224 S. Jefferson Street Perry, Florida March 26, 2002 MEMBERS PRESENT: Shirley Scott, Bill Alexander, Richard Frith, Pam Feagle, Doug Everett STAFF PRESENT: Annette Anderson Bill Brynes, Barney Johnson, Wayne Putnal, Billy LaValle, Bill Blue and

Mayor Frith called the meeting to order. Councilmember Scott led those attending the meeting in prayer. Mayor Frith led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. The secretary then called the roll. PRESENT ABSENT Councilmember Feagle X Councilmember Alexander X Councilmember Scott X Councilmember Everett X Mayor Frith X AGENDA ITEM (3)…APPROVAL OF PREVIOUS MINUTES. After a brief review of the minutes, Councilmember Scott asked for clarification of minutes on page five. The secretary noted a portion of the minutes had inadvertently been left out. City Manager Bill Brynes reviewed that portion that should be included. Councilmember Everett made a motion to adopt the minutes of March 12, 2002, Regular Session with the omission to be included. The motion was seconded by Councilmember Alexander and upon roll call vote was as follows: Councilmember Feagle Councilmember Alexander Councilmember Scott Councilmember Everett Mayor Frith YEA X X X X X NAY

AGENDA ITEM (4)…RECEIVING REQUESTS FROM THE GENERAL PUBLIC. Dr. Jerry Boland, Taylor County Health Department, informed the Council of an opportunity for the health department to obtain a grant from the state for a Cardiovascular Community Intervention Program. Mr. Boland said, as part of obtaining the grant, the Health Department needs in-kind services and partnerships. Mr. Boland said the Department already has this with the county and the hospital and would like to form a partnership with the City, as well. Mr. Boland said he would like to seek inkind services through the City’s recreational facilities, such as use of the city pool and community center. Mr. Boland said this would be for up to three times a week for forty-six weeks a year for the four-year period of the grant and could be done working around the functions of the City. Mayor Frith commented he thinks this would be a good thing for the community. Councilmember Feagle asked how the public would be informed. Mr. Boland said this would be done through local radio, television and newspapers, as well as word of mouth. Councilmember Everett asked about working around the pool schedule during the summer months. Mr. Brynes said scheduling could be worked out. Councilmember Everett asked whether the City would provide lifeguards. Mr. Boland said the health department would work with the City to make this happen and with whatever is

Page 2, March 26, 2002, Council Minutes-Regular Session

convenient for the City. Councilmember Scott asked if both the Jerkins pool and the City Pool would be used. Mr. Boland said all that could be used throughout the City would be used. Councilmember Alexander asked what kind of dollar amount this involved. Mr. Boland said the Department needs a 25 percent match ($25,000). Councilmember Feagle made a motion to support the Taylor County Health Department with in-kind services through the City’s recreational facilities, as discussed above. Councilmember Alexander seconded the motion and upon roll call vote was as follows: Councilmember Feagle Councilmember Alexander Councilmember Scott Councilmember Everett Mayor Frith YEA X X X X X NAY

Another individual to address the Council was Ms. Tiffany Padgett, Big Bend Hospice. Ms. Padgett gave a brief background of Big Bend Hospice, saying it is a non-profit organization that helps meet the needs of individuals and their families at life’s end. Ms. Padgett introduced Ms. Jan Lee, also of Hospice. Ms. Lee told the Council the organization has local office space but is in need of larger space. Ms. Lee asked the Council if the City might have some office space available, or if they might know of some available office space. As an example, Ms. Lee said Jefferson County and Madison County lease office space to Big Bend Hospice for $1.00 per year. Mayor Frith said there might be some space available in a few months at the Gladys Morse Elementary School (Taylor County Elementary West). Mayor Frith said Ms. Lee might also check into the previous Main Street Perry, Inc. office (formerly Attorney Mike Smith’s offices on Green Street). Ms. Lee said there is no urgency—she just wanted to ask the Council about this. Ms. Tasha Colon, 110 W. Ash Street, addressed the Council regarding some overgrown vacant property behind her residence on Ash Street. Ms. Colon expressed concern regarding health and safety saying mosquitoes are so bad her children cannot go outside and play. Ms. Colon said she had been to City Hall some time ago and was told of the procedure the City follows to notify property owners for cleanup of their property when a complaint is received. Ms. Colon said the property has not been cleaned up yet. Director of Community Development Billy LaValle reviewed the matter with the Council saying Ms. Colon probably had talked to Mr. Gunter or Mr. Stamos (previous directors of the Community Development Department). Mr. LaValle told the Council there had been some flaw in the ordinance, which has since been cleared up. Mr. LaValle said he would check on this matter the next morning. Ms. Susan Nelson addressed the Council to ask the Council’s consideration of adoption of a Proclamation for “Relay for Life” and to invite Councilmembers to the “Relay for Life” race in April. Mayor Frith commented on the good done for the community by this event. It was the consensus of the Council to adopt the proclamation for “Relay for Life.”

Page 3, March 26, 2002, Council Minutes-Regular Session

Mr. Jim Allen, GT Com, introduced Mr. Mark Addison, Engineering Consulting Services (for GT Com). Mr. Addison asked the Council’s permission to install monitoring wells on city right-of-way (at City Hall) for the purpose of meeting Department of Environmental Protection requirements for determining whether contamination exists in the area. Mr. Addison said monitoring wells would also be installed across Ellis Street in the area of the Old Depot and at GT Com. Mayor Frith asked if the wells could be installed away from the concrete. Mr. Addison said the wells could be placed in the grass area. Mayor Frith asked what it would trigger (GT Com) to do if contamination is found. Mr. Addison said they would be required to determine the lateral extension of the contamination. Speaking of his business experience, Councilmember Everett said he does not think it is a big deal and if there were contamination, the state would clean it up and pay for the clean up. Councilmember Everett said he did not think the City would have much of an exposure concern. Mr. Addison said, if the Council approves, the wells would need to be installed the next day. Councilmember Everett made a motion to allow monitoring wells to be installed on City right-of-way at the City Hall location. The motion was seconded by Councilmember Alexander and upon roll call vote was as follows: Councilmember Feagle Councilmember Alexander Councilmember Scott Councilmember Everett Mayor Frith YEA X X X X X NAY

AGENDA ITEM 5(A)…CITY COUNCIL TO DISCUSS INFORMATION CONCERNING CLEAN UP EFFORTS ALONG U. S. 19. Mr. Buddy Humphries, as Director of Tourism and Economic Development, addressed the Council about clean up along Highway 19 coming into Perry. Mr. Humphries said the Taylor County Development Authority, the Taylor County Tourist Development Council, the Chamber of Commerce, motel and restaurant owners and citizens have shown support for the clean up of Highway 19 and are requesting the City’s help. Mr. Humphries said many people have complained about how the community looks when passing through on Highway 19. Mr. Humphries spoke about the importance of showcasing the community through promoting economic development within the community. Mr. Humphries said how the community looks makes an impression on the people passing through on Highway 19 as to whether they would stop and stay overnight or eat at the food establishments. Mr. Humphries said the citizens want the City to use whatever ordinances, statutes or codes necessary to enforce, repair or remove dilapidated, unsafe and unoccupied structures on Highway 19 coming into Perry. Mr. Humphries said clean up of this area would improve property values, help eliminate crime providing a safer place to live and add to the pride of the community. Mr. Humphries also said the street lighting on Highway 19 from Jefferson Street north should mirror the street lighting on Highway 19 from Jefferson Street going south. Mr. Humphries said the project would not be inexpensive but it needs to be done. Mr. Humphries said these organizations and individuals would stand behind and

Page 4, March 26, 2002, Council Minutes-Regular Session

support the City in its efforts in anyway possible. Mr. Humphries said the Chairman of the Taylor County Tourist Development Council has signed a resolution supporting the request by the Taylor County Development Authority that the City of Perry begin efforts to clean up Highway 19. Councilmember Scott asked if there was some idea of the number of buildings to be torn down. Mr. Humphries said, at this time, this is not known. Mayor Frith commented the City has had a list of structures that could be demolished, but the realization of doing so is the cost for the City. Mayor Frith said the City does have ordinances in place and it would behoove the City to use those ordinances. Mayor Frith said another concern for the City has been how to dispose of the material left behind from demolition (cost of disposal at the Greenville landfill). Mayor Frith said he had been informed that the City is not obligated to take the material to the Greenville landfill—that it could probably be taken to Live Oak for disposal. Mayor Frith said he feels it is time the City “bite the bullet” and do what has to be done and start the process and how best to accomplish this. Councilmember Feagle said she agrees 100% and thinks the City needs to do whatever needs to be done to clean up the City even if it means going into the City’s cash reserves. Councilmember Scott commented on the process of notifying property owners, saying this could be a long process. Director of Community Development Billy LaValle agreed and briefly reviewed that process. Mr. LaValle said the process could actually take up to as much as six months if the property owners apply for additional time through the City’s Planning and Zoning Board. Mayor Frith said the clean up would not only help the City but would also help the property owner. Mr. Humphries said he would like to see the City adopt a resolution in support of this cleanup. Councilmember Scott began to make a motion as City Manager Bill Brynes requested that staff be given time to put together some suggestions and recommendations for Council’s review. After further discussion, it was the consensus of the Council to support the clean up of Highway 19 to include the street lighting as discussed by Mr. Humphries and staff bring back information. AGENDA ITEM 5(B)…CITY COUNCIL AND STAFF TO REVIEW FINANCIAL INFORMATION FOR PERIOD OCTOBER 1, 2001 THROUGH FEBRUARY 28, 2002. City Manager Bill Brynes reviewed and provided printed information reflecting general fund/cash receipts and expenses (actual budget) for fiscal years 2000, 2001 and 2002 for a five-month period (October 1, 2001 through February 28, 2002). Mr. Brynes explained variances in the different funds from year to year. Mr. Brynes also reviewed information regarding cash balances for restricted and unrestricted cash for the period October 1, 2001 through February 28, 2002. After some discussion, Councilmember Everett expressed the need to be able to project out in some way where the City is going to be at certain times because this would affect his decision for spending. Councilmember Feagle agreed. Councilmember Everett requested that the City Manager try to come up with something about the trend and projection by the next Council meeting. Councilmembers thanked the City Manager for the financial information he had provided and reviewed.

Page 5, March 26, 2002, Council Minutes-Regular Session

AGENDA ITEM 5(C)…CITY COUNCIL TO APPOINT-REAPPOINT CITY OF PERRY CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY LICENSING BOARD MEMBERS WHOSE TERMS EXPIRE APRIL 11, 2002. It was noted that member Robert Lynn requested not to be reappointed. Councilmember Everett said he has someone in mind but had not approached him or her yet, but would speak with them about serving on the Board before the next Council meeting. Councilmember Everett made a motion to reappoint Sam Folsom and Mike Deming to another term on the City’s Construction Industry Licensing Board. The motion was seconded by Councilmember Scott and upon roll call vote was as follows: Councilmember Feagle Councilmember Alexander Councilmember Scott Councilmember Everett Mayor Frith AGENDA ITEM (6)…CITY MANAGER. There was no discussion at this time. AGENDA ITEM (7)…DEPARTMENT HEADS. There was no discussion at this time. AGENDA ITEM (8)…CITY COUNCIL REQUESTS. Councilmember Feagle spoke about priority lists for street resurfacing and paving. Councilmember Feagle commended the Police Department for its efforts in trying to control the speed in the neighborhoods. Councilmember Feagle commented on recently installed stop signs and street striping in the Clark subdivision. Councilmember Feagle asked when the mosquito spraying would begin. Director of Public Works Barney Johnson said the County does the spraying and usually only does so when there are complaints. Councilmember Feagle asked that the city’s right-of-ways be kept mowed and cleaned up. Councilmember Feagle asked if the railroad had further reduced the fees to the City associated with the City’s Main Street storm water project. Mr. Brynes said they had reduced them all they were going to when he last spoke with them. Mr. Brynes commented that anything further could delay the muchneeded project. Councilmember Everett agreed the project needs to push forward and then the City could go back and look at the charges. Councilmember Alexander said residents on Folsom near the old Foley school building want something done about cleaning up the area. YEA X X X X X NAY

Page 6, March 26, 2002, Council Minutes-Regular Session

Councilmember Scott told the Council that Board of County Commissioner Chairman, Frank Russell, asked that she bring a matter before the Council. Councilmember Scott said the Board wants the City’s assistance in updating (improving) the Southside Park, but she does not know exactly what they want done. City Manager Bill Brynes commented that Chairman Russell said he would like the City to participate in redoing the park since, primarily, city residents would use the park. Mayor Frith commented the park would be used 100% by county residents, noting that city residents are also county residents. AGENDA ITEM (9)…ADJOURNMENT. There being no further business to come before the City Council at this time, the meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:45 p. m.


_______________________________ William E. Brynes, City Manager

_________________________________ Richard D. Frith, Mayor

Recorded in Official Minute Book: ___________________________ Annette Anderson, Secretary _________________________________ Date

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