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Year 2 Utilities (Mechanical and Electrical) Full Time

Course Code and Title:

CTLP 2012 Process Control Systems

Date: Tuesday 12th March, 2013.

Time: 9 am 11 am

Read all instructions carefully before you begin this examination.

Instructions to Candidates
1. This paper has 3 pages and 6 questions.
2. You are required to answer ALL questions.
3. Full marks will not be awarded if full working is not shown.
4. Silent, cordless, non-programmable scientific calculators are allowed
5. You must return the question paper along with your answer booklet to and other
writing paper to the Invigilator at the end of the examination.
Key Examination Protocol
Students are strongly urged to take notice of the Policy on Academic Honesty
Sharing of information (communication whether in verbal or non-verbal means) between
candidates during the examination is strictly prohibited.
Looking into another candidates script is strictly prohibited.
Material that is foreign to that allowable or provided in the examination room is prohibited.
5. Speaking without the permission of the Invigilator is NOT allowed.

1. Write a mathematical model for the system shown in Fig Q1.

[15 marks]

H = steady state head

h1 = small deviation of head for tank 1 from its steady
state value
h2= small deviation of head for tank 2 from its steady
state value
Q = steady state flow rate
q = small deviation of inflow rate to tank 1 from its
steady state value
q1 = small deviation of outflow rate( from tank1) from
its steady state value
q2= small deviation of outflow rate (from tank 2) from
its steady state value

Fig Q1
2. A closed-loop negative feedback system for the control of the height of liquid in a tank by
pumping liquid from a reservoir tank can be considered to be a system with a differential
amplifier having a transfer function of 5, its output operating a pump with a transfer
function 5/(s + 1). The coupled system of tanks has a transfer function, relating height in
the tank to the output from the pump, of 3/[(s + 1)(s + 2)]. The feedback sensor of the
height level in the tank has a transfer function of 0.1. Determine the overall transfer
function of the system, relating the input voltage signal to the system to the height of
liquid in the tank.
[15 marks]
3. Determine the overall transfer function for the following system shown in Fig Q3.
[15 marks]

Fig Q3

4. A control system has a forward path transfer function of 2/(s + 2) and a negative feedback
loop with transfer function 4. What will be the response of the system to a unit step
[20 marks]
5. A system has an output y related to the input x by the differential equation:

What will be the output from the system when it is subject to a unit step input? Initially
both the output and input are zero.
[10 marks]
6. For the system shown in Fig Q6, determine the values of K i and Kp to obtain the
following system specifications:
(1) no steady state error with a step input
(2) a damping ratio of 0.7
(3) a settling time of 2 s

R (s)


Kp + Ki/s

1/(s + 4)


Fig Q6

[25 marks]