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Introduction to the Six Lamps
From the Zhangzhung Nyengyü


he Instructions on the Six Lamps (sGron ma drug gi gdams pa) belong to the inner
section of the Zhangzhung Nyengyü. They were transmitted by Tapihritsa to
Gyerpung Nangzher Löpo on the occasion of their second meeting. The original
preface to the text says:
“— While the great Gyerpung Nangzher Löpo was residing
West of Drajhe, in the solitude of his rock-cave of Drak Shawadong,
The Emanation Body of the Lord Tapihritsa came (in the sky before him)
And, having subdued (Gyerpung’s) arrogant pride,
Revealed to him the abiding mode of Awareness.
Being set free from the chains of all fetters,
(Gyerpung) was propelled on the plain of Equality (of the Base)
And was made to take hold of the natural state of Awareness.
Then, after five years had elapsed,
As Gyerpung Chenpo was living in the solitude of the island of the Lake,
In the afternoon of the fifteenth day of the first summer month,
And while he was remaining in contemplation,
Gyerpung saw in the sky before him
The Emanation Body of the Lord Tapihritsa (appearing)
As an immaculate Body, like the color of white crystal,
In a self-arisen Body devoid of adornments,
Abiding naked in a Body free from obscurations.
Having conceived faith and devotion (for the master),
(Gyerpung) circumambulated and prostrated before him
After which the Lord told him:
« — O Fortunate Son of Noble Clan!
You who are endowed with the karmic training of previous lifetimes,
Listen and be attentive to the revelation of the real meaning!
In order to guide the fortunate ones of future generations on a path without error,
I shall reveal you the three teachings forming my profound heart advise.1
If you lack the knowledge of the ultimate teaching of the 84 000 doors of Bon,
The Quintessence of the Great Perfection teachings,
The Precepts of the Nine Blissful Ones of the Contemplative Transmission,
The Oral Transmission of the Twenty-Four Masters,
The so-called “Six Essential Points of Bodhicitta”,

These three teachings or instructions (lit. “words”) form the inner, secret and innermost secret divisions of the Zhangzhung Nyengyü.

the first Lamp basically deals with the teachings associated with Trekchö. that these instructions Are called “the Mirror in which one identifies the Universal Base”. 2. Awareness and mind. which is the doorway through which Awareness arises. The Water-Lamp of the Far-Reaching Lasso. the last Lamp explains the teachings associated with Bardo. They exhaust themselves in the vague formulation of the conventional meaning And none of them reach directly to the heart (of the principle). The Lamp of the Direct Introductions to the Pure Realms. Thatsen Mutsuk Marro!  . which describes the visions of Awareness. which discusses the natural state in terms of the Universal Base. the master who shall reveal these precepts Will be like (someone) exhibiting objects to a blind person. It is for this reason. if you lack these Precepts. You would remain like a body without heart and like sockets without eyes. including a complete description of the visions of Thögel in the fifth Lamp. according to the various levels of the practitioners. O Son of Noble Clan. which explains the pathway or channel through which Awareness arises. on the occasion of the transmission of the teachings on The Six Lamps in Los Angeles in September 2008. So. 2-5 are concerned with the teachings of Thögel. The Lamp of the time of the Bardo. And “the Heart-advise that directly points out the Natural State”. 3. “The Precept laying Awareness bare in its nakedness”. » The teachings themselves are described in six chapters which are each designated as a “Lamp” (sgron ma). and 6. which discusses teachings related to postmortem states. explaining the key-points of the practice. which explains where Awareness resides in our body. The Lamp of the Soft and White Channel. The Lamp of the Abiding Base. The Lamps nos. 5. Whatever may be the explanations regarding the 84 000 doors of Bon. “The Lamp that brings forth the hidden secret of Wisdom”. As it describes the abiding mode of our natural state.Then. Finally. “ The instruction that pierces and cuts through delusion”. The Lamp of the Flesh-Heart. 4. Even if numerous Tantras and Âgamas of the Great Perfection were to be explained to you. These chapters are: 1.  This short presentation was made by Jean-Luc Achard of the International Bönpo Translation Committee at the request of Menri Lopön Trinley Nyima Rinpoche.