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Mable Wyche Underwood Grant

Application 2016
Purpose: To allow building level library media specialists who are members in good standing of
GLMA to develop, design, implement, or continue an ongoing program, which promotes the use
of the library media center in the instructional program.
Award: The award shall consist of 2 grants from $400-$600 for school library media specialists at the
building level.
1. Recipients must have been a GLMA member for two years before applying for the grant. 2.
Grant requests must be typed and may not exceed the length of the form. They must not
include additional materials.
3. Grants will be judged by the following criteria:
a. Quality
b. Innovativeness (Interpretation: a packaged commercial program that can be
purchased could qualify as long as its application is innovative.)
c. Clear objective
d. Benefits of Project to Students
e. Budget
f. Evaluation Plan
4. Grant recipients must agree to participate in a concurrent workshop along with other
grant recipients at GLMA Summer Institute to share the merits of their projects. It is
intended that each grant recipient will make only a 15-minute presentation. Should a
grant recipient choose to present a whole concurrent program independently, the
recipient would not be expected to participate in the joint presentation.
5. Grant recipients may not apply again for another grant for five years. 6.
Grant award checks will be mailed to recipients.
7. The Selection Committee will consist of five library media specialists appointed by the
Board of Directors. The chair of the GLMA Awards Committee shall be included in this
8. Application deadline is May 20, 2016. All grants must be postmarked and received by
that date. Faxes will not be accepted.
9. The Selection Committee will meet during Summer Institute to select recipients.
10. Only the names of grant recipients will be posted on the GLMA website at Grant recipients alone will be notified by
email. 11. Grant checks will be made out to the recipient's school.
12. Unexpended funds must be returned to GLMA, Inc. in the event that the grant recipient is
unable to implement the conditions of the grant.
13. The GLMA Executive Office must receive a final written evaluation of the success of the
project no later than May 1 of the year following implementation or a fee of $100 will be
billed to the principal. The evaluation should include the number of students affected,
impact on student learning, a list of itemized expenses, and recommendations for
improvements of the project.

Mable Wyche Underwood Grant
Application 2016
My School is an
Elementary School

Grades/Age of Students:


Middle School

Grades/Age of Students:

6th-8th /11-15 yrs__________

High School

Grades/Age of Students:


Other (specify: _______________) Grades/Age of Students:


Title of Project: ________________________________________________________________
Brief Description of Project
List objectives and describe benefits to students

Objective 1: Students will have headphones with microphones to
use for an intervention program. Objective 2: Students will have
audio and voice access to an individualized education program
that is tailored to their learning needs. This grant will provide
headphones for 20 computers that are located in the school
library media center. The headphones with microphones will allow
the school library media specialist the opportunity to assist
classroom teachers with instructing students on an intervention
program called “iready”. The headphones will allow up to 20
selective students to use computers in the school library for
educational purposes.
Describe how the money will be used

_The money will be used to purchase a total of 20 headphones
with microphones. The headphones will be housed in the school
library media center so that any student who uses the facility can
use them. The headphones will be purchased for Office Depot.
The Logitech H340 USB Headset, Black Item # 221605 will be
purchased. Each headphone cost $29.99 plus an additional $7.99
per pair for a two-year warranty. The total cost for the headphones
and warranty is $759.60 plus tax ($60.77) and shipping ($14.99).__
Total: _$835.36____________________________

Evaluation Plan
Briefly describe how you will evaluate the project

_The project will be evaluated by monitoring and documenting the
time that each student is actively in the program. As of now
students are experience difficulty with headphones while in the
program, which directly impacts their actual time spent on the
intervention program. The school library media specialist will
monitor the students while they are using the headphones. She
will also check the devices to make sure they are working
Signature of Media Specialist: _Dr. Deldra McCord
Signature of Principal: Mr. Sean Middleton

Applications must be postmarked and received by May 20, 2016.
No faxes will be accepted.
Criteria for Judging
Innovativeness Clear
Benefits of Projects to Students
Evaluation Plan
Return 6 copies of this typed form to:
Grants Chair
GLMA Executive Office
2711 Irvin Way, Suite 111
Decatur, GA 30030

Name: __Dr. Deldra McCord _________________ GLMA District: ___Richmond_____________
See district map at to determine your district

Position: _School Library Media Specialist __________________________________________
School Name & Address:

__Murphey Middle School 2216 Bungalow Road Augusta, Georgia
School Phone: 706-737-7350 ext 111______________ Home Phone: 706-361-2367___________
Email Address at School:
Email Address at Home: ________________________________
Your media specialist has applied for a GLMA grant. If awarded the grant, he or she will be
expected to turn in an evaluation of the grant by May 1, 2017. The evaluation should address the
number of students affected, impact on student learning, a list of itemized expenses, and
recommendations for improvement of the project. Failure to turn in the evaluation will result in the
school being assessed a $100 fee payable to GLMA by your school. By signing below, you are
agreeing to pay this fee on behalf of your school if your media specialist fails to turn in an
evaluation by May 1, 2017.
Signature of Principal: ___Sean Middleton _______________________________________
Principal's Name: (typed or clearly written): ____Sean Middleton ________________________
Principal's Email Address (typed or clearly written):
Signature of Media Specialist: _Deldra McCord________________________________________

Do not write in this box. This box is for the GLMA Grants Chair only.

GLMA member:
_____ 2014

_____ 2015

_____ 2016