Pensions & Welfare policy




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Housing & fuel bills Would force energy companies to introduce 'social tariffs' BNP Ensure that all pensioners are able to live in comfortable homes Lab Ask energy companies to increase the amount spent on social tariffs reducing rates for vulnerable people Lib Winter Fuel Payments for disabled people paid for by delaying age-related payments until people reach 65

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Level of state pension Immediate restoration of the pensions earnings link New citizens pension Restoration of the earnings link with pensions Would raise the basic state pension in line with earnings to help stop the spread of the means test Introduction of a non-means tested Citizen's Pension, linked to the rise in average earnings Re-link the basic state pension to earnings Everyone would receive a basic Citizen's Income

Pension Age Lib Would remove compulsory retirement ages Con Review of the state pension age, to Consider whether the increase in the pension age from 65 to 66 should be brought forward from 2026, but starting no earlier than 2016 for men and 2020 for women Career breaks Recognise the break many people take to bring up children or care for others so that more women entitled to a full basic state pension Company and private pensions New private pensions scheme insurance Seek to simplify the rules and regulations around pensions, to encourage companies to offer 'high quality' pension provision to all employees Voluntary private and occupational schemes, organised for and by the workers and pensioners Concerned, should be implemented Occupational pensions more secure due to Pension Protection Fund End the effective obligation to buy an annuity at 75


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Tax releif Abolition of tax relief on private pension Contributions Lab By April 2011 no pensioner over 75 will pay any tax on incomes under £10,000

Tax credits Lib Would fix the payments of tax credits for 6 months at a time so payments are stable and predictable, with exceptions made on an emergency basis where needed Public sector pensions A new independent Office for Budget Responsibility would do a full review of Public Sector Pensions Con Cap the biggest government pensions, including senior civil servants, local council and quango executives

Local Pension Schemes

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Pensions & Welfare policy

Encourage Local Community Pension Schemes that would invest in the local community and public services

Other welfare benefits introduction of workfare to get people back to work Lib Would make a promise to young people that they will not spend more than 90 days on Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) before they get more training, education, an internship or a work programme place UK Simplification of welfare

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