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SI Classes
WBCS (Exe) Preliminary Examination 2016
Final Mock Test
Full Marks: 200

Test Code: 16.5

all Questions. Each carries 1 marks.
1/3 rd mark will be deducted for every wrong
Direction for Q.Nos.1-3:- Choose the correct meaning
of the underlined portion:
1. Enough of your stuff and nonsense. (A)Debris talk
(B)Rubbish talk (C)Cool talk (D)Wayward talk
2. There is no cut and dried formula for success (A)Cut
and dried up properly (B)pieced up (C)well
maintained (D)Ready made
3. The days we spent in our school life are the halcyon
days of our life (A)bright days (B)playful days
(C)enthusiastic days (D)peaceful days
Direction for Q.Nos.4-5:- Choose the right word from
the alternatives to complete the sentences to give
them an idiomatic turn.
4. To be very busy is to be as busy as a - (A)squirrel
(B)bee (C)duck (D)mouse
5. Someone having a weak memory is said to have a mind
like a - (A)sieve (B)scap (C)screw (D)stream
Direction for Q.Nos.6-7:- Replace the underlined
words with the most appropriate phrasal verbs:
6. After a promising start his career soon came to an end
in a disappointing way (A)roughed out (B)fizzled out
(C)flaked out (D)rounded off
7. He aimed a blow at me but I avoided it somehow.
(A)strike at (B)strike down (C)strike off (D)strike out
Direction for Q.Nos.8-10:- Fill in the blanks with
appropriate preposition:
8. Her friends and relatives were present at the station to
see her ___(A)through (B)apart (C)off (D)of
9. They put ___ their own candidate for the upcoming
election (A)up with (B)up (C)with (D)off
10. The sight of the river delighted him so much that he
planned to jump __ it (A)in (B)into (C)onto (D)on
11. Something decorated with bright lights for rejoicing
may stand for (A)Illuminated (B)delighted (C)lit up
(D)lighted up
12. The cow is one of those animals that suckle their
young and hence called (A)Suckauhock (B)Mammal
(C)Suckerfish (D)Mammalian
13. The dwelling place for an animal underground is called
(A)arsenal (B)hive (C)asylum (D)burrow
14. Pick out the correct sentence (A)two thirds of the city
is in ruins (B) two thirds of the city are in ruins (C)


Time : 2hr 30 mints

two thirds of the city have been ruined (D) two thirds
of the city were ruined
15. Fill in the blank with the correct option: He __ do it
unless you were to order him to do it. (A)will not
(B)would not have (C)would not (D)shall not
16. Fill in the blank: A barber shaves, a gardener
____(A)binds (B)reaps (C)gleans (D)prunes
Direction for Q Nos. 17-18:- Choose the words nearest
in meaning to the underlined ones:
17. I cherish the dream of moving into an utopia someday
(A)renounce (B)cease (C)forsake (D)foster
18. That was the most bizarre story I have ever heard
of(A)luscious(B)preposterous(C)congruous (D)solemn
19. The word Frantic stands for(A)subdue (B)gentle
(C)lucid (D)wild
20. The term nefarious may refer to (A)heinous
(B)worthy (C)inoffensive (D)languid
Direction for Q Nos. 21-22:- find out the exact
opposite of each word given below:
21. Extravagance (A)Rashness (B)Meanness (C)Prudence
22. Humility(A)Rudeness(B)Vanity (C)Pride (D)Arrogance
Direction for Q Nos 23-24:- Choose the correct option:
23. When an author gives a name which is not his real
name . The book is said to be written under a
(A)Fiction (B)Pseudonym (C)falsehood (D)Mistake
24. To make use of marks like commas and full stops is to a
(A)deviate (B)vary (C)regulate (D)punctuate
25. Find out which part of the sentence given has an error.
(A)He has been (B)trying to (C)search the lost book
(D)since Monday
26. The central banking functions in India are performed
by the : I. Central Bank of India ; II. Reserve Bank of
India ; III. State Bank of India; IV. Punjab National Bank
(A) I, II (B) II (C) I (D) II, III
27. The south-west monsoon contributes ____ of the total
rain in India. (A) 86% (B) 50% (C) 22% (D) 100%
28. Chotnagpur plate is made of(A)Old igneous and
metamorphic rocks(

(B)Sedimentary()Rocks(C)Alluvium(D)Lava flows

29. The Indus valley civilization is belong to (A)Neolithic

(B)Paleolithic (C)Mesolithic (D)Chalcolithic periods.

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SI Classes
30. The tissue that concerned with transport of water and
mineral nutrients in plants is (A)Xylem (B)Phloem (C)
Parenchyma (D)Hypodermis
31. The Paithan (Jayakwadi) Hydro-electric project,
completed with the help of Japan, is on the river (A)
Ganga (B) Cauvery (C) Narmada (D) Godavari
32. The most ideal region for the cultivation of cotton in
India is(A)the Brahmaputra valley(B) the Indo-Gangetic
valley (C) the Deccan plateau (D) the Rann of Kutch
33. Coastal Regulation Zones in India have been identified
on the basis of (A)Tidal height (B)Sea level rise
(C)Depth of water (D)Undersea Bathymetry
34. Which of the following God was not worshipped by
Rigvedic people (A)Indra (B)Marut (C)Shiva (D)Aditi
35. The animal that is not found in marine water
(A)Mammals (B)Amphibia (C)Reptiles (D)Aves
36. Which of the following is correct? (A) All the members
of the Rajya Sabha are elected by State Legislative
Assemblies. (B) Only a member of the Rajya Sabha can
contest for the office of the Vice-President. (C) While
a candidate to the Lok Sabha can contest from any
state in India, a candidate to the Rajya Sabha should
ordinarily be a resident of the State from where he is
contesting. (D) The Constitution explicitly prohibits
the appointment of a nominated member of the Rajya
Sabha to the post of a Minister.
37. The two states of India, most richly endowed ( )
with iron ore, are (A) Bihar and Orissa (B) Madhya
Pradesh and Orissa (C) Bihar and West Bengal (D)
Madhya Pradesh and West Benga
38. The district Head Quarter of Birbhum district is (A)
Rampurhat (B)Alipurduar (C)Suri (D)Shantiniketan
39. The oldest school of Indian Philosophy(
) is (A)Yoga (B)Sankhya (C)Vaisesika
(D)Karma Mimansa
40. The hormone that is found in water of Coconut is
(A)Auxin (B)IAA (C)Gibberaline (D)Cytokinin
41. Development expenditure of the Central government
does not include(A)defence expenditure (B)
expenditure on economic service(C)expenditure on
social&community services(D) grant()to states

42. The significant shifts in Indian agriculture during green

revolution include(A) non-food grains reported some
spectacular()progress and shift in the
cropping pattern (B) major food grains, in the eastern
regions productions decreased and in the northern
states increased (C) both (a) and (b) (D) None of the
43. Which of the following statement is not correctly
matched?(A)Sundarban has been cited as World

Heritage site(B)East Calcutta wetland has been

declared as Ramsar site(C) The Headquarter of the
Survey of India is located at Mussorie(D)None of these
44. Who transferred his Royal residence from Rajgriha to
Patliputra? (A)Udayan (B)Kakabarna (C)Chandra
Gupta Mourya (D)Bimbisar
45. The number of essential () amino acids are
(A)6 (B)8 (C)12 (D)14
46. The percentage of irrigated land in India is about (A) 45
(B) 65 (C) 35 (D) 25
47. Which of the following is the most important raw
material for generation of power in India? (A) Coal (B)
Mineral Oil (C) Natural Gas (D) Uranium
48. Who was known as Amitraghat (A)Bimbisar
(B)Bindusar (C)Ashok (D)Kalashok
49. Who was the chairman of 4th Buddhist Council?
(A)Nagarjun (B)Vasumitra (C)Asvaghosh (D)Kaniska
50. Which one of the following is wrong(A)a virion is
infected particle of virus(B)the host () of Lesmonia
donovani is Sand fly (C)Cerebral malaria is caused by
Plasmodium Malariae (D)Yellow fever is a viral disease
51. If all the banks in an economy are nationalized and
converted into a monopoly() bank, the total
deposits (A) will decrease (B) will increase (C) will
neither increase nor decrease (D) None of the above
52. When it is noon IST at Allahabad in India, the time at
Greenwich, London, will be (A) midnight ,GMT (B)
1730 hours (C) 0630 hours (D) None of the above
53. Kaivarta Rebelion ( ) was took place during
the period of (A)Akabar (B)Mahipal II (C) Dharma
Paul (D)Sasanka
54. The pH value of normal Human blood is (A)7 (B)more
than 7 (C)less than 7 (D)zero
55. Ruminant Stomach () is possessed by (A)Cow
(B)Dog (C)Pigeon (D)Cameleon
56. The pass ()located at the southern end of the
Nilgiri in south India is called(A)the Palghat gap (B)the
Bhorghat pass(C)the Thalgat pass(D)the Bolan pass
57. Corbett National Park is in ? (A) Punjab (B) Mumbai
(C) Uttarakhand (D) Madhya Pradesh
58. Ankorvat Temple is situated in (A)South India
(B)Combodia (C)Nepal (D)Sri Lanka
59. Connecting link between reptiles () and bird is
(A)Archaeopteryx (B)Platypus (C)Whale (D)pigeon
60. Mass () of a body is defined by using following
quantities ()(A)Force, Velocity

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SI Classes
61. Which of the following is not correct regarding a

76. Which among the following is/are the major

Money Bill? (A) It can be introduced in either House of

Parliament. (B) It can be passed by the Lok Sabha
even if the Rajya Saba rejects it. (C) It is deemed to
have been passed by both Houses if it is not returned
by the Rajya Sabha within 14 days. (D) It requires the
prior approval of the President.
62. The Salal Project is on the river ? (A) Jhelum (B)
Chenab (C) Sutlej (D) Ravi
63. The average growth rate of Indian Population for 20012011 was (A)2.2% (B)1.2% (C)2.1% (D)1.8%
64. In which year Sakabda was started (A)78 AD (B)48 AD
(C)420 AD (D)273 AD
65. If the density of Air is 1.3g/lt, What is the volume
occupied by 7.8g of air? (A)10(B)6 (C)6.5(D)10.10 lt
66. The principal copper deposits of India lie in which of
the following places? (A) Hazaribag and Singbhum of
Bihar (B) Khetri and Daribo areas of Rajasthan (C)
Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh (D) Siwaliks in Uttar
Pradesh and in Karnataka
67. Which one among the following statement is
incorrect? (A)Amuktya Malyda is written by Krshna
Deva Roy (B) Amuktya Malyda is written in Tamil
(C)Md bin Kasim defeated ( ) Dahir in sindh
(D)all of these
68. If a pendulum clock be taken from equator (
) to the poles ( ) , it will (A)run slow
(B)run fast (C)remain same (D)stop altogether
69. In a row of trees, a tree is 7th from left end and 14th
from right end. How many tree are there in the row ?
(A)18 (B)19 (C)20 (D)21
70. 76n- 66n, where n is an integer >0, is divisible by (A)13
(B)127 (C)559 (D)all of these
71. On July 12, 1982, the ARDC was merged into (A) RBI
(B) NABARD (C) EXIM Bank (D) None of the above
72. The Shimla Convention is an agreement that sets ? (A)
boundary between India and Tibet (B) boundary
between India and Pakistan (C) Shimla as the capital of
Himachal Pradesh (D) None of Above
73. Which one is correctly matched (A)The council of
barobhaiya- Baji Rao I (B) Rehala Al beruni(C)Jital
Coin- copper (D)Ibne Batuta- Iraq.
74. M scores more run than N but less than P. Q scores
more than N but less than M. Who is the lowest
scorer? (A)M (B)N (C)P (D)Q

factor/factors responsible for the monsoon type of

climate ( ) in India?
I. Location II. Thermal contrast ( ) III.
Upper air circulation IV. Inter-tropical convergence
( ) zone (A) I (B) II, III (C) II, III
and IV (D) I, II, III and IV
77. The watershed () between India and
Myanmar is formed by ? (A) the Naga hills (B) the
Jaintia hills (C) Khasi hills (D) the Garo hills
78. Who was the first real king of Delhi Sultanate?
(A)Kutubuddin (B)Balban (C)Iltutmis (D)Alauddin
79. A is son of C while C and Q are the sisters to one
another. Z is the mother of Q. If P is the son of Z,
Which one of the following statements is correct? (A)
Q is the grandfather of A (B) P is the maternal uncle
of A (C) P is the cousin of A (D) Z is the brother of C
80. If 2/3 of A=75% of B=0.6 of C, then A:B:C is (A)2:3:3
(B)3:4:5 (C)4:5:6 (D)9:8:10
81. Which national highway joins Agra to Mumbai? (A) NH
1 (B) NH 2 (C) NH 3 (D) NH 4
82. In the period of Iltutmis, the grant of revenue from a
territory in lieu of salary was called (A)Zabti system
(B)Jaigir system (C)Iqta system (D)Rawatwary system
83. Select the alternative which should replace the sign ?
: Insect : Disease :: War : ? (A)Army
(C)Arsenal (D)Destruction
84. Select the alternative which should replace the sign ?
: Interest : Money lender :: Salary : ? (A)Employees
(B)worker (C)employer (D)labor
85. In the case of a deadlock () between the two
Houses of the Parliament, the joint sitting is presided
over by the (A) President (B) Vice-President (C)
Speaker of Lok Sabha (D) Member of the Lok Sabha
specifically elected for the purpose
86. "Nagarjuna Sagar Multipurpose Project" is on which
river ? (A) Godavari (B) Tapi (C) Kosi (D) Krishna
87. Sikh guru Arjun deva was killed by (A)Aurangzeb
(B)Jahangir (C)Sahajahan (D)none of these
88. Find the odd number/letters from the given
alternatives. (A)Swimming
(B)Sailing (C)Diving
89. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and
so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong
to that group?(A)Copper(B)iron (C)aluminum (D)Steel
90. When can the Speaker exercise his right to vote in the
House? (A) Whenever he desires (B) Whenever the
House desires (C) Only in the event of equality of
votes (D) Whenever his party directs


Find the missing number (A)14 (B)10 (C)6 (D)4

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SI Classes
91. In Mughal period, Mansur was a famous (A)writer
(B)singer (C)painter (D)worrier
92. At what temperature mass of pure water of 1 cc is 1
gm? (A)00 C (B) 1000 C(C)100 C (D)40 C
93. If TOUR is written in a certain code as 1234, CLEAR as
56784 and SPARE as 90847, what will be the 5th digit
for SCULPTURE in the same code ?(A)3(B)4 (C)6 (D)0
94. B is twice as old as A but twice younger than F. C is half
the age of A but is twice older than d. Who is the
second oldest ? (A) B (B)F (C)C (D)D
95. In the absence of the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker,
who presides over the deliberations( )
of the Lok Sabha? (A) Prime Minister (B) Home
Minister (C) Oldest member of the House (D) One of
the members of the House out of a panel of six
persons nominated by the Speaker
96. In 1498, Vasco da gama visited (A)Cochin (B)Goa
(C)Calicut (D)Surat
97. One important difference between light and sound is
that the light (A)is a wave motion ( ) (B)Can
be reflected (C)Can bend round corners ( )
(D)Can travel though space
98. Find the missing number
(A)14 (B)44 (C)62 (D)51
99. Kudankulam Nuclear power plant established in
cooperation with(A)Japan (B)USA (C)China (D)Russia
100. As per Human development report, India is a
country with (A) Very high human development (B)
High human development (C) Medium human
development (D) Low human development
101. Fransisco Almeida was a (A)British (B)Portuguese
(C)Dutch (D)Frence
102. Materials like Germanium and Silicon are called
(A)Insulators (B)Conductors (C)Metals (D)Semiconductors
103. If SUMMER is coded RUNNER, the code for WINTER
104. Who is the present chief Information commissioner
of India (A)Rajiv Mathur (B)Radhakrishan Mathur
(C)Vijay Sharma (D)Wajahat Habibullah
105. Which of the following is/are extra-constitutional
and extra-legal device(s) for securing cooperation and
coordination between the States in India?
1. The National Development Council
2. The Governor's Conference
3. Zonal Councils
4. Inter-State Council

(A) 1 and 2 (B) 1,3 and 4 (C) 3 and 4 (D) 4 only

106. Sob lal ho jayega- who said this? (A)Ranjit Singh
(B)Tipu sultan (C)BG Tilak (D)Bhagat Singh
107. The current on a 100W-200V Bulb is (A)2.2 amp
(B)2.3 amp (C)5/11 amp (D)22000 amp
108. Complete the following series : 6, 11, 21, 36, 56, ?
(A)91 (B)51 (C)81 (D)42
109. Who among the following is the prime minister of
Sri Lanka (A) Maithripala Sirisena (B) Ranil
Wickremesinghe (C) Sirimavo Bandaranaike (D)
Mahinda Rajapaksa
110. Article 156 of the Constitution of India provides that
a Governor shall hold office for a term of five year
from the date on which he enters upon his office.
Which of the following can be deduced() from this?
1. No Governor can be removed from office till the
completion of his term
2. No Governor can continue in office beyond a period
of five years (A) 1 only (B) 2 only (C) Both 1 and 2 (D)
Neither 1 nor 2
111. Tipus final defeat came at the hand of Lord
(A)Wellesley (B)Cornwallis (C)Dalhousie (D)Shore
112. 75% of a radioactive element decays in 6 hours. Its
half life period is (A)2 hr (B)4 hr (C)1/6 hr (D)3 hr
113. Yesterday, I saw an ice cube which had already
melted due to the heat of a nearby furnace- can you
justify the truth of the statement scientifically?
(A)Always (B)Never (C)Some times (D)cant say
114. Earthquake that happen very recently in north east
part of India in (A)January,2016 (B)December,2015
(C)Novemebr,2015 (D)October,2015
115. Which one of the following is part of the Electoral
College for the President but does not forum for his
impeachment?(A) Lok Sabha(B) Rajya Sabha (C) State
Legislative Councils (D) State Legislative Assemblies
116. Calcutta University was founded in the year (A)1855
(B)1856 (C)1860 (D)1862
117. Which of the following wave is used for
telecommunication? (A)Infra red rays (B)Ultra violate
rays (C)Micro waves (D)X-Rays
118. If South-East becomes North and South becomes
North-East and all the rest directions are changed in
the same manner, the what will be the direction for
West ? (A)North East (B)North West (C)South East
(D)South West
119. International Human rights day is celebrated on
(A)1st december (B)2nd october (C)10th december
(D)21st february
120. If the Prime Minister of India belonged to the Upper
House of Parliament (A) he will not be able to vote in

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SI Classes
his favour in the event of a no-confidence motion (B)
he will not be able to speak on the budget in the Lower
House (C) he can make statements only in the Upper
House (D) he has to become a member of the Lower
House within six months.
121. Which is called a Traditional modernizer by Dr
Amalesh tripathi
(A)Vidyasagor (B)Vivekannada
(C)Ramahan (D)Motilal Neheru
122. Which one of the following has the same electron
as in Cl- ion (A)Ne (B)F- ion (C)S2- ion (D)Na+ ion
123. Which one set of letters when sequentially placed
at the gaps in the given letter series shall complete it ?
: _ ab _ b _ aba _ _ abab. (A) abbaa (B) bbaab (C)
abaab (D) aaaba
124. Who is the present chairman of Atomic Energy
Commission in India (A) Ratan Kumar Sinha (B) Sekhar
Basu (C) Srikumar Banerjee (D) Anil Kakodkar
125. Assertion (A): The reservation of thirty-three percent of seats for women in Parliament and State
Legislature does
not require Constitutional
Reason (R): Political parties contesting elections can
allocate thirty-three percent of seats they contest to
women candidates without any Constitutional
(A) Both A and R are true and R is the correct
explanation of A (B) Both A and R are true but R is not
the correct explanation of A (C) A is true but R is false
(D) A is false but R is true
126. 1859 is famous in the History of India. Because of
(A)Sepay Mutiny (B)Naval () movement (C)Santal
revolution (D)Indigo () movement

127. Tolakkapiyam is related to (A)Administration

(B)Law (C)Science (D)Grammar
128. Rohan walks a distance of 3 km towards north, then
turns to his left and walks 2 km. He again turns left and
walks for 3 km. At this point he turns to his left and
walks for 3 km. How many kilometres is he from the
starting point? (A)1 (B)2 (C)3 (D)4


Find the missing number (A)2 (B)11 (C)33 (D)14

130. Which of the following are/is stated in the
Constitution of India?
1. The President shall not be a member of either House
of Parliament
2. The Parliament shall consist of the President and
two Houses
(A) Both 1 and 2 (B) 1 alone (C) 2 alone (D) Neither
1 nor 2

131. Dipavali declaration was made by lord (A)Wavel

(B)Linlithgo (C)Irwin (D)Mountbatten
132. Which one of the Chola Kings conquered Ceylon?
(A)Aditya I (B)Rajadhiraj (C)Rajendra I (D)Vijayalya
133. Which of the following books is the Autobiography
of former president APJ abdul kalam (A) My Journey
(B) The Kalam Effect (C) Turning Points: A journey
through challenges (D) Wings of Fire
134. Which one of the following is correct about make
in India campaign?:- I- attract the global world to
invest and manufacture in India.; II-It also aims to
allow FDI in the country as well as bring back to health
the loss-making Government firms.; III-The Make in
India campaign will be implemented by Central
Government and state government both. (A)I only
(B)II only (C)I,II & III (D)I & II
135. Which one of the following schedules of the
Constitution of India contains provisions regarding
anti-defection Act ( )? (A)
Second Schedule (B) Fifth Schedule (C) Eighth
Schedule (D) Tenth Schedule
136. Who among the following opposed ilbert bill
vigorously (A)Hindus (B)Muslims (C)Anglo Indians
(D)all of the above
137. The oxidation number ( ) of S atom in
H2SO4 is (A)+6 (B)+1 (C)-6 (D)+10
138. Former Indian Cricket Coach Duncan Fletcher
belongs to (A) Zimbabwe (B)South
(C)Australia (D)New Zealand
139. ___ assembly election in West Bengal is scheduled
to be held in 2016 (A)14th (B)15th (C)16th (D)17th
140. Fiscal deficit ( ) in the Union Budget
means (A) the difference between current expenditure
and current revenue (B) net increase in Union
Governments borrowings from the Reserve Bank of
India (C) the sum of budgetary deficit and net increase
in internal and external borrowings (D) the sum of
monetized deficit and budgetary deficit
141. Who was known as liberator of the press
?(A)Bentinck (B)Macaulay (C)Metcalfe (D)Hastings

142. The Prayag Prasasti ( ) is associated with

(A)Goutami Putra Satkarni (B)ChandraGupta Mourya
(C)Ashoka (D)Samudra Gupta
143. If + means , means , means , and
mean + then 15 3 15 + 5 2 = ? (A)0 (B)10 (C)20
144. Jasmine Revolution, was an intensive campaign of
civil resistance ( ), in which country it
took place (A)Tunisia (B)Syria (C)Egypt (D)Malaysia

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145. Subsidies ( ) mean (A) payment by government

160. Who was the father of Operation Flood ? (A) Dr.

for purchase of goods and services (B) payment made

by business enterprises to factors of production (C)
payment made by companies to shareholders (D)
payment made by the government to business
enterprises, without buying any goods and services
146. Tarachand Chakraborty was associated with
(A)Anushilan Samiti (B)Prarthona samaj (C)Brahma
Samaj (D)Amrita Bazar patrika
147. The delhi sultan who wrote his memoir()
was (A)Iltutmis (B)Balban (C)Alauddin Khalji (D)Firoz
148. Nobel laureate Richard Heck, who dies in 2015,
belongs to (A)Literature (B)Physic (C)Chemistry
149. Dronacharya Award for 2015 is not given to
(A)Sania Mirza (B) Harbans Singh (C) Swatantra Raj
Singh (D) Nihar Ameen
150. National expenditure includes (A) consumption
(B) investment expenditure
government expenditure (D) All of the above
151. Who was known as Bagha Jatin? (A)Jatin Das
Sengupta (D)none of these
152. Taraf in the Bahmani kingdom signified
(A)Province (B)Lord Grant (C)Transit tax (D)Gold
153. S.H Kapadia was sworn in as the 38th Chief Justice
of India by the then President (B) Pratibha Patil (B)APJ
Abdul kalam (C)Pranab Mukherjee (D)None of the
154. 100th Indian Science Congress was held in
(A)Mumbai (B)Mysore (C)Jammu (D)Kolkata
155. Gross amount paid for a product including VAT
(@12.5%) is Rs.1000. Calculate the amount of VAT paid
(A) 125 (B) 111 (C) 300 (D) 211
156. Conflict between Moderates and extremist reach its
climax in the session at (A)Calcutta (B)Lahore
(C)Madras (D)Surat
157. Kabir was the disciple of (A)Nanak (B)Ramanuja
(C)Shankaracharya (D)Ramananda
158. S K 6 Q 2 R * C F 8 E $ G 2 # 4 9 L N 3 U V 5 Y a B 7
:-How many symbols are there in the above
arrangement each of which is immediately preceded
by () but not immediately followed by() a
letter of English alphabet? (A)Nil (B)1 (C)2 (D)3
159. A civil nuclear agreement is popularly known as
123 agreement was signed between India and
(A)Pakistan (B)Russia (C)USA (D)Saudi Arab

Norman Borlaug (B) Dr. M.S. Swaminathan (C) Dr.

Verghese Kurien (D) Dr. William Gande
161. Paik rebellion ( ) originated in (A)Bengal
(B)Bihar (C)Assam (D)Orissa
162. The newspaper Comrade was published by (A)M.N
Roy (B)Md Ali (C)Mujaffar Hossain (D)Kazi Najrul
163. A sells an article to B at a profit of 10% B sells the
article back to A at a loss of 10%. In this transaction:
(A) A neither losses nor gains (B) A makes a profit of
11% (C) A makes a profit of 20% (D) B loses 20%
164. Who among the followings is/are the first female
President of her country: 1- Pratibha Patil; 2- Bidhya
Devi Bhandari; 3- Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovid (A)1 & 2
(B)2& 3 (C)1& 3 (D)1,2, & 3
165. The increase in oil seeds production was due to ?
(A) White revolution (B) Yellow revolution (C) Green
revolution (D) Brown revolution
166. Who killed Mr Sanders (A)Raj Guru (B)Bhagat Singh
(C)Chandra Sekhar Azad (D)Sukhdeva
167. Why did Rowlatt Act arouse anger () among
Indians ? (A)it curtailed ( ) the freedom of
religion (B)it suppressed() the Indian traditional
education (C) it authorized the government to
imprison people without trial (D)it curbed()
the trade union activities

168. The average of the first five multiples () of 9

is: (A)20 (B)27 (C)28 (D)30
169. Which of the following is incorrect regarding ICC
world cup 2015 (A) Martin Guptill was the highest run
scorer (B) Mohammed Shami
was the highest
wicket taker among Indians (C)the final match was
played at Melbourne Cricket Ground (D)India faced
Bangladesh in the Quarter final
170. The data of estimation of India's National income is
issued by ? (A) Planning Commision (B) National Data
Center (C) Central Statistical Organsation (D) None of
171. Attack on Pahartali European Club was lead by
(A)Matangini Hajra (B)Rani Guidalo (C)Masterda
Surya Sen (D)Pritilata Waddedar
172. Poet king who wrote under the name of Nagari das
was (A)Raja Ummed singh (B)Raja Ram Singh
(C)Chhatrashal (D)Raja Savant Singh
173. Which of the following company has been proposed
to introduce broadband connectivity at 500 railway
stations? (A)BSNL (B)Google (C)Infosys (D)facebook

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SI Classes
174. New delhi could host the next G20 summit in the

191. Rakhi Bandhan utsab was a part of (A)Swadeshi

year (A)2016 (B)2017 (C)2018 (D)2020

175. Which five year plan is also known as "Gadgil
Yojana" ? (A) Second Five Year Plan (B) Third Five Year
Plan (C) Fourth Five Year Plan (D) Fifth Five Year Plan
176. Non-cooperation movement was called off in 1922
on (A)11th february (B)19th February (C)20th february
(D)28th February.
177. Which was known as New charter of Slavery?
(A)Govt of India Act 1919 (B)Govt of India act 1935
(C)Regulating Act of 1773 (D)Pitts India Act of 1784
178. Nayantara Sehgal, Ashok Bajpayee-they are
associatedwith(A)sports(B)film(C)science (D)literature
179. Antonio Costa is the prime minister of (A)Portugal
(B)Cost Arica (C)Chile (D)Spain
180. Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI)
established in (A) 1964 (B) 1965 (C) 1966 (D) 1967
181. When Muslim League was established?
(A)1901(B)1906 (C)1910 (D)1916
182. Mula Shankar was the original name of (A)Swami
(B)Swami Hardoyal (C)Swami
Dayananda Saraswati (D)None of these
183. Recently Delhi Assembly passes Delhi Right of
Citizen to Time Bound Delivery of Services Amendment
Bill, 2015. A similar type of bill has been passed by
West Bengal Government in the year (A)2009 (B)2013
(C)2014 (D)No such bill has been passed yet in WB
184. Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis recently broke the
world record by winning their ____womans double in
a raw (A)28th (B)27th (C)30th (D)29th
185. The year ____ is called a Great Divide in the
demographic history of India. (A) 1901 (B) 1921 (C)
1941 (D) 1951
186. What Bengal thinks today India thinks tomorrowsaid by (A)A.K Azad (B)C.R Das (C)Irfan Habib (D)G.K
187. 19th century reawakening in India was confined to
the (A)Priestly Class (B)Upper middle class (C)rich
peasantry (D)Urban landlords
188. Which one of the following state fully uses organic
fertilizer in their agricultural practices? (A)Punjab
(B)Sikkim (C)Meghalaya (D)Goa
189. The process by which the gas comes out of an LPG
cylinder is called (A)Diffusion (B)Effusion (C)Pressure
190. The only private sector refinery set up by Reliance
Petroleum Ltd. is located at (A) Guwahati (B)
Jamnagar (C) Mumbai (D) Chennai

(B)Quit India Movement (C)Civil
disobedience movement (D)Anti partition movement
192. Amir Kasroo played a pioneer role in the
development of (A)Khari boli (B)Awadhi (C)Bhojpuri
193. Galvanization is the deposition () of (A)Copper
(B)iron (C)Aluminum (D)Zinc
194. Paint and varnish contains (A)Linseed oil
(B)Coconut oil (C)Mustard oil (D)Kerosene Oil
195. Which of the following food grain crops occupies
the largest part of the cropped area in India? (A) Barley
and maize (B) Jowar and bajra (C) Rice (D) Wheat
196. Who wrote
? (A)Hemchandra Banerjee (B)Nabin ch Sen
(C)Rangalal Basu (D)Najrul Islam
197. If, in a certain code, A= , C= , E= , and so on.
Then P= ? (A) (B) (C) (D)
198. 17th January,2014 was (A)Sunday (B)Monday
(C)Saturday (D)Friday
199. which atomic power station in India is built
completely indigenously? (A) Kalpakkam (B) Narora
(C) Rawat Bhata (D) Tarapore
200. Identify the option among followings has the least
possibility to be correct. (A)King Ashok of ancient India
conquered the southernmost part of Africa (B)Sonia
Gandhi has been declared as the next President of
USA (C)Napoleon Bonaparte is going to fight in the
next general election of France (C)Sachin Tendulkar
has been appointed as the National Coach of Indian
Football Team

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