. He would have to talk to the other teachers about treating the kids like humans and not like animals. He or she shoul<:J make sure that the bathrooms are clean and have toilet

paper in the stocks.. .. .

___ .l __ ._ . _.:. ~4.·· _