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Like being electrified head to toe...

an exhilarating, energized feeling that is

unlike any other experience. Words cannot do it justice. Only happened once to m
e and it (among a few other events) sealed my belief in the divine/supernatural.
I'm on the fence about whether the holy spirit maintains a continual presence w
ithin us though.
It feels as if you have someone walking along side of you. Guiding you in that o
h so soft voice in everything you do. He will remind you of God's promises, he r
eveals himself in your inner voice and as so many have stated, you will have a s
trong inner feeling of God's will for your life.
Well for a Christian there can be like Euphoria for the children of the world ha
te and anger can arise spiritually ! For a christian something like Phantasmagor
ia not unlike a child of the world on Drugs !
It has been proven to be a brain chemical that is released also through meditat
ion, listening to music, getting swept up in the excitement of a crowd, just mon
I didn't know, understand, or feel the Holy Spirit for a long time, until I beg
an to read the bible, go to church, worship (sing), and pray. I didn't understan
d a relationship with god is what maintains the presence of the Holy Spirit. Eve
ryone has different experiences. I get the chills all over, thoughts (several ti
mes (5) I've heard a strong voice in my mind, it's louder than the voice in my m
ind) and dreams. The first two time I heard the voice, I was told the future and
it happened. The last time I heard the voice, it said "are you willing to give
all of this up for me?" I used to love walking around my home admiring how I dec
orated it. I heard the voice ask me the same question 3 different times. The fir
st time, I didn't answer because I thought it was my imagination, second time I
thought it might be God so I better answer, so I said "I guess", the third time
the voice asked, I said "yes". I sold everything months ago and gave it to a mis
sion. God is talking to everyone, even atheists. The more they turn away from go
d, they harder it is for them to "pick up signals or warnings" from god. This is
hardening of hearts.
For me, it feels like complete unconditional love... pure, accepting and non-jud
gmental, just washing over me.
We all say the same thing if you're smart enough to see it. A sense of peace and
feeling His presence, knowing you're not alone. Hope you don't wake up and real
ize He's real when it's too late. You'll be regretful when you're burning in the
flames of hell.
The first time I got it was in jail and yes you can all laugh and talk about me
I don't mind if I'm persecuted for Yeshua I take it as an Honor I don't know abo
ut anyone else but it's an uplifting feeling I have also spoken in tongues
What David Stotler said!!!! If you ever got drunk in your life John Holman put
a possitive twist on that experience and that's what you get...I mean the hang-o
vers are the best,an experience you want more and want to share. The hang-over y
ou don't want to get over the kind you brag about.....I'm excited just thinking
about it!!! I love this question as they say in this world"Turn down for what?"
The Bible says "Oh taste and see that the Lord is good Psalms 34;8-10!#Imabeliev
ts ok if you disagree...discussion is good....however the feeling is a total tru
st in the word of God with all joy..... but its still hard to explain ....that w

hy God gave this verse......Philippians 4:7............ we really can explain it the verse to get better insight
You receive the Holy Spirit when you put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ as
Lord and Savior. You accept the forgiveness that he freely offers.Repentance is
part of it, to make Jesus Lord of your life. (Acts 2:38). Biblical belief is di
fferent. You don't just believe that he exists. When you are born again (John 3:
3) It's something that you know. Just like you were born the first time, being b
orn again is just as real. There is a tremendous change that takes place.I had a
desire to read my Bible and to pray right away.True believers are sealed with t
he Holy Spirit and God gives us a guarantee of inheritance. It's a promise. (Eph
esians 1:13-14) In the old testament, the Holy Spirit only came upon a certain p
erson to help them carry out a specific task and then leave. David prayed take n
ot thy Holy Spirit from me. No one will have to pray that prayer today because t
he Holy Spirit doesn't come and go. As far as how does the Spirit make you feel,
you can read Galatians 5.The Holy Spirit also conforms us to the image of Chris
t more and more each day. Also, the Holy Spirit is a person, God the Holy
it give you the power to believe ,Happiness is one of many attributes that you w
ill feel through the journey.but for the most part - its give you the power to b
elieve and the confidence to know that you are eternally saved.
Lol. Holy spirit. You mean serotonin being released in your brain?
I've seen the same person every Sunday get possessed by the Holy Ghost.... It g
ets old.
When you experience the Love of Jesus and you start you walk with the Lord. It G
ets so get and step ger. You will feel peace and love, and an appreciation for a
ll things that he created. He came to save the world, not condemn it. He fixes w
hat's broken in your heart, your lfe, other people's lives around you. Prayer is
vital. Reading his word is vital. Sometimes you won't feel that warm fuzzy feel
ing. Faith is also vital. Faith grows, the more time you spend with God. I've se
en him do so many things, that no one could take credit for except him. Youre ri
ght, alot of real believers don't talk about our experience wnough. We do alot t
o other believers, but if I have some good news to share, it should be for every
one, not just people who believe. He's for everyone. What kind of believer would
I be if I kept all this to myself. We are to share our testimonies and share th
e word of God. My experiences have given me Co fide nice in my Lord Jesus christ
. He changes you from the inside out. Like a flower being grown. It starts as a
seed and blooms into somthing beautiful. God's words are seeds. It takes time. S
ome believe, some dont. And that's okay. We have free will. That's why us as bel
ievers have to get the word out there. It must be told. You don't have to accept
it, but anyone has that choice. I keep rambling, so I'll end it here. Have a gr
eat day
Yup that's pretty much how E makes you feel, (warm and fuzzy(most of the time),
fixes your broken heart, you feel like a flower growing and blooming, you feel
beautiful) The great part about ecstasy it comes with no commitments, and you ca
n have all the awesome sex (with any gender) you want! Oh and people are really
nice on E and don't judge people or talk down to them!!! I'll take E over religi
ous fervor any day! Screw the dogma, you can get that feeling without it!!
I hope one day you experience what I have. It has nothing to do religion. It's
a relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ. It's not E, just pure love. I truly w
ish you the best with all my heart!! Have a nice day!