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The Goshorns Step by Step

February 2016
Part of the community
New Years Day we were invited to join a
family for a pig roast and volleyball. The pig is cut up
before the roast, and 20 minutes before that it was
walking around:) Its a little different to see a
wheelbarrow with a cut up pig alongside building
material. Playing volleyball is always fun here.
Peruvians take this game very seriously.
In Peru when a house is being built they have
a party every time they complete a floor or roof as
they call it. We were invited to attend one of these
parties. We were among 200 people, along with a
Mariachi band and lots of food. The more
relationships we build the more we learn about the
culture. We praise God that He has opened doors for
us to become part of the lives of these Peruvians.
When they feel like we are part of their community,
they start to trust. When they trust, they start to
listen. This helps in sharing Christ.
We started a second day for the Bible lesson
and feeding program. This along with the kids club
have been very successful. I know its only 2 days a
week, but we can see a physical and spiritual change
in these children. They use to walk in head down,
with very little eye contact. Now they smile, talk and
give us hugs. We can also see better complexions,
brighter eyes, washed faces and hands and combed

hair. It has been a remarkable transformation and a

privilege to witness it. These children are also
excited to talk about Jesus when we have kids club.
Also, we are
excited about the possibility of having
a Vacation Bible school this summer for them. So if
you ever wonder whether or not your monthly
donation is making a difference in the lives of these
children, it is!
The new director at the orphanage seems
cooperative so far. The kids are off school and he
has lined up many activities for them. This is great
for the kids, but has limited some of our time there.
We now have to file paperwork to get things
scheduled and right now we have a VBS scheduled
for July when the children are off of school again.
Please pray that nothing interferes with this VBS.
There have been some delays with the
prison ministry as paperwork has not been
completed for the last two weeks by the new
director there. Yes, directors change routinely here
in Peru. But, hopefully on Monday everything will
be good to go. I picked up some adult coloring
books while in the states and after much cutting
and copying I was able to replace the English
Scripture with Spanish. Ive been giving these to the
women monthly and they love it.
Thank you for your prayers and support. It is
a pleasure to serve the Kingdom with you.

We humbly thank you for your continued

prayers and financial support. If you
havent yet, we ask that you would
prayerfully consider financially
supporting this ministry in Peru. To
support the Bible lesson and feeding
program send the donation to The Mission
Society and designate it for The Goshorn
Matthew 25: 40 project ID # 0540

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The Goshorns Step by Step

P raye r R e q u e s t s a n d P ra i s e s

Continued physical, emotional and

spiritual protection.

Continued financial and prayer

support as well as new partners.

Prayers that relationships at the

orphanage will grow.

Prayers that discipleship groups will

grow and spread the word of God.

Prayers for the prison ministry

We are thankful for the body of Christ.

We are thankful for our health.

Travel mercies as we travel in Peru.

For Jennifers mom, Joan.

Prayers for our children and for

parenting from a distance.

Prayers that nothing interfers with the

scheduled VBS at the orphanage and in
our community.

Prayers for kids programs.

Praises for the people in Peru so
willing to serve with us.

We are thankful for our supporters.

Pa r t n e r w i t h u s
God has been very clear that we cannot do anything alone. First we
need Him, second we need the Body of Christ. We will never be
effective ministers of Gods word without your prayers and financial
support. Please consider partnering with us to further Gods Kingdom
in Peru.

All tax deductible donations may be made to:

The Mission Society
PO Box 922637
Norcross Georgia 30010-2637 USA
Designate gifts to: Goshorn Support 5/540
Or online at: and go to give to a missionary and use

our name.
Or visit our website at:
Skype: tim.jen.goshorn
US Phone (works wherever we have internet): 859-474-2494

Please share this newsletter with

whomever you wish.

Philippians 2:13
For it is God who works in you to
will and to act in order to fulfill
his good purpose.