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versa roll

Versa Roll
A Revolutionary Concept for the Manufacture of Rollers, Casters & Wheels
Our super tough urethane material forms the functional outer hub of the roller, caster, or wheel. It readily absorbs shock and resists cutting. This material is bonded to a second material, which functions as the roller, caster, or wheels very durable inner bearing. These two bonded materials provide the wear resistance and durability that bring extraordinary performance. The Versa Roll is manufactured in a uniform roll, which allows the user to simply cut off pieces at the lengths necessary to become their needed rollers, casters, or wheels. End users of our Versa Roll products discover the unique versatility and shock absorbing toughness of this product. The rollers, casters, and wheels developed from Versa Roll require a much lower level of maintenance in each type of application in which they are used.
Moving Materials The level of automation in todays manufacturing environment continues to grow rapidly. The movement of materials using rollers, casters, and wheels is the most significant contribution to the savings in labor in todays manufacturing facilities. The Versa Roll brings a simple and highly-flexible roller, caster, and wheel solution that will fit existing material handling formats, and can also be used to move your facility into the next generation of material moving efficiencies. MaintEnancE REsponsivEnEss No longer do maintenance staff need to look up replacement parts in a catalog or wait precious days or

weeks for the parts to arrive. With Versa Roll, your replacement products are each only one band saw cut away. The versatility of Versa Roll allows the fabrication of nearly any rolling component on the spot. The resulting replacement component oftentimes last longer than the part that it replaced.
ManUfactUrEr VaLUE Versa Rolls durability and productivity, combined with its low cost, offers manufacturers a value that they cant find

anywhere else.

Versa Roll Advantages:

MaintEnancE Cost: Versa Rolls most compelling characteristic is its versatility. Maintenance staff, with the proper Versa Roll products

in inventory, can get back up and running in no time. Both the outside diameter and the inside diameter of each Versa Roll can be easily machined to develop custom sizes that fit like a glove and work like a horse. This versatile product gives you unmatched control over roller, coaster, and wheel maintenance, allowing you to minimize maintenance supply inventory, and introduce replacement parts that often outperform the parts you replace.
Impact Absorption: Unlike metal roller, coaster, and wheel hubs, Versa Roll parts absorb shock. This characteristic extends the wear of Versa Roll parts. Metal parts tend to bang and pound when shock is introduced, resulting in lost concentricity, increased brittleness, and broken parts. Versa Roll parts are constructed of shock absorbing materials that minimize impact-driven damage, extending the life of your parts. LUbrication-FrEE AppLications: In many plant situations where lower levels of stress or speed are placed upon your material conveying equipment, Versa Roll parts can be run lubrication-free. Our product also brings peace of mind to plan managers who need material conveyed in a way that keeps a clean environment. Versa Roll allows a clean environment to remain clean, completely avoiding dirty oil or grease dripping. Low Weight: Conveyor systems on aircraft and in other situations oftentimes require weights to be minimized. Compared to roller parts fashioned with metal hubs, often constructed of aluminum or metal alloys, Versa Roll parts are lighter in weight. This allows you to cut conveyor weight, while maintaining or improving performance. CLEan OpEration: Metal bearings are collection points for dirt, dust, and grime that emanated from a dusty or dirty work environment.

These collected contaminants often lead to expedited wear of these bearings and rollers. Versa Roll expels the dirt and grime from the roller parts, stepping up the cleanliness of the conveying system.
Easy to Install: Versa Rolls hub (bearing) component makes installation of rollers, coasters, and wheels a snap! Simple standard cold

roll steel can be used for shaft fabrication. Shaft diameters and Versa Roll parts can quickly and easily be matched for excellent, smoothrunning operation. Selecting polished shafts extend the life of Versa Roll parts, even more!
Quiet Running: No more metal clanging or screeching. Versa Roll ends the noisy work environment by bringing significant reductions to roller and material handling noise. Moisture, Oil, and Solvent Resistant: The adjoining table outlines the benefits of these excellent Versa Roll characteristics. Mark-FrEE: Versa Rolls do not mark or scratch conveyed products, like many rubber and metal rollers do. No Flat Spotting: Leaving some rubber and plastic parts under a stationary load for extended periods can cause permanent flat spots

on the rollers. Versa Rolls recover their shape more quickly and more completely than rubber rollers do. Conversely, plastics do not recover, as the roller damage to those materials is often permanent.



Versa Roll

versa roll
& shapes Custom vailable! ea sizes ar
Bearing Prices O.D. I.D. Part No. 12" length 24" length
$41.65 41.65 41.65 41.65 45.70 48.10 50.40 50.40 50.40 50.40 50.40 50.40 50.40 65.00 65.00 65.00 65.00 70.65 80.25 80.25 80.25 80.25 102.10 102.10 102.10 102.10 112.50 112.35 122.75 122.75 122.75 122.75 122.75 177.40 177.40 177.40 177.40 177.40 255.30 255.30 255.30 255.30 255.30 $79.30 90.85 90.85 90.85 104.90 117.50 117.50 150.95 131.95 151.65 146.45 146.45 169.10 188.10 188.10 207.90 227.45 227.45 227.45 273.00 297.70 332.00 332.00 332.00 479.00 479.00 479.00 671.85

Nominal ODs 1-1/2" 6" + _ 2% I.D.s are slightly oversized to provide running clearance for 3/8" to 1" shafts.


Nominal O.D.

A low-cost alternative for wheels, casters, rollers, sheaves, etc.

Two grades of tough KPrene urethane permanently bonded together, resulting in a hard anti-friction hub with softer outer tire. Stocked with a K-900A outer tire and an anti-friction K-750D hub. K-750D hub can serve as a bearing in some applications. IDs, ODs, lengths and profiles can be machined to fit your application. Use to make low cost OEM components for your manufactured products. For special applications, other durometers are available.

1-1/2" 3/4" 3/8" KVR-15075375 1 No Bore KVR-1510000 1 3/8 KVR-1510375 1 1/2 KVR-1510500 1 3/4 KVR-1510750 1-3/4 1 3/8 KVR-17510375 1-7/8 1 1/2 KVR-187510500 2 1 1/4 KVR-2010250 1 3/8 KVR-2010375 1 1/2 KVR-2010500 1-1/2 3/8 KVR-2015375 1-1/2 1/2 KVR-2015500 1-1/2 5/8 KVR-2015625 1-1/2 3/4 KVR-2015750 1-1/2 7/8 KVR-2015875 1-1/2 1 KVR-2015100 2-1/2 1-1/2 3/8 KVR-2515375 1-1/2 1/2 KVR-2515500 1-1/2 5/8 KVR-2515625 1-1/2 3/4 KVR-2515750 1-1/2 1 KVR-2515100 2-3/4 1-1/2 1/2 KVR-27515500 1-1/2 5/8 KVR-27515625 3 1-1/2 No Bore KVR-3015000 1-1/2 3/8 KVR-3015375 1-1/2 1/2 KVR-3015500 1-1/2 5/8 KVR-3015625 1-1/2 3/4 KVR-3015750 2 1 KVR-3020100 3-1/2 1-1/2 3/8 KVR-3515375 1-1/2 1/2 KVR-3515500 1-1/2 5/8 KVR-3515625 1-1/2 3/4 KVR-3515750 2-1/2 3/4 KVR-3525750 3-3/4 2 1 KVR-37520100 4 1-1/2 3/8 KVR-4015375 1-1/2 1/2 KVR-4015500 1-1/2 5/8 KVR-4015625 1-1/2 3/4 KVR-4015750 2 1 KVR-4020100 3 1 KVR-4030100 4-1/2 2 1 KVR-4520100 5 1-1/2 3/8 KVR-5015375 1-1/2 1/2 KVR-5015500 1-1/2 5/8 KVR-5015625 1-1/2 3/4 KVR-5015750 2 1 KVR-5020100 6 1-1/2 3/8 KVR-6015375 1-1/2 1/2 KVR-6015500 1-1/2 5/8 KVR-6015625 1-1/2 3/4 KVR-6015750 2 1 KVR-6020100 6-1/2 5 1-1/2 KVR-6550150

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