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At the end of the lesson, 80% of the students with at least 75% level of
proficiency shall be able to:
a. Identify the elements of a short story
b. analyze the story “Dead Men’s Path” and;
c. create a storyboard presenting the elements of a short story based on
the “Dead Men’s Path” of Chinua Achebe.


Subject Matter
a. Topic: Dead Men’s Path by Chinua Achebe
b. Subtopic: Elements of a short story
c. References: Achebe, Chinua. Dead Men's Path. Literature: A Pocket
Anthology. Fourth Edition. Edited by R. S. Gwynn. New York
d. Materials: Pouch, Chocolate bars, Paper cut, Cartolina, pencil,
marker, crayons, pictures, and charts
e. Writing Skills: Write the elements of a short story“Dead Men’s Path”
f. Values: Collaboration, Confidence, strong attachment towards
tradition, ignorance over ancestry.


A. Learning Activities
Teacher’s Activity

Student’s Activity

“Good Morning Class! …”

“Good Morning Ma’am!”

“Let us pray first…”

“Our heavenly father…”

now to listen? B. Motivation “Word Chop” Pre. Snickers. ma’am! That’s good have you enjoyed your long Of course ma’am. ma’am. we spent our days weekend of relaxing? bonding with the family. After finding their group.Reading ex Students will have to pick a chocolate bar from the pouch. a sha ac sh o ri rt se vo mi Si me on so to tti su sto li ate ry lu ni im an ca ebe dia ot gra pa te nua di ng re ed de ax re pi po pu the el ch nu era ti at cor obi abi pl ty ri video clip entitled “Five Things” by Flocabulary will be played. logical series of 6 5 events Turning point The main subject of the Chop” from the name itself. Tobler one. Well. Reese. these chocolates are KitKat. they will have to arrange each scramble word that has been chopped inside the upper box and place it on the . planned. Each chocolate bar cl ter per ar pro fal pi ac h correspond to what group they belong.” So how was your sembreak? It was great. That’s good to know. are you ready Yes. The chocolate bar brand determined the name of their group. and Mars.(Checking of Attendance) …say present… (Student raise their hand and say present as the teacher call their names) “Please pick up the pieces of paper (Students pick the pieces of paper) under your chair. (Jot down notes of the facts presented)Then. they will have play the game entitled “Word Letter Clue s 11 To attack the reputation of 4 something.

Final outcome win or regain the good will 12 of conflict in the story is 9 13 13 revealed Person in a work of fiction old-fashioned complications begin to resolve . Answer: 1.corresponding letter box given with the clue. Pivotal 10. Character 14. The first group to finish the game will be called as the winner within the allotted time of 10 minutes. Cordiality 6. Short Story 7. Setting 9. Propitiate 12. Falling Action 10 story Sincere 10 kindness A story affection with a and fully developed theme but less 9 7 7 10 10 elaborate do away with time and location Something depends. Theme 5. Plot 3. Superannuated 15. Denigration 2. Rising Action 13. Climax 4. Eradicate 8. Resolution 11.

Guide Questions: What are Michael Obi's two foremost goals? Why is the path across the school important to the villagers? How is the path used as a symbol in the story In the end. 3. 2. the school is the “ruins of his work. 4. some a more traditional view • He was accepted into the first class of Nigeria’s first university – where he (Students start to read it aloud. Please read aloud the Guide 1. to parents who were converts to the Protestant Church Mission Society • His full name was Albert Chinualumogu Achebe – he and his five siblings all had half-Anglican.” Why has this happened? Yes. half-Nigerian names • He attended several different schools – some giving him Christian & English perspectives in education.) wrote “Dead Men’s Path” in 1953 Pre-Reading As you have a little knowledge about the author let’s proceed to his story.Introduction First. I would like you to know a brief background of the author : About Chinua Achebe • He was born in a Nigerian Igbo village in 1930. questions on the board. ma’am .

He was appointed headmaster of Ndume Central School in January 1949. If you were Mr. It had always been an unprogressive school. He had many wonderful ideas and this was an opportunity to (Students are reading it aloud) . Are you ready to know the story? Now. we will read it all aloud. (the teacher will also post some pictures from the story) Reading Dead Men’s Path By: Chinua Achebe Michael Obi’s hopes were fulfilled much earlier than he had expected. so the Mission authorities decided to send a young and energetic man to run it. Obi accepted this responsibility with enthusiasm. Obi would you let the villagers pass on the school compound knowing that they had this ancestral belief? You will be able to answer the guide questions as we discussed the story “Dead Men’s Path” of Chinua Achebe.5. Everyone should pay attention and you can also use your marker to highlight some important details in the story.

The wives of the other teachers would envy her position. He was outspoken in his condemnation of the narrow views of these older and often lesseducated ones. shan’t we?” he asked his young wife when they first heard the joyful news of his promotion.put them into practice. the queen of the school. “We shall do our best.” she replied. . “We shall make a good job of it. “We shall have such beautiful gardens and everything will be just modern and delightful…” In their two years of married life she had become completely infected by his passion for “modern methods” and his denigration of “these old and superannuated people in the teaching field who would be better employed as traders in the Onitsha1 market.” She began to see herself already as the admired wife of the young headmaster. She would set the fashion in everything… Then. He had had sound secondary school education which designated him a “pivotal teacher” in the official records and set him apart from the other headmasters in the mission field.

but was only for a few minutes. “Which is a good thing. it occurred to her that there might not be other wives. . however. “Why?” “Why? They will give all their time and energy to the school. looking anxiously at him.suddenly.” he continued. On the whole. He was stoop-shouldered and looked frail.” Nancy was downcast. he was not unhandsome. But he sometimes surprised people with sudden bursts of physical energy. she asked her husband. He was twenty-six. For a few minutes she became skeptical about the new school.” he said with enthusiasm which for once she did not share. all his bodily strength seemed to have retired behind his deep-set eyes. but looked thirty or more. “All our colleagues are young and unmarried. Her little personal misfortune could not blind her to her husband’s happy prospects. giving them an extraordinary power of penetration. In his present posture. She looked at him as he sat folded up in a chair. Wavering between hope and fear.

On going up there he found faint signs of an almost disused path from the village across the school compound to the bush on the other side. “I was thinking what a grand opportunity we’ve got at last to show these people how a school should be run. imitating the woman’s magazine she read. A high standard of teaching was insisted upon. Beautiful hibiscus and all Amanda hedges in brilliant red and yellow marked out the carefully tended school compound from the rank neighborhood bushes.” said Nancy after a while. He had two aims.” Ndume School was backward in every sense of the word. and the school compound was to be turned into a place of beauty.“A penny for your thoughts. and blossomed. . and his wife hers too. Obi put his whole life into the work. Mike. Nancy’s dream-gardens came to life with the coming of the rains. Mr. through a marigold flower bed and the hedges. One evening as Obi was admiring his work he was scandalized to see an old woman from the village hobble right across the compound.

” replied the other with a shrug of the shoulders. It is simply incredible.” “That was some time ago.“It amazes me.” said the teacher apologetically. “appears to be very important to them. Although it is hardly used. “that you people allowed the villagers to make use of this footpath.” said Obi as he walked away. “The path. But it will not be used now.” “And what has that got to do with the school?” asked the headmaster. ma’am. . “Well.” He shook his head.” Heavy sticks were planted closely across the path at the two places Yes. “What will the Government Education Officer think of this when he comes to inspect the school next week? The villagers might. decide to use the schoolroom for a pagan ritual during (Students read the story silently.) the inspection. I don’t know. “But I remember there was a big row some time ago when we attempted to close it.” said Obi to one of his teachers who had been three years in the school. for all I know. it connects the village shrine with their place of burial.

it is the path of children coming in to be born…” I think it represents the barrier between Mr. Obi. He was an old man and walked with a slight stoop. Obi listened with a satisfied smile life and death.” teaching and to turned the school compound into a place of beauty. Santos stand up and read the “Look.” replied Mr. Three days later the village priest of Ani called on the headmaster. culture because it is the path to their . He carried a stout walking stick which he usually tapped on the floor. It is essential to their on his face. Our dead relatives depart by it and our ancestors visit us by it. here. Yes. These were further strengthened with barbed wire. The whole life of this village depends on it. “this path was here before you were born and before your father was born. ma’am (Students do the activity) “I have heard.where it entered and left the school premises. by way of emphasis.” he said after the usual (Ms. “We cannot allow people to make a highway of our school compound. Delima stand up and read the question number 3) important. “that our question number 1) ancestral footpath has recently been closed…” He had two aims. my son.” said the priest question number 2) bringing down his walking stick. each time he made a new point in his argument. But most Because the path connects the village shrine with their place of burial.” (Mr. Martina stand up and read the exchange of cordialities. A high standard of “Yes. (Mr.

If you reopen the path we shall have nothing to quarrel about. all we really know about her . Or. Two days later a young woman in the village died in childbed. I have nothing to lose if I will just listen to their request. It is against our regulations. The whole idea is question number 4) just fantastic. Our duty is to teach your children to laugh at such ideas. I would suggest your (Students execute the love clap) constructing another path. Dead men do not (Ms.” This may have happened for no good reason: he may just be unlucky.” modernization as Mr.” said the old priest. “But the school compound Anyway. Obi symbolizes it.” replied listened to the people.burial ground and it was connected into “The whole purpose of our school.” He rose to go. “is to eradicate just such beliefs as that. “but we follow the practices of our fathers. “I am sorry. Physically. he said finally. Brande stand up and read the question number 5) What I always say is: let the hawk perch and let the eagle perch. he may be to blame as he hasn’t really “What you say may be true. Reyes stand up and read the require footpaths. A diviner was immediately prescribed consulted heavy and he sacrifices to Character: (Last Leaf) Johnsy is a young woman from California who has come to New York to be an artist.” said the young headmaster. the priest. I don’t suppose the ancestors will find the little detour too burdensome.” “I have no more words to say. already outside. skirting our premises. We can even get our boys to help in building it. cannot be a thoroughfare. (Ms. I still have to respect the beliefs and tradition of the elders even I have this kind of ambition for my town. Yes.

she is described fence. being the most Now. the however. The beautiful Jackson's time. After you have read it aloud. tractors and taxes". The beliefs are archaic. headmaster. arising in part (Character) · There is no clear central from the misguided zeal of the new character in the novel. so the juxtaposition of the flowers trampled to death and one of happy town. take Men’s Path” of Chinua Achebe? control of the planning and government That’s good! Since you understand the of the farm. I have here paper cut of right pack of dogs and declares that the foot that I will hold and I’m going to start power to make decisions for the farm . but Napoleon. with a traditional belief hedges were torn up not just near the system. Napoleon runs quickly giving two sentences within 15 Snowball off the farm with his trained seconds). the pigs. as a "mite of a little woman. with the ritual inspect the school and wrote a nasty sacrifice is the first ironic contrast in the report on the state of the premises but setting. where people gather at the school buildings pulled down…That street corners to talk of "planting and day.propitiate ancestors insulted by the is that she is small -." Obi woke up the next morning among Setting: (The Lottery) Small town for the ruins of his work. do you understand the story “Dead intelligent animals in the group. Post-Reading their human oppressors and establish a socialist state called Animal Farm. Snowball and Napoleon story. the white Supervisor came to rain. tell something you know about it by just CLIMAX · In Chapter V. now we RISING ACTION · The animals throw will all going to read it silently for 5 off minutes. let’s have a story-telling trail (I will engage in ideological disputes and mention one word then you will have to compete for power. more seriously about the “tribal-war Exposition (PLACE) · An imaginary situation developing between the farm in England school and the village.” the dictatorial pig. path but right round the school. is the figure who _______________________________ drives and ties together most of the action.

Now let’s hear the answer of number 3 from Mr. hoping for a better future. Delima. of Napoleon seconds then he/she will be appointed to continues to consolidate his power. Is that his status as supreme leader. Please read and answer number 1. the clear? common animals continue to obey the pigs. and you will continue the story and FALLING ACTION · Squealer emerges another person will hold it and passed to to justify Napoleon’s actions with skillful another then do the same. Jones. the common animals versus Very Good! How about the number two. (3. Martina. Snowball versus Napoleon. (2. How is the path used as a symbol in THEMES · (Story of Aged Mother) the story) “A mother’s love is something that no one can explain. and if but someone can’t make it within duplicitous 15 Animalist reinterpretations principles. (1. the eliminating his enemies and reinforcing game will end in 15 minutes. It is made of deep devotion and of sacrifice and pain. RESOLUTION (Soul of Great Bell) When Ko-Ngai sacrificed herself to make the great bell and save her father’s life. it is . Animal Farm versus the neighboring humans. What are Michael Obi's two foremost goals?) MAJOR CONFLICT · the animals versus Mr.the story. Why is the path across the school important to the villagers?) Excellent! It seems that you really understand the story. Our first lucky student to answer the first question is Ms. Let’s now answer the guide questions. I’ll be passing it to one of you will be exercised solely by the pigs. Santos? the pigs. POV (The Cask of Amontillado) The narrator speaks in First Person Point of View. Mr. answer one of the guide questions.

(4. the school is the “ruins of his work. let’s proceed to the elements of a short story. Brande.” Why has this happened?) Very good! And now for the last question. (During the discussion the teacher will ask some students to give their example on each elements of short story) . Obi would you let the villagers pass on the school compound knowing that they had this ancestral belief?) Very Good! Please let’s give them a “LOVE CLAP” C. Bravo! Then in question number 4 please read and answer it Ms. (5.endless and unselfish”. Reyes. In the end. If you were Mr. please read and answer. Lesson Proper Now. Mr.

seasons or weather to provide a strong sense of setting.  A plot is a series of events and character actions that relate to the central Sample: conflict. scenery. From (Plot Structure) yesterday’s “Animal Farm by George Orwell” topic: .  The setting of a short story is the time and place in which it happens. who takes part in the action of a short story or other literary work. Authors often use descriptions of landscape. buildings. or sometimes even an animal. A character is a person.

against the forces of nature. The main character is usually on one side of the central conflict. the main character may struggle against another important character. or even against something inside him or her (feelings. Point of View is defined as the angle from which the story is told.  illness). characters and the . against society. emotions. IV. Generalization a.  The theme is the central idea or belief in a short story. On the other side. Expository – setting is revealed. The conflict is a struggle between two people or things in a short story.

1. Mood. Resolution –final outcome 5% or Clarity/Neatness 5% untangling of eventsCooperation in the story. . Climax –the highest point of interest. Evaluation Choose the correct answer to the question. The feeling or atmosphere created when reading a story is called the a.b. Conflict. Rising Action. Pentel pen. Each group will need a Cartolina. Grammar 15% e. Falling Action. 25% Creativity 25% c. (Students do the activity) VI. Each group will create their own Story Board base on the extract plot they had from the story. crayons /pastel to make their own storyboard. Application The student will find and go to their respective group. b. Rising Action –where the events in the story become complicated RUBRICS and the conflict in the story Content is revealed. Falling action – events and events complications begin to resolve them. and Resolution and it will also be written on the lower part of their drawing. Climax. The time allotted for them to make the storyboard is 25mins and 5 minutes to present their work in the front. V. Sequence of the 25% d. This plot structure containing the: Expository.

Conflict. 3. b. . 4. Climax. 2. d. Climax. b. Conflict. Rising action. The most exciting part of a story is called the a. Theme.c. Conflict. Climax. d. The moral or lesson to be learned in a story is called the a. Mood. Falling action. The plot of a story starts off with a a. Setting. d. Resolution. c. b. c.

5. Theme. Prepared by: Aeia Joy Minas III. Sequencing. VII.English . Write it in a yellow paper. Analyze the theme of the story Dead Men’s Path by Chinua Achebe. Assignment Analyze the 5 key elements of the short story "A Good Man is Hard to Find" by Flannery O'Connor's. d.c.