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“Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may
obtain mercy , and find grace to help in time of need.”
Hebrews 4.16
Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
God's grace has sustained us through times of trials in the ministry here in Brazil. I have
encouraged our family and church to seek God's grace to change the things we can (and ought
to), and God's grace to turn over to the Lord the things that we cannot change. We have been
seeing souls saved and Christians surrendering to the Lord, and the evil One is working over time
to destroy our families. Praise the Lord for His all-sufficient grace to us and for the power that is
in the name of Jesus Christ, through His shed blood on the cross. Dear Brethren, your faithful
prayers and sacrificial support have allowed us to keep going here. May God supply your every
need in Christ Jesus. Here's a summary of what took place in this past quarter.

SALVATION: Three relatives of Jeferson's (one of

our workers) came to visit him back in January and all
heard the Gospel in our services. I had the privilege of
leading his sister, Aline, to the Lord and, in the same night,
Jeferson led his brother, Adriano, to the Savior, when they
got home after the service. His little cousin (about 8 years
old) attended our Children's Church that night. Jeferson
and his wife, Juliane, were in charge of that activity. He
gave the invitation for salvation, but no kid responded.
When they were about to leave the church, Larissa came
to her aunt (Juliane) and said, “Aunt, aunt, is there still time
for me to ask Jesus to come to my heart?” She got saved
that night, too. What a joy to see the Lord reaching little Jeferson, Aline, Adriano
There were also three decisions of salvation made in February:

Maria was saved at the hospital, and the Lord saw fit to
heal her. Ivone, an elderly lady, attended her great
granddaughter's dedication (you might remember that
dedication from my previous Prayer Letter). That night
she was under conviction but it was only a week later, that
she got saved.

Ivete saw her

sister take her own
life and, as she
was trying to hold
Maria and her brother, her body, she
Aguinaldo fractured 3
vertebrae, and was
bedridden when Rosa and I went to visit her. Long story
short, we had a wonderful service in her bedroom that
afternoon and she was gloriously saved. About 3 weeks
later, Ivete came to our service and gave her solid
testimony of salvation and told us that her whole back
Ivete wearing a back brace
bone had been miraculously restored, which the doctors said would be impossible (Thank God he
is the God of the impossible!).
Then, March 3 came, and Lauro came to our prayer meeting. As he walked in, I knew we had
met before. I thought, perhaps, he had attended our church 5 years ago, but it turned out that
Lauro had been my English student 14 years ago, before
we went to the States on deputation! As a result of a
“shipwreck” in his life, this 72-year-old retired Brazilian
Sea Captain, who had been in command of great ships,
had now “docked” at the Haven of rest, and that night,
Lauro surrendered to the Captain of his soul, and
anchored his soul in the Savior! This intelligent man has
been maturing in the Lord so amazingly. The very night I
led him to the Lord, I shared a passage of Scripture with
him and he began to explain back to me the spiritual
application of It - not bad for someone who told me he
had read the Bible twice in his youth and had no
Lauro, invited by Honorata to understanding of what he read whatsoever! Due to his
church current business, Lauro travels quite a lot, but every time
he is in town he is a blessing. When he is away, we
communicate via e-mail or text message and it always rejoices my heart to learn that he prays
and feeds on the Word of God daily.

NEW CONVERTS: Altino and Vaneiza are new

converts who lived in our town for about 6 months, as she
was doing internship for her medical training at our local
University. They had a great testimony of faith and of
God's blessings in their lives – a real encouragement to
us. By their own testimony, our ministry here was a great
blessing to them as here they heard the Word of God
being taught and preached with clarity and purpose,
whereas the church they came from the Gospel was given
but no discipleship was provided to new Christians. So,
we praise the Lord that we were able to influence many
lives these 5 years we have been here. Some have
moved away, some have passed away, but many have been touched with the Truth of God.

DISCIPLESHIP: Izolete had been invited to attend

a Baptist church by a lady in our church about 12 years
ago, and that was when she first heard the Gospel, but
rejected the saving Message. This year, however, she
trusted the Lord as her personal Savior! She has been
attending our church faithfully since then, as well as our
discipleship classes. Her husband owns a bar in town,
and is an alcoholic, and neither of her children is saved.
The day I took this picture, Izolete told me that she had
had a wonderful week. Her husband was feeling sick
because of the liquor, and had not put a single drop of
alcohol in 15 days! When he told her that, Izolete was
reading the Bible and told him that the solution was in that Izolete in a discipleship class
Book! We are excited to see what God is going to do in
this family.


participated in a 3-day camp
in January in a farm nearby.
They had a great time. We
also had a family retreat in
another farm which was
blessing to our church folks.
On the last Sunday of February we had our first church service dedicated to our friends. Every
believer was challenged to take one lost friend to the service. We had two professions of
salvation that night, and one man raised his hand confirming that he had been saved and wanted
to dedicate his life to serve the Lord.

In March, I made a trip to my hometown (Porto Alegre) to

take care of some paperwork for our trip to the States in
the fall (furlough). When I was there, I visited a couple of
churches and preached twice. Praise the Lord for the
faithful men that filled in for us while we were down south.

A week later we came back and that following weekend

we had our 4th Evangelistic Conference. We had two
speakers, from Saturday through Sunday. Although there
were no salvation decisions (that we know of), the seed of
the Gospel was definitely planted in some hearts. We are
waiting for reaping. It was such a refreshing time.
Vlademir preaching in his

Jair Lima (front row), our new

Luiz, one of our missionaries also
spoke at the Conference

MISSIONS: On February 7, Izabel, Missionary to

Mexico, came to our church and shared her burden for
the Mexican souls. We are praying for her and hope to be
part of her ministry in the future.

Izabel, Brazilian Missionary to


One of the speakers in our Evangelistic Conference was

Jair Lima. Brother Jair is doing a church planting
ministry in a very needy area of Florianopolis, capital of
this state, some 60 miles from our church. I will be giving
more details about this ministry in my next Prayer Letter.
Our church was so burdened for this Brother's ministry
that we took him on for regular support the following
week. Now our small church supports 5 missionaries and
one seminary student.

Jair, his wife, Sandra, and one of

his 3 sons, Henrique (10)
prayers as we are going through the tiring process of bureaucracy to get all the papers we need
to travel to the USA for our first year's furlough. We have taken care of
some of this paperwork already. We still have more to go. Please pray
especially for the following:
1. Our Visas (Rosa's and mine)
2. For funds to come in for our tickets and rental of a van
for our traveling.
We thank you so much for those who have so graciously given us towards this need. As of now,
we have about 40-50% of our total expenses taken care of.

If you wish to help us financially in this matter, please send your special offering preferably to our
home church, as they are helping us manage all of these specific travel expenses (address
While I was waiting to pick up my sons' passport photos, I got to witness to three Mormons who
own this photo place. They asked me if our sons were going to Disney. I said that the purpose
for those passports was to enter the US as we were missionaries and were going to travel to
many churches. One thing led to another, and I shared the Gospel with them. I did not have
much time as I needed to get back to the US Consulate, but they thanked me because it was the
first time they had had a non-confrontational conversation with a Christian and they also
understood the saving Message. They were interested in visiting my colleague's church in that
town. That Pastor is going to follow up on that contact.
Please pray for ...
• The salvation of Gelci, Osmar, Rafael, Samara, Simone;
• Salvation of Rosa's brother, Tony;
• The spiritual growth of these new converts: Cláudio, Márcio, Izolete, Lauro, Ivete, Simone
F., Maria;
• The training of new leaders;
• Our new sattelite ministry;
• For funds to finish building a house so we can start a new congregation in town;
• For our special furlough needs (paperwork and finances).
The Lord has blessed us with ...
• Souls saved.
• Godly wisdom.
• Spiritual growth.
• Financial needs met.
• Good health.
• Protection and provision.

The LORD hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.
Psalm 126.3
God bless you all abundantly.
Vlademir Silveira

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