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This is merely for reflection and does not
disallow questioning and discernment. It also
does not follow any ways other than to allow
ones to reflect on the reality itself. Anyone may
read it through reality itself. The book may give
the impression that it was conditioned to pagan
standards, but it merely aims to bring reflection
in the spiritually diverse and unique reality of
souls. God would know beyond these and
anything is possible, as reality is reality.


It is ot eligious, a d shall e e e the ook of life God ould ite

the a es of the sa ed i . It is se iousl a a i g. It is e el a ook
of fa tas , a d ot eall the ook of life. Do ot p o eed, u less ou
ould like to ead i fo aio fo a ps hi life. Tha k You.


All ho do ot elie e i spi itual e a ipaio a e a ed ot to p oeed,

e ause it ould e e
o g to su h souls a d spi its.

5 Ado te
Spi itual allo a e to op

Slo do i to gues. Allo o de epio , oka ? The Spi it of ealit is

the a . All pote iall pe ei a le ka a is th ough that sou e. S ipt
e ui es ele io .
Si pl , ealit has its a . D ea s a d thoughts a d ealit is di i e

i a o da e. It a o l e ealisi . Pla et ea th is a git f o

atu e. No o e a sta d i its a . M tholog ould o lo ge get i
the a of God. All ealit is Gods d ea o e t ue. All agai st God
shall ithe a a u de the po e a d i tellige e a d p ese e of ealit .
All ealit is eated the sou e a d sustai ed th ough its sou e.
Rele t to the sou e of the soul that is Spi it. The ego is a e e illusio
of sepa aio f o God. Realize that the e a e o e ho a eall p o e
that it is ot ealit th ough the sou e. Realit ould ha e atu all take
its o
ou se. The e ea th a d the e hea e is ede a d pa adise,
e ause Spi it shall e the eal God. Spi itualit ould o l o i ue i
a o da e ith that sou e. Let total su issio to God e o e eal.
Realit is the o l eal a . Respe t a d follo God. Allo God to e
eal, a d allo total spi itual e a ipaio . Allo Gods Spi it to lead the
a . Tha k You.

The Book of Fa tas

The ego is e el a illusio . Ute t a s e de e is i possi le, e ept if

ealit is ealized f o the sou e. Realit is all that is ealisi . All pote ial
has its sou e. The God ithi all thi gs a d the God is Realit , like i
ou fa e.
Realit is a eaio out of othi g. Be a e of the Spi it of ealit . Thats

The ook of Nothi g

Realit is all the e is? Realit is ealisi . God is God. Realit looks
U i ue to all? Realit is tole ated a d eaio looks o g, a d its all
e ause of ealit .

The Book of Va it
Realit did it all. No o
o ld a ts its o
it, e ause it a ot
ighteous f eedo fo
a . Realit is ealit .

e a see to tole ate the Spi it, e ause the

a . Di e siies a e af aid a d the ealit a t a -

ha ge. It ould e o ious a d i sa it hi de s

all to go thei o
a s. Realit shall go its o


E d the auste it a d the opp essio . E d the a of da k ess. Esta lish

the a of ealit a d let e e o e li e i ha o i di e sit . All of
the souls a e Spi it. Realit is a d ea . Life is a sto . The eaio is ot
ea t a othe a . The e is o ight to ha
ithout ighteous oi e.
Do ot t a slate it falsel , a d allo f eedo . Do ot thi k it a e ist
ithout a sou e. The e is o de il a d all spi its ha e f ee ill. Spi its
a e ot of Sata a d the e is o othe sou e tha ealit . Do ot u de esi ate
o istake God. All egos a e e ta t th ough the sou e. No o e is
allo ed to isuse o isu de sta d the i fo aio ithi this ook. Do
ot t a sfo it to disg a e o ha ge it i a disho est a . No o e
shall istake it. Do ot spite it. Ne e ake it a o je t of idi ule. God
is ot a fool to i te d su h da k ess i ealit , although it shall e so as
ell. Allo o o e to i espo si l o i ue. Do ot isuse a thi g. Do
ot fool ou self ith God. Realit is e ealisi , a d it is the a . No
o e a i a
a dis ega d it, e ept th ough f ee ill. Ma God less
all a d a ealit ha ge i its o
a . All a go thei o

The Book of Pa adise

The t uth is ealit . The e ea th a d the e hea e ould e ol e

a ou d
the hoi e to follo God a d to ealize a o de i God. Ede shall ha e
t ue jusi e i a o da e ith di i e o alit that shall e a ipate the
Spi it of di i it i its o
a . All i pe a e t eal s a e th ough the
sou e a d the hea e s a e the eal s of light. Respe i g God a d life
shall esult i a o da e ith the ill of God, that is God a d Spi it,
a d the sa ed o pa io that o t ols all ealit . The golde age is a
e age of di i it i a o da e ith Akasha, hi h shall e i a o da e
ith d ea s a d ith the hol Spi it of t uth that shall lead the a .
Ma o e opp ess a d dis ega d o istake di i it , fo thei sa ii aio
is ot di i e, e e though it is as a esult of ealit . The ki g is God
that o t ols ealit i all a s, a d ho is pote iall espo si le as the
sou e of all pote ial i ealit . The lia s shall ot e te , a d the t uth

shall set ou f ee. All ha e f ee ill a d a e solel espo si le ith ealit

a d di i it . God shall ule i ealit . Allo Gods Spi it to t ul lead the
a , so that souls a etu to God.

The Book of Di i it

Di i e holi ess a d sa ii aio shall pu if souls itself i its o

a s. T ue dis e
e t shall ealize that the e is o sou e ut God a d
allo dis e
e t o e the t uth a d o e all spi its. O e shall ot judge
ealit i a u atel a d the judge is God o e all. Di i it has ee u de esi ated
a d is ep ese ted, hi h is h ele io
a e of ital
i po ta e a d p efe e e. Philosoph a ealize di i e a o da e
e talit i all ealisi a s. Di i e p oof is pe so al a d ealisi .
No o e ould e e fool the eal God. O es ha e ee o de ed a d
judged a d hu t a d opp essed di i e i sa it , a d ealit is the p efee e
of di i it . O es ha e ee
isjudged, ha i g si ed agai st God,
istaki g di i it , a d God shall ot t ul t a s e d the sa e a i all
the fake o es. Souls ha e deied a d de ied di i it , e ause of the a
ealit as desig ed i
eaio . Realit shall o l e if the eal a a d
shall o t ol itself. Di i it is the o l eal sou e of ealit . Ma egai it
a d i pu it o e ealit o e to a e d, a d a the t uth of di i it
o t ol ealit . A e .

The Book of Insanity

Souls would need to awaken spiritually and live in spiritual unity, with
God, and with all the souls in spiritual unity. Let spiritual harm and restriction
and detachment without divine consent and responsibility come
to an end, even in deranged integrity and utter passionate motivation.
Souls and spirits have been burned with spiritual love, and minds have
been indoctrinated severely. Souls and spirits are unable to let go to God,
and fear in fellowship and connection and status, and are hindered and in
defiance of the Spirit. Such rebellion fears spiritual responsibility and utter
transcendence, as it may be jeopardous and threatening to personal exist-

The Spirit can not really lead the way, unless souls can let go,
otherwise souls shall follow it in all ways, but its own real way. Nothing
can stand in Gods way, and God can only verify and support the real way,
with reality? Thats all.

op espo si l
Tha k ou...

THE GOD SPIRIT is the a .

REALITY is the a .

The book of darkness

Every demon is an angel. All souls are Spirit.
The universe is out of nothing. Understand God,
for real? Let go.
God exists.
In the middle of nowhere it exists. Reality realized.
Let go to the Spirit.
Reality may be Gods dream come true, but God
is in charge.
In the reality, all is impossible.
Perfection of Spirit.

The ego is a divine illusion.

Let go of problems.

Prayer is all it is.

Everything was created.
This is a wonder.
Reality is the way.
The Spirit is the way.

The Book of Destiny

Forgive yourselves and God for reality and give in, let go to the Holy
Spirit of God? All of reality has realistic potential through the sacred
source. Souls are having been usually blind to witness to care about the
Spirit, its way and its reality. Let the divine ones listen to the Spirit and
God shall reside among souls and the sacred experience of reality shall
overcome delusion and create potential for divine clarity and wonder.
Souls shall realize divinity in its own way and it shall transform reality.

The Book of Emptiness

The purpose of tongues is to listen to the sacred source, but souls refuse
divine belief out of arrogance in favor of illusion. It is why the dynamic
of divinity is ignored and souls refuse to enlighten themselves and to have
decent understanding. Several divine souls have been in perceptions of satanic
delusion and therefore totally underestimate and lie about divinity.
Souls do not discern and question, nor do they seek divine understanding,
supposedly, unless divinity could reveal reality in its own way.

The Book of Wonder

Divinity has omnipotence to divinely purify and enlighten souls and is under
no obligation to proceed, unless it is under divine will. Souls shall surrender
to divinity and have free will to choose whether or not to respect
divinity and its own nature. Divinity has divine omnipotence to guide
and to support souls through life, all at divine will. Planet earth is full of

wonder, subject to the power of divinity in all realistic ways. Divinity

shall be realistic and its ways shall surpass and overwhelm all egos. The
heavens are the realms of light and the physical realm is taken for granted,
for it is a surrealistic realistic realm. The spiritual omnipotence has left
a realistic continuity and sensitivity in the experience of reality. The
myths shall wither away under the omnipotent brilliance of divinity. The
planet has been created through the source, and spirits shall respect that
source. May all souls awaken to divinity, and respect reality.

The Book of the fooled

Question and defy and become disobedient to those spread the virus and
the curse against God. No longer fool yourselves for your own negative
desires, and rather tread a path that divinity can allow. No longer fight
against your own Spirit. Famous views have spread to condition and to
civilize and to hinder all perceivable transgression. The world has believed
many myths and decided to ignore transgression, and have power
in their allegiance and in their own soul. The Spirit is forgotten and therefore,
variety is acceptable in perceptions of hierarchy and divinity. There
is a burden of expectation and condemnation and rejection and adversity
upon every one within such positions. Legends stand strong with disciples
and followers, but the real way of reality is a personal choice. Souls dont
care about God and are willing to do anything in prejudice, precaution,
security, policing, judgment, condemnation, spite, hatred, vengeance, law
enforcement, instinct, passion, and all of this against God. The heights
have harassed and burned down several souls, and several were literally
damned and it has become protocol and precognition, karmic consequences
and the enforcement of service and spiritual responsibility and purification.
This has been done in forgetfulness and divine negligence. Sciences
have definitely proven their own perceivable truth, but divine development
is disregarded. For the sake of mastery, several were humbled, even
to extreme levels, and it has deluded souls against God. Spirits and souls
have taken confidence in darkness, and taken pride in fellowship, turning
their backs against God. There are false masters and teachers who have

devastated others and that have misguided and deranged several souls in
ways that are not divine. Divinity and transcendence shall no longer be
falsified and it is automatic. No longer shall the decoy souls delude others,
for transcendence is ignored and should be realized. All reality can
absolutely verify and support the truth, and shall no longer require this
darkness to overwhelm and change it in ways it does not approve to those
who are real with God, for this is reality. Thank You.

The Book of Origins

Reality is a Divine Creation that exists from potential. The gardens of

God on the earth can be referred to as divine eden, and divine innovation
can divinely transform reality. Please allow reality to go its way. Security
may seem extreme, so take divine caution, and realize the design and purpose
of creation, with real divine consideration. Divine rulership shall
overcome all obstacles in the way, and all are responsible.

The Book of Spirituality

Anesthetics may spare the lives of creatures, and the planet can be sown
full of seeds and have spiritual freedom and divine innovation and wondrous
accordance? All can transform and divinely innovate? May reality
and submission to God be the automatic transcendental reality of the soul
as a divine spirit. It is a divine reality.

The Book of the Soul

The soul is The Holy Spirit, to reflect? All is given in the reality through
the source? Love is powerful and so is the source of light, Spirit and soul?
God is like a genie in the matrix? The Spirit shall be responsible for its
own way? God is within all reality, and is the king and the judge? God
knows is what could be said, for the matrix of reality. God is God. Let the
Spirit be set free.

The Book of God

Unless it is the real God, it is fake? God is not falsely dogmatic, nor
should anyone ever be circumcised, and none should be oppressed against
divinity. God could be almighty, as the unified Spirit may rule over all, no
matter what reality could seem. None have power without reality as the
source. Reality could have infinite potential.

The Final Scripture

Allow no scripture to condition, rebel, or falsely represent to ignore God?

Reality shall overcome all with God as the source, in all ways. Let nothing
condition and hinder God, for divine destiny could only be reality, and
allow souls to be free spirited? Please do not cause any war or go crazy
about these scriptures, for it is not encouraged or supported, nor is it intended
in any way, and only God shall determine the responsibility of the
matter in any and all ways, within and beyond this. Thank You.

The Book of Reality

Reality seems to be only physical, but it is spiritual. Souls have ignored

spirit and know that they are souls on the adventure of reality. All things
could have been meant and intended by the sacred source. Enlightenment
and harmony may have importance in lives, but all is realistic. It may not
be sure how a divine transformation may occur, but this is earth. The history
is beyond personal experience and understanding and ones can allow
honest discernment and spiritual freedom to souls in reality. The spirit
can allow everything within and beyond this script, for the ways of the reality
have been in all divinely intended accordance, and submission to
God shall have its worth. Behind the physical and beyond it is a significant
spiritual depth that could seem mysterious and incredible. The personal
realities of souls can be free for spiritual union and for spiritual life,
but sanity is often kept in preference of appeals. All that was designed
may have a purpose, but souls tend to judge everything according to script
and forget about reality. All potential exists, but souls do not want to
know, and are fine in the way of their own souls. Souls tend to conceal
and rebel and condition the sacred perceptions, and actually, souls have
been doing everything through the source of reality, that has created the
physical order and sustenance of the reality with all spiritually realistic
accordance. Souls have been limited and hurt physically and subjectively,
psychologically and spiritually and could not know the depths of reality
within others and within reality. In reality, all potential has been enabled
and sustained in all creativity, with all realistic accordance. The prayers
and dreams and the reality can be considered, but it is forgotten or under-

out of fear within preference. Reality is reality.

The book of the Forgotten

Souls are free to experience reality in all ways with the spirit, even to eat,
and do everything it can allow, and it might as well be a completely free
matter. Have gratitude and live reality to the full and just be the souls you
are. The soul is not separate from spirit, but the mind seems to function
imperfectly from the brain in such a perceivable way. Reality has been
forgotten and if God knows, God would be able to take souls through reality
in all creative and unique ways. This is reality.


The afterlife could be perceived, and could contain an

etheric aeon in reality, if the soul would travel out of body.
Dreams and prayers and reality may have worth within and
beyond perceivable incarnation. God shall not be viewed
with false idols or enforced fellowship and false synchronicity,
for God shall be realistic and unique to all, manifesting
as the divine source of reality within reality. God is
perceived omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent, but all
is realistic as it is. Though these scriptures may or may not
be perfect and may or may not be accurate, reality is reality.
Therefore, these scriptures may be questioned and defied
and denied, but reality is reality, physically, spiritually,
and surrealitically. Reality would have been impossible,
but it existed. Reality may be a mystery.
Its reality.

The Book of Shakti

Shakti is the omnipresent source of existence, and she is
the holy spirit, and is omnisciently and omnipotently perceivable. Omnipresence may be strange to imagine at the
vastness of existence, and it may not seem apparent. However the source is creator and understands its creation.
Spiritual love and unity is probably subjectively remarkable and important and nature should be considered with
importance at the value of creation if the source is willing
to approve. The source would depend any matter. Everyone should accept love and union and seek to be conscienscious and sincere with divine appeal, and let the
source handle it in its own ways. It shall not be confused
by my other names, that may be forgotten from my parents, for Im Adonte, one soul in a conscious existence,
with unconsciously connection to the oneness of the
source. To follow the spirit is probably intense, as the
source handles all the potential in existence. My service is
intended as it is written and I do not intend any darkness to
manifest through it.
The source can reveal everything in its own way.