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Lesson Plan 11.18.


5B.1 SWBAT combine ir and prepositional phrases to talk about
where/when/with whom/how often they go places
5A.3 SWBAT identify and use 5 interrogative words

Hacer Ahora (10 min)

-Identify 4 places.
Write in Spanish:
1. You go to the pool when it is hot.
2. I never ride a bike on Sundays.
3. I go to the library sometimes.
4.They play sports in the spring.

INM (10 min)

-TW go through notes and example problems

GP (40 min)
-(15) Listening pop quiz. TW read three different passages and
students will have to answer 9 questions in complete sentences
on their own paper. They can use their notes. Then we will switch
papers and correct.
- (20) Students will independently write a paragraph about 2
activities they like to do. They will have 8 minutes to write the
paragraph. They need to answer at least 5 questions –what,
when, where, why and with whom. Then they will get with a
partner and read their paragraphs. Their partner will have to fill
out an answer sheet in complete sentences about their partners
paragraph. They are turning in 2 answer sheets and both
paragraphs for a classwork grade.
-(15 min) Fly Swatter to review vocabulary

IP (10 min)
-SW begin homework. Write a 30 word paragraph about an
activity you like to do that you haven’t written about yet. Include
enough information to answer what, when where, how often and
with whom. Pick up homework grade.

Closing (5 min)
-Complete exit slip.

-fly swatter game
-2 overhead