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BSD Racing



Length: 458mm
Width: 305mm
Height: 165mm
Wheelbase: 335mm
Tyre size: 110x43mm
Ground Clearance: 30mm
Brushless Motor: RC 540KV:2230
ESC: Brushless 80A

Instruction Manual

Advanced 4WD Drive System.

Factory Assembled & Ready-to-Run.
High Performance Brushless Motor and ESC.
2 x 3200Mah 7.4V 20c Li-Po battery.
Oil Filled Dampers.
2.4GHz Proportional Radio Control System.
Quality Bevel Gear Differential.
Aluminium Alloy Drive Shafts.

This Century UK- BSD car is very tough, but it is not indestructible. In common with all R/C
cars, stresses and vibrations can cause screws and fastenings to work loose. It is your
responsibility to carry out regular checks, tighten screws where necessary and generally
maintain the car to ensure optimum performance and reliability.

This high performance radio-controlled car is not a toy. Used incorrectly it is capable of
inflicting serious harm to persons or property.It is not recommended for use by children
under 14 years of age unless supervised by a suitably experienced adult.Please read the
contents of this manual priorto operating. If you are uncertain regarding any aspect of its
safe operation please contact your Century UK - BSD dealer to seek help or advice.

Equipment required for operation

1. Tools required for maintenance:


Do not use a power screwdriver to remove, install or tighten any screws that locate into
plastic moulded parts. The high operating speed of these tools may cause the threads in
the plastic mouldings to be damaged or stripped.

2. Further items required:

8 pcs AA alkaline
batteries for transmitter.
Your car is supplied with a mains operated Ni-MH battery charger. A full charge of the
battery pack will take approximately 7hours. You may also wish to purchase a Fast
charger. If so, we recommend one of the following Century UK Power-Tech chargers:-


X Drive 6


Regularly check all screws and fasteners are secure before operating this model. We
recommended the application of a small amount of thread-lock to screws that work
loose from metal components.

Transmitter Specifications:

Channels : 2
Model Type : Car/Boat
Frequency : 2.4GHz
Power :12V DC (8 x AA batteries)
Charging Port : Built-in (centre pole +)
Low Voltage Warning : Yes (below 9V)


The antenna on the receiver must be

positioned vertically to achieve optimum
range(Figure 1).It must be kept away from
any metallic or carbon components.

Transmitter Operation:
Your Century UK-BSD car features a quality 2.4 GHz radio control system. Under normal circumstances it is
virtually immune to interference from other radio controlled models. All 2.4GHz systems are required to
undergo a process called binding. This is where a receiver is programmed only to respond to commands
from one unique transmitter. The binding process has already been carried out at the factory by default.
Under certain circumstances it may be necessary for a 2.4GHz system to require a re-bind. In this event,
please refer to the following instructions.

1. Ensure you have fresh batteries installed in the transmitter.
2. Insert the bind-plug into the port on the receiver marked: CH3. (Figure 2).
3. Connect a receiver battery (4.8V DC) to the receiver port marked VCC. The two LEDs on the receiver will flash
rapidly, indicating that it has entered the binding mode.
4. Press and hold the bind button on the transmitter, and simultaneously turn on the power switch.Note: The
bind button is recessed to prevent accidental operation.
5. Continue to hold the bind button. After approx. 5
seconds the receiver LEDs will stop flashing, indicating
that binding has taken place.
6. Release the bind button on the transmitter and remove
Bind Button
the binding plug from the receiver.
Bind Plug
7. Connect the steering servo to the receiver and operate
the steering function on the transmitter to test the system.
8. If the test is successful, remove the power supply from
the receiver port marked VCC.
9. The binding process is now complete.

When operating the model, always

comply with the following procedure:

Turn On:
1. Turn on the power switch on the transmitter first.
2. Connect the power supply to the receiver.
3. The receiver LED should illuminate without flashing.

Turn Off:
1. Stop the engine.
2. Disconnect the receiver power supply.
3. Turn off the transmitter.
Failure to comply with this procedure could result
in a total loss of control.

Transmitter Functions:

Dual Rate


Position the car so the wheels are not touching the ground before starting the engine.
Check before you drive that the model is responding in the correct manner to your
transmitter, i.e. moving the steering wheel to left will result in the car turning to the left.
Check the position of the steering and throttle trims before driving, failure to do so could
result in the car not responding to controls as expected.
Check the power level of your transmitter batteries prior to use. Driving with exhausted
batteries could lead to a loss of control.

Keep long hair and loose clothing away from all moving parts of the car.
Look after the car by keeping it clean and free from dust or dirt.


Never drive it close to other people or property.

Never operate this model on public roads.
Never operate this car in the rain, drive through puddles or wet grass. Water could seriously
damage the electronic systems.
Never touch the motor after the car has been driven, it will get very hot.

The steering function

controls the direction of the model.

The trigger function

controls the speed of the vehicle.