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The Speech

Topic : “Strategies for Learning English Successfully”
Assalamualaikum wr. Wb/ Good morning/afteroon/evening/night.
My name is Novia Ambarwati, i am 16 years old and i’m from MAS Nurul Ummah
Pulau Ende. Thank you Allah for bringing me here to speak with you guys and share
knowledge to all of you. I’m so gratefull to be standing in front of you, gudges, and good
energy from audience makes me feel more confident than ever.
As all you know, we live in such a beautiful country with all of the blessing god’s gifted.
We can expose whats already have been ours to around the world. But we need a company
that has alot of link out there. And how to get the link out there is by learning International
Language. Yes, English! We need to do it from we are young, start in a kindergarten maybe or
at home with our parents. I know some of you have the gift to be able to speak english
fluently, but some of you don’t. What i’m about to say right now is that i have some tips to
share to y’all how to learn and can speak english fluently, and be success project we hoped
A lot of you having a hard time learning English at school by memorizing all of the
lessons we had before, which is not just English, right? It can be Math, Biology, Chemistry,
Physic which is so frustrating to accept them in our brain, ‘cause we are just human that are
just growing their brains in the right way. Sometimes we feel the pain and get bored of
school. But these are some tips, actually Fun Tips i’d like to give you all on How To Learn
English Fluently by not getting bored.
First, play along the english words or sentences by making a joke in a conversation or
else with a friends in daily life. Everyday routine can make your brain memorize strongly
than usual. For example, you can mak a joke with your friends in school or at home or
anywhere else. Like this, “ Why is 10 afraid of 7? The answer is because 7 8 (eight/ate) 9
:D“. Or it could be something like make a quiz. “ i am blue, sometimes i change green, i have
a lot of animal inside of me, some flowers too and i’m in heavy volume. What am i? And the
answer is Sea”. It is so fun to learn english by making a quiz with a friends like this, am i
right? So it won’t be a stressful way to study new thing.
Secondly, having a lot of listening to the english music. Know the lyrics and the meaning
of the song can make us has a lot of knowledge about the vocabularry. Beside that we know
about the methapor, allegory in english. But as usual you have to do it in daily range, not just

Wassalamualaikum wr. I hope so. what is it like over there? Is it so different in here? Hows the people over there? How the season is going on now? Is it beautiful too? Or else. It is so important to sing along too. the way the movie goes. Next step is we rewatch it without using the subtitle and we have to do it atleast three times. but we learn how to speak the words. our knowledge just not get wasted or fade away. Thats it for today. So. Isn’t it easy to learn english this way? Lastly is we speak with foreign people using english.wb. i hope i see you all in the next moment on the crowning stage holding a trophy with the Winner stamp on it. . the plot. sentences in a conversation inside the movies fisrt. good day everybody. We have to practice what we have learned before. I hope my tips help you all that is listening right now to be able to speak english fluently and have a wide knowledge about speaking in English. then we found what the movies is all about. We don’t just watch movie without subtitle in the first place. So we will actually know the meaning of the movie. Because we would able to speak the right words and the pronounciation in the right way possible. Let’s just say that you want to ask about the country that he/she lives. It will absolutely help you to increase your ability to speak english fluently. We can go to public places and find a foreign people and boom! We ask if he/she wants to have a conversation with you. the or two times. we get a new vocabularry and knew the right pronounciation. The third one is watching western movies without using subtitle.