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Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot Script

[Spencer's barn]
The girls are in the barn drinking and having fun when the lights and music are turned of
Spencer: It must be the storm.
A creak is heard from outside
Aria: Something's out there!
The barn door opens slightly
Hanna: Guys!
Alison jumps out and the girls scream!
Spencer: So not funny, Alison!
They all laugh and sit down in a circle
Hanna: Ali, did you download the new beyonce?
Alison: Not yet
Emily: I'm loving her new video!
Alison: Maybe a little to much, em.
she hands alcohol to aria
Alison: Your turn
Spencer: Be careful Aria, take to much you'll tell us all your secrets
Alison: friends share secrets, thats what keeps us close. Drink up!
Morning now and only Emily, Aria and Hanna are in the barn
Aria: Em!
Hanna: Where's Ali and Spencer?
Aria: We dont know.

Aria: Ali!
Spencer: She's gone.
Aria: What do you mean she's gone?"
Spencer: I've looked everywhere. I think I heard her scream.
[Flashback over]
[Aria and her mom, Ella in Aria's bedroom]
Ella: Aria, are you okay?
Aria: Its weird being home
Ella: It's been a year, and when your sixteen, thats a long time
Aria: I still think about her everyday
Ella: Why dont you call your friends. They don't know we're back from dad's sabbatical.
Aria: In the news, they're calling it the anniversary of Alison's dissapearance. Like its a
party or something.
Ella: Why dont you give them a call. You five were inseperable and those feelings don't
just go away.
Aria's brother, Mike passes by the doorway
Mike: I need a ride to lacrosse
Aria: I'll take him.
Aria and her mom go downstairs to where her dad, Byron and Mike are
Byron: You have lacrosse today?
Mike: It's first tryouts and all my stufs in about a hundred boxes!
Ella: A hundred?
Mike: You know what I mean

I'm still keeping your secret Byron: I meant are you okay with Alison Ella and Mike enter again and Aria and Mike walk out and drive away Ella: And they're running of to practice. Ella and Mike exit leaving Byron and Aria Byron: So I know coming back here brings back alot of memories. we are officially home. six? Aria: Okay. I'm gonna grab some food. what time am I picking you up at? Mike: Um. before I went to Amsterdam. Great City! Aria: So do you go to hollis? Man: Just graduated.Ella: Come on. I'm gonna start my first teaching job. lets go look in the garage. . [Aria and Mike are in the car in front of the high school] Aria: Mike. [Pub] Aria: Can I get a cheese burger please? Bartender: You got it Aria sees a missing person sign for Alison Man: You alright down there? Aria: I'm a bit jetlagged. I just got back from Europe Man: Where in Europe? Aria: Iceland Man: I spent some time in reykjavik. you okay? Aria: Dad.

whats your major? Aria: I'm leaning toward English Man: That's what I'm teaching Aria: Well and I'd wright too but so far its mostly personal. how much? . is this me? Hanna: or is it a little too much your mother? Mona: I am loving those glasses. its pure passion. great taste in music. Maybe you'd let me read something of yours? Aria: Yeah? You'd really want to? Man: Yeah! You're smart. Your lucky. I'd like to know more about you. Man: I'm impressed Aria: Why Man: I tried writing. you've travelled. I love this song! Man: B26. if you're writing for yourself. I think I'd like to teach.Aria: Yeah. just for me. Aria and the man hook up in the bathroom [Rosewood Mall] Hanna try glasses Hanna: Can I see the Prada's in the front? Salesman: I'll have to put some in the back Hanna: But they're all maybes Mona arrives with a scarf around her neck Mona: Hey. Aria: I'd like to know more about you to. I didnt get very far.

I like to stay busy. and in your lesuire moments you facebook and tweet. I mean your interning for the mayor. Spencer: Did you see the paper today? Hanna: Yeah Spencer: She's gone but she's everywhere. Hanna: Its called a summer vacay. Spence. Spencer: You know me. Hanna: Can't believe its been a year Spencer: Do you remember what Ali said that night? About out secrets keeping us close? Well I think it was the opposite. tweet.Perfect? Spencer: He's a med student so everybody's thrilled! Hanna: Then that's not the right top! You need to turn heads! Spencer: Away from Melissa? Please! .Hanna: 350 Hanna sees Spencer who is looking at clothing Hanna: I'll be right back She approaches Spencer Hanna: I cannot believe Spencer Hastings actually has time to shop.Perfect find Mr. Spencer: Yeah and you spent yours sunning and shopping! Hanna: Tweet. taking classes at Hollis and redoing the barn. meeting Melissa's fiance! Hanna: Did Ms. Hanna: So! What's the occasion? Spencer: Family dinner.

Aria: Look. I hope so too. I dont want to be late! Byron: I love you Aria! You know that right? Aria: Yeah.Hanna: She doesn't always have to win. [Hanna heads toward the exist with the stolen glasses on her eyes] Police: Hey Miss! Forgot your bag. Mike leaves the car] Mike: Later. Mike and Byron parked in front of the school. See you on the playground! Spencer: See you. Aria gets out of the school and her dad drives away . i know. Byron: And you know that I love your mom Aria: Do you? Byron: I made a mistake. it's the first day. Hanna: Thank you! [Mona comes out of a hallway] Mona: I so thought you were busted! Hanna: Nice scarf! Mona: Nice glasses! [Aria. See ya! Byron: Good Luck. okay? And I will be sorry about it for the rest of my life. Aria tries to leave but her dad calls her back Byron: Hey. I just hope that someday you will be able to forgive me! Aria: Yeah.

remember? Emily: That's what we had to do.*Aria has a flashback* Mona: Aria! Hey guys! Alison! Aria: Hey! you hear Mona? Mona: Hey Aria! Aria: Maybe we should wait Mona: Hey. Is she ever gonna get a clue!? Come here. Emily. Aria and Alison run away from Mona and go onto a trail where they fall in front of a car Alison: Hey. It's so weird running into you here! Aria: Oh. Emily: You wore it well. you had a pink stripe in your hair.. you should have called. Well we kind of lost touch. Aria: Yeah. Emily: I almost didn't recognize you. what a loser. thats what happens when your parents want you to be yourself but you dont know who you are yet. Aria: I saw a poster of Alison yesterday . I think that the last time we saw each other. guys! Alison: My god. isn't that your dad's car? Byron and one of his students are making out in the back of his car *Flashback End* Emily: Aria? Aria: Emily! Emily: When did you get back? Aria: Hey. Yesterday..

I mean we all know she's dead right? Aria: I've just never heard anyone say it. we all fell out of touch with eachother Spencer walks in to.Emily: It's awful. talk about a makeover Hanna waves to the girls then turns her head Aria: What's up with her? You two fighting? Emily: We didn't just lose touch with you. Ezra: Holy Crap! Everyone looks at Aria who sees him. Aria. she smiles shyly to Hanna Emily: They're not so close with eachother to Aria: So they're friendly but not friends The new prof. comes into the class and writes his name on the board. Her phone rings which is quite embarrasing . Aria: Thats Mona? Emily: Can you believe it? Aria: Wow. [Class Room] Emily: So I hear the new teacher's really hot! Hanna walks into the classroom Aria: Is that Hanna? Emily: She's the 'it' girl now. He turns around and it turns out it is the Man that Aria hooked up with at the bar. He turns around and realizes. Mona comes next Emily: And where there's Hanna there's Mona.

Pam: Oh? Emily: Some people dream of making it out. Alot of teachers do. Emily: I can't believe they sold the house Pam: Just too many memories for the DiLaurentis's! I can't even imagine. Emily: It's just so weird to think of other people living in Alison's house Pam: I know honey Emily: Aria's back Pam: Does she still have that pink hair? Emily: No mom. I dont think your my property. . Not their property! Pam: Honey.Fitz your new English teacher. she doesn't Pam: You know something? I never really understood that family.Aria: Sorry Ezra: Uh. who is preparing a welcome basket. Pam. I'm Mr. -A Aria: Alison? [Emily's house] Emily is with her mom. what kind of a mother would I be if I let you run around looking like a goth? That kind of style might fly in Europe but it wont get you very far here in Rosewood! Emily: Not everyone dreams of making it here in Rosewood mom. but I'm your mom. just ask your dad. Aria reads the text Maybe he fools around with students all the time. why would a mother let her daughter do something like that? Emily: Because they believe their kids are their equals.

[Front of DiLaurentis's house] Emily arrives in front of the house with the Welcome basket in hand. your turn! Ask me anything. my favourite! Emily: It's from my mother. But I dont mind [Maya's Room] Maya: So why aren't you friends with the girl who used to live here? Emily: You ask alot of questions! Maya: How else am I supposed to get to know you? Emily: There you go. Emily notices a picture of a boy on her dresser . Emily: I'm Emily. New girl: You want that? Maya St.K. Emily: It all belonged to Alison Maya: Is she a friend of yours? Emily: She was. a long time ago. foie gros and cornichons.Germain A. you can have anything you want. another question! Maya: Fine.A New girl. That stuf was in my room. Maya: That's all I get? No details? Emily: There were five of us who used to hang out but we dont anymore Maya: Would it be outrageous of me to ask if you'll help with my last few boxes? Emily: Yes. Maya: I figured. a girl comes out of the house. She notices some boxes and pulls a medal out of one. welcome to the neighbour hood! Maya: Thank you! Mm.

.Emily: Is this your boyfriend? Maya: His name is Justin. Emily: He's cute! Maya: He's also three thousand miles away. but not the cello. they're out. I think I am [in front of Spencer's barn] . You totally have the body! My mom's a cellist. Emily: Go Ahead! Maya: You wanna join me? Emily: Okay Maya: First time? Emily: No!. like me! Maya: I bet your good.. Yes Maya: So I'm corrupting you? Are you okay with that? Emily: Yeah.. they're building a studio. Emily: Do you play? Maya: Yeah.. Emily: My boyfriends name is Ben Maya: What's he like? Emily: He's a swimmer. If your a major jock will you kill me if I smoke a little weed? Emily: Now? Maya: I wont if you dont want me to Emily: Where are your parents? Maya: Relax.

we need our own space and mom and dad agree. I gave up my summer because I wanted this! Melissa: Well. Wren arrives out of the barn Spencer: But they promised me Wren: Is everything okay? I'm Wren Melissa: I was hoping you'd be happy for me Spencer: Well you know what they say about hope. I'm moving in for junior year. I'm glad you like it Melissa: And I totally appreciate you letting us move in Spencer: What? Melissa: Wren and I are staying in the barn while we redo my place in the city! Spencer: No. Melissa: Dont worry about Spencer. breeds eternal misery Spencer turns and storms toward the house Wren: Sounds like she was counting on moving into the barn. I absolutely love it Spencer: Thank you Melissa: Honestly. but it's beautiful! Job well done! Spencer: Well. i did the internship. Thats the deal I made with mom and dad! I got the grades. we're a couple now. when mom said you were converting the barn into a loft I couldnt see it. Melissa. she'll get over it . you'll just have to wait Spencer: Why can't you stay in my room? Melissa: Spencer.Spencer arrives when Melissa walks out Spencer: What do you think? Melissa: you have an eye for design.

I said I was thinking about majoring in English. Spencer: Wouldnt make a diference. I'm your teacher now! Aria: I know it's not just me! You feel like this is right for us to! Ezra: That's not true! I just can't [Emily and Maya walking home] Maya: Thanks for walking me home! Emily: It's no big deal. When I first met you I thought. who is this girl? Aria: I'm still that girl! Okay? Nothing's changed. if you want me to say something. I actually like you.[That evening at Spencer's house] Wren crushes a crushes a cigarette while Spencer reads a book sitting in the armchair Spencer: Shouldn't you know better. [Rosewoods High School] Aria walks through the empty hallways. yes it has. I think you're amazing Aria. Your not like Melissa's usual boyfriends Wren: How am I unusual? Spencer: We're late for dinner. . practice doesnt start until four. Thank you for being sorry. Ezra: Yes. I mean you are a med student right? Wren: You'r a bit of a smart-ass Spencer: A bit? Does my sister know you smoke? Wren: Does she have to know everything? I'm sorry that we're moving into your loft. and that's true! Ezra: Look. That's what's unusual. Ezra: You told me you went to Hollis Aria: No. She stops in front of Ezra's room and walks in.

Wren : Tough day at school. . I didn't tell you everything about the girl who used to live here. would you? Spencer gives him the one that it in on the shoulder. Bye. Spencer : Emily. Spencer : Tough field hockey practice. They move back embarrass Maya : See you tomorrow? Emily : Yeah.Maya: I've never had a jock friend before. Wren notices that she masses her neck. is taking a drink in the refrigerator when Wren goes into the house in pair of shorts of bath. Emily sees the garbage men throw the boxes of Ali's stuf away. I guess that makes you my first. [Locker’s room] Emily is opening her locker when Spencer arrives. Emily : She disappeared last summer. Maya: You okay? Emily: Its hard for me to talk about. He takes place behind her. Maya : Alison. Emily opens her locker when she perceives a word. she reads it. Spencer : That looks good on a med school app. Spencer : I bet you say that to all the girls.Is everything all right? Emily : Why wouldn't it be? [Spencer’s Kitchen] Spencer. Spencer : Hey. Wren : I did it 'cause I loved it. in swimsuit. you been hanging out with aria? Emily : Not really. I wouldn't think about her. You wouldn't happen to have a towel. Maya : I'm sorry. Emily : Yeah. it’s signed by A. Maya : But you still do. Maya : That must have been awful for you. Spencer : I thought you guys weren't moving in till next week Wren : Melissa wanted to get settled before classes start. She kisses her near the mouth. Emily : I used to think if I didn't talk about her. Wren : Perfect time for a jacuzzi. She's still missing. Wren : I rowed for oxford. You probably have a fluid buildup in your bursa sac.

Mélissa : Who were you talking to? Wren : No one. Dr. It's all good.Wren : I can help.. She receive an e-mail on its computer. Wren. Ella : Oh. Imagine what that poor family is going through. You know. It’s definitely something I haven't missed. she loves it because you gave it to her. And we're home. Wren begins to mass Spencer. She used to drag that thing everywhere. You know me. Ella : Aren't you? Byron : Well. Byron : Oh. We didn't know anybody else. Ella : Ohh. Ella : Look what else I found.. If anything ever happened to you Byron : Nothing is gonna happen. it is signed by A. Byron : I know it was like a vacation from our real life. I felt like we really bonded when we were away. [Aria’s House] Ella looks into a box and come out two stemmed glasses. Ella : What do you mean? What kind of stuf? Byron : Ohh. You and aria are so much alike. Ella : Found them. but. that's all. Ella : Are you really worried that we will? Byron : It's just easy for stuf to get in the way. A year later. We're good.. we had to connect. Byron : I don't want to lose that. What kind of stuf could get in the way of us? Byron : No. Byron is uncorking a wine bottle. I drove past Alison’s house today. Ella : Well. nothing. Ella. Melissa arrives in the kitchen. I don't think she's happy to be home either. Come here... I'm really surprised that she brought that with us. We're together. Spencer : That's awesome. She gets up to go to look towards the window. Ella : Well. nothing. Byron : Ohh. [Flash Back] [Spencer’s Kitchen] . She sees Melissa and Wren kissing in front of the door of the barn. Ella : I can't. I don't ever want to imagine. [Spencer’s Room] Spencer is reading when she hears voices outside. Spencer : Okay. I think you're happy to be back. We are safe.. I just get a little overly obsessed about work. haven't decided yet. god. Wren : is that all right? Melissa: Wren? Wren leaves Spencer who leaves outside.

which is the one of Alison. girls! Girls : Hi. because if you don't tell her. Come on. Spencer : Alison? [Aria’s House] Aria and Emily sits on a swing chair under the flight of steps of the House of Aria. Spence? I've got my stick in the car. Mélissa : Aren't you supposed to be at Alison’s? Ian : Hi. Hanna takes a cookie. Melissa arrives with Ian hand in hand. her babysitter? Alison : You need to tell your sister. Spencer : What the hell are you doing? Alison : She's gonna find out. you listen to me. Ian : You still need help with your scoop. Any time. I will tell everyone the truth about the Jenna thing. sweetie? I'm being a friend. Aria : Personal? Emily : I really believed she was dead.Alison goes into the house in bikini followed by Hanna and Spencer. Spencer : Outside. Spencer and Alison goes out of the house.. I will. Mélissa : Come on. Aria : From "a"? Emily : You too? Aria : Do you really think it's her? Is it possible? Emily : Only alison could have known. . Spencer : No. Aria : What? Known -. Alison : Are you gonna eat that. ian. Now. Hanna. what are you. Spencer : It was one kiss. Alison : Don't you get it? I'm trying to help you do the right thing. Mélissa : Tell me what? Spencer : Nothing. em. She perceives a fair silhouette. you know that. Alison. Emily : I'm sorry for just stopping by. she is. Mélissa : Ian. Alison: I promise you. [Flash Back’s End] Spencer goes to its window and looks in the room of the house in front of his.known what? Emily : It was.. Emily : Somebody left a note in my locker. Spencer : I thought you were my friend. Aria : No. Alison : Or what? Spencer : If you say one word to my sister about Ian. she's not.

Ashley : Well. I'm staging an intervention. Hanna : So change the story..Aria : Yeah. I have to admit. Ashley : I ran into ella montgomery today. I don't know about you. We are much happier without him. Aria : It's funny.. Emily : Could she really be back? Aria : I think she's playing with us. It's Spencer Ashley : Hanna. it does sound a lot better than the truth. Hanna : Say it enough. even though I grew up here. we all did. Ashley : Hanna. Yes. Emily : Me too. They sit down to eat Ashley : She didn't know your father left. I mean. Why? Agent : Is your mother home? Ashley arrives. Yeah. You grew apart. but. Agent : Hanna marin? Hanna : Yeah. Ashley : It's ashley. You grew up. Ashley : I'm sure there's been a mistake.. They have your daughter on tape Shoplifting a pair of sunglasses. I hate telling that story. Ashley : Let me call you back. I did.. Why didn't you tell me aria was back? Hanna : It's not like we're still friends. Mm-hmm. Hanna : He left both of us. and you'll actually start to believe it. I mean. Hanna receives a text. I left it on your desk. I feel like a total outsider. It's dinnertime. I can't. and.. Agent : I don't think so. Ashley : If that's mona. Could you turn around? The agent handcufs Hanna. What's this about? Agent : We received a call from rosewood mall security. Emily : Why would she do that? Aria : It's Alison that we're talking about here. [Hanna’s House] Hanna and her mother are cooking. honestly. Ashley : "we" didn't get dumped. It was mutual. . Her phone rings she picks up. They are policemen. The bell rings. wasn't that her favorite sport? Emily : Should we tell someone? Aria : I don't. Hanna is going to open. Emily : I'm glad you're back. I did.. Hanna : Nobody needs to know that we got dumped. Hanna : mom.

. we see that she dredges him. Ashley : You will deny you did anything wrong..[Police Station] Hanna is waiting. Hanna : The jenna thing? We made promise. [Hanna’s House] Hanna is in the lounge looking at the information about the discovery of Alison's body . Hanna : But. Emily : Maya! Maya : Emily! Emily : I thought something might have happened to you Maya : I tried to call you. It is signed by A. And neither do I. Aria is in its car when she sees that she stops and get out of the car. Ashley : In rosewood. seeing the bag on the stretcher. Emily : I knew she was back. [In the Street] Emily walks alone in street when she perceives an ambulance managed towards the old Di Laurentis’s house. She runs in their direction when she perceives Maya. I buy you everything you need to be popular. Ashley : This is about your father. Hanna wants to take a candy when she receives a text. Is she inside? Maya : Emily! I'm sorry. What people think about you matters. Ashley : Then why would you risk it all to steal a pair of sunglasses? Hanna. Ashley : I'm taking care of it. We perceive then Hanna stealing in the middle of people. She sees Spencer on the other pavement and goes to her. Hanna : That's not why I do it. Spencer : You don't think she'd ever talk about. Hanna : What's going on? Ashley : Let's go. Hanna : I'm sorry. It was a misunderstanding. The agent goes out of his office followed by the mother of Hanna. Ashley : In a small town like this. Her mother is in the office with the agent. Hanna : Really? They go out of the post and go into the car. We see two agents of the coroner pushing a body in a bag on a stretcher. Ashley : Then why do? This is something you do? Hanna : A few times. Behind them police cars bustle. Aria : I heard the cops take hanna to the police station today. I'll fix it somehow. isn't it? You think this is going to get his attention. They found Alison’s body. Emily : What's going on? Maya : They found your friend. he gets up to close the door... you don't have room to make a mistake. Hanna : I made a mistake. Hanna : I know.

Aria is inside of the church looking through the window. Spencer : Popular in life and death. The discovery of her body rocked this community. I don't-Hanna : Today. And today. Aria : Thank you. Ezra : I'm sorry. And local authorities are coming to terms With the fact a killer is at large in rosewood. Aria : Yeah. she switched of the sound. It is her mother who goes in whirlwind into the house followed by the policeman. She goes away but Ezra catches her by the arm and kiss her. hundreds of mourners gather To say goodbye to Alison dilaurentis. Tonight. The cell of Aria rings. Aria : For alison. Hanna give a phial of alcohol to Emily Emily : No thanks. she stops and observes the coffin when Hanna take her hand. she crosses Spencer and her parents. Dilaurentis: Aria! I'm so glad you came. Aria : Mrs. It's what Alison would have wanted. [Rosewood’s Church] People enter the church. I asked the other girls to sit together up front. Then we see her gone into the church. Hanna hear a noise. Ezra : Was she a friend of yours? Aria : Do you care? Ezra : I don't know what I feel worse about? Having to stay away from you or being a jerk about it. Aria approaches the first rank. But a family spokesperson has confirmed The gazebo was under construction The summer 15-yearold AlisonDilaurentis disappeared. Male newscaster: Thank you. she was one of my best friends. We see Emily arrived with her mother. a journalist is on the pavement of opposite. the family is asking for privacy As they come to terms with the sad ending to a year-long mystery.Télé : The current owners of the residence Were in the process of demolishing the structure To make room for a renovation project When workers made the gruesome discovery. Hanna puts back the sound. Emily : Poor ali. or for being a jerk? Ezra : Both.. I would never want to do anything That would get you in trouble. The girls look at her terrify. ezra. Dilaurentis.. Mrs. Spencer and she take themselves in arms. . Goodbye. They kiss each other and go up stair. Aria : Of course. I think you do. The parents of the deceased were unavailable for comment. She is joined by Ezra. Hanna : Can you believe what a scene this is? Aria : Alison would have loved it. She takes place next to the girls.

A'. Spencer. Aria : Yeah. The agent Wilden go.Hanna : Anyone we know? Aria : No. Minister: The lord giveth and the lord taketh away. my god. Spencer : Do we know you? Wilden : I'm detective wilden. The ceremony is finished the girls go out of the church when the policeman intercept them Agent: Emily. we see Jenna going to a car. we were." are we? Spencer turns around Spencer : oh." . The girls turn around.It's Jenna. This is no longer a missing persons investigation. Aria and hanna.. We see a blind girl sitting with the help of a young man.. How could he? Their phones rings. I will find out what happened that summer. Spencer : We talked to the police when alison went missing. Spencer : "I'm still here. Spencer : They weren't. my god! Hanna : It's from-Emily : I got one too.And I know everything. Mrs. Wilden : And I intend to go over every one of your statements. Dilaurentis : Did you see that jenna marshall was here? I didn't realize she and ali were friends. Aria : Do you think he knows about? Hanna : No. bitches Girls : . The mother of Alison sits down next to them. Emily and I aren't the only ones Who got messages from "a. Wilden : I'm gonna need to talk to each one of you. It's a murder. I understand you were all good friends with the victim. Rest assured. it's just my mom sending me a text. Aria : Oh.