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Canada, in North of the American continent, is a country of enormous

geographical extensin. It is the second biggest of the world and major America,
with 10 million square kilometres of surface.
Canada has 34.5 million inhabitants with a density of 3.75 persons for km2
(almost 4 inhabitants for square kilometre). It possesses 0,50 per cent of the
total population of the world, a person of every 200 persons in the planet is a
resident of Canada.

The immense size of Canada allows to experience a wide range of climates

from the hot and humid coasts of the Pacfico and the coldest and misty coast
of the Atlantic Ocean, up to the islands of the frozen north Artic.
It possesses 6 different time zones. It borders geographically on the Arctic
Ocean in the northern part; with Alaska to the Northwest; the United States in
the southern part; the Atlantic Ocean in the eastern part; and the Pacific Ocean
in the western part.
Is a earth of big natural beauties, varied topography and variety of climates. It
possesses vast coasts, forests, mountains, lakes and extensive meadows.
Canada possesses one of the more important reservations of sweet water of
the world, due to the great quantity of existing lakes in its territory and for the
glaciers of its mountains.
Canada is a constitutional monarchy with the sovereign one, the Queen Isabel II
of England, as Boss of State. Canada is a federal State with a parliamentary
democracy. David Lloyd Johnston is the Governor General of Canada, the 28th
since Canadian Confederation.
The majority of the canadians lives near the Great Lakes and the river The St
Lawrence, there are the most important urban agglomerations of the country.
Canada possesses ten provinces and three territories, each one differs for its
geographical, historical, demographic and economic characteristics,
contributing to the diversification and dynamism of the country.
The urban centers most filled with Canada are in the provinces of Ontario,
Quebec and British Columbia.

English is the mother language of 58 % of the Canadians (19,1 million persons),

and french of 22 % of the population (7, 2 million persons).
The official currency is the Canadian dollar, which represents with the symbols
$ or CAD$. There are 100 cents in 1 dollar.
In Canada we can visit the Niagara Falls, the most powerful waterfall in North
America and maybe the most famous in the world. Also we can visit Bay of
Fundy, the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, the Dinosaur Provincial Park And we
can see the northern lights (scientific name: Aurora Borealis), that is a
phenomenon seen in northern skies where solar particles collide with
atmospheric gases and create a light show in the sky. Depending on how north
the location, the color of these lights are green, white, red, blue and/or violet.
The aurora oval - the area where the northern lights occur most often and with
greatest intensity - covers a huge part of Canada.

The national flag of Canada is a rectangle, the double of length that of width, of
red and white color, the official colors of Canada, designated by the king Jorge
V in 1921. It presents two red bars in the ends and in the center a white box
with a stylized red leaf of maple of 11 tops.

The immense size of Canada allows to experience a wide range of climates

from the hot and humid coasts of the Pacfico and the coldest and misty coast
of the Atlantic Ocean, up to the islands of the frozen north Arctic.
In Canada demonstrate many types of different religions, none of them are
Canada is known throughout the world for being the cradle of the "Cirque du
Soleil" (the Circus of the Sol), the famous of the circus company created in
Quebec in 1984.
The musical Canadian scene, for its part, poet, novelist and singer who writes
his own songs stands out with exponents of great level and artistic quality as
the acquaintance and award winner montreals, Leonard Cohen (I Reward
Prince of Asturias 2011), and the acclaimed musician and composer, native to
Toronto, Neil Young considered as one of the most influential exponents of the
rock of his generation. Cline Dion, the most famous quebequense in the
artistic international scene, is the great Canadian interpreter of ballads in
english and french. Other singers and musical famous Canadians are Alanis
Morrissette, Bryan Adams, Avril Lavigne, Michael Bubl, Nelly Furtado, Shania
Twain and Nickelback.
Canada possesses big actors and actresses who have stood out in the
international scene, as Michael J. Fox, Donald Sutherland and his son Kiefer,
Keanu Reeves, William Shatner, Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, Dan Ackroyd, Rachel
McAdams, Ellen Page, Kim Cattrall, Sandra Oh, Ryan Reynolds and Ryan

In the letters Margaret Atwood and Michael Ondaatje are the "bestsellers",
between other writers.
The majority of the Canadian cities have museums, theatres, cinemas and
galleries. The most famous are in the cardinal region, as for example the
Museum of the Civilization, located in Gatineau, and the National Gallery of
Canada, in Ottawa. Also stand out the numerous museums of arts, history and
science of Montreal and Toronto.
Canada also has been catalogued as the happiest third country of the world by
its excellent indicators of general well-being. This country offers free systems of
health and education for all his(her,your) citizens and residents.
Canada is the fourth surest and pacific country of the world.