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Artist’s Statement

In this course and beyond, the word art shows up a countless number
of times in our lives. Despite a clear definition of the word art in the
dictionary, we can’t say what art is and what it isn’t with any level of
certainty. As I’ve expressed in my manifesto and other works, to me, art is
one of the most important parts of the human existence, with its
unparalleled power to connect us beyond the superficial by bringing insights
of ourselves into the daylight. As we travel through the avant-garde, “is this
art?” shows up in every discussion of any given work. Thus, with “art is,” I
aimed to give an example of what art is in my eyes in a visual manner that
could spark discussion about the idea.
On the most basic level, “art is” is a collage of different works of art. Of
course, these aren’t your typical Rembrandt’s and Picasso’s. Rather, I
selected a variety of pieces that aren’t considered art by some or others.
Some are parts of daily life while others are of artists that were so markedly
avant-garde that their works’ artistry was questioned. For example, I have
included Kazimir Malevich’s Black Square. The work shows a black painted
square on a white canvas. Malevich was a member of an artistic movement
known as Suprematism, which focused on the “supremacy of pure artistic
feeling” rather than representation. My ideas about art are almost
completely based on Suprematist works, where the feeling and creative
expression are valued above all else and ambiguity is king. Many struggle to
find art in a geometric shape, but that’s what makes the Suprematist work so

it successfully communicates what I need it to. my argument is fairly clear: art is a lot more than you think. but not the plastic grocery bags that say Thank You repeatedly? What makes the food at a 5-star restaurant art. This is especially true for something like what I’ve constructed which is a collage with some text. What makes an Apple product art. the goal is to spark discussion rather than be renowned for being beautiful or perfect or anything of the sort. Some of the pictures may not be the most perfect and the colors may not work together perfectly. but if it can get someone talking about what art is. it is art. “art is” is meant to be a form of conceptual art that is grounded on ideas above anything else. Therefore. since it is a form of creative expression. it’s not uncommon for people to question the artistry. I managed to make the medium of my work underscore my argument by serving as an example of it. . especially when they lack traditional beauty. which doesn’t require an enormous amount of skill. What I want to communicate is that art is anything that expresses creativity. but not an order of large fries from the Golden Arches? With my superposition of the phrase “Art is” over the college. code and the design of every day things as art.intriguing. In the same manner that people fail to see the artistry in Suprematism. When a computer does most of the heavy lifting of creating a work of art. many fail to see video games. As a result. However. I decided to make and display “art is” electronically to really drive home the ideas behind the work.

but the view of art is rather unique for someone who is actually creating art.My art is an argument about art. Most artists wouldn’t want to undermine their own art by opening up the definition of art so widely. just as many works of avant-garde art have been in the past. . my perspective as an outside observer allows my argument to be more earnest than artists. My work’s execution may seem unordinary. Therefore. As time goes on. art continues to evolve and it creates the necessity of continuous attention being paid to what art really is.