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Pooling Administration System 090 2 7 b -T L


attsom (SP)
Time 04/30/20080159:20 PM EDT


Central Office Code (NXX) Assig ment Request
Part 1 December 9 , 2 05

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1.1 Contact Information:

Code AoDlicant
CompanyEntity BEL
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Parent Company s OCN(s)

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LocalitylCilyNVireCenter:Homing Tandem Operating Co:





' Tandem



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IC. growth. Codes that are undesirable.8 Part 2 is attached -Pati 2 is not attached Additional Documentation is attached attached X - - I Comments: an NXX code iS Signature of Code Applicant z file://D:V>ocumentsand Settings\rSyppn3\LocalSettings\TemporaryInthet Files\OLKB\v. Types of service: - W l r s ( e . CMPS. attach(1) evidence of certification And 12) Proof of abilitv to place code in service within 60 davs. DEOlCATrDCODE bo 7 I r for BIRRDS l 4 1s 1. if any e) Type of change(Markall that apply) ’’ OCN-Inter-company’* Extend Reservation OCN-lnba-company Tandem Homing CLLl 1. etc. attach months to Bxhaust worksheet. Pooling Indicator: l3 Yes ‘ I No 1.7 Code request for new service (Explain).4 a) Type of companylentityrequesting the Lode: W E x c h a n P s C a r r l r r L l L E C l C .5 Type of Request (Initial. g / qCellular Type 2) Code Assignment Preference (Optional} d. If a QroWth d e . Other) b.Pooling Administrai in System Page 2 of 3 REDACIED 1.. 5/9/2008 ..) G h If an initial code.6 NPA Jeopardy Criteria Apply: Yes 1.

l0 An incomplete form may result in delays in proceLng this rWmst.Pooling Administration System REDA~ED Page 3 of 3 ' Identify type and reason for change(s) in Sectim'l.. * A list of the current Code Adminlstratorfs)who uinNANPA. should direct questions regarding appropriate OCN usage to the Tekordid Routing Administration (TRA) on 732-699-6700. I Rate Center name must be a tariffed Rate Cente with toll billing.. owning entity foC the This is an elevencharacter descriptor provided Code applicants should request an effective '' Select if you are the current Code Holder l2 Select if you are a t h e current Code Holder l4 Applkant is not required to submiit Part 2 of input the Part 2 fonns data on its behalf. provide assistance in upon request completing this form is available The NXX field is required for any code request in which there is a change or the NXX is being retumed. This is the e ven-character Tekwdia TM COMMON LANGUAGE CLLl TM Location ldenti 'on of lhe applicant's switch or POI. (Telcordia and CLLl are trademarks and COMMON LANGUAGE is a registered trademarks of Telcordia Technologies. Companies with no prior (3 Code or Company Code assignments may C o n M NECA (973-884-8355) tt. 5/9/2008 . cut-over for BIRROS will not begin until input Into BlRRDS has been I completed. I This is an elevendaracter descriptor of the wit provided by the owning entity for the purpose of routing calls.4(e). i Operating Company Number (OCN) assignment must uniquely identify the applicant. NEd -assigned Company Codes may be used as OCNs. I I I [Ekk) i 3 file://D:\Docu"ts and Settings\rSyppn3Vn>calSettings\Temporary Inte/net Files\OLKB\v. Since multiple OCNs andlor Company C des may be associated with a given company. companies with prior assignme . Relative to CO Code asslgnments. I Applies to any code applicant connecting to the Ppblic Switched Telephone Network via a tandem owned by a different carrier. be assigned a Company cOde(s).

.35PM EDT Printable Version Attachment 3 I !@Individual Block Requests 9 @O/” Code November 21.2003 ATIS-0300066. a Pooling Administration Systbm tt.12.at3 Pooling Administrator’s ResponsblConfirmation TBPAGPart3 1 Requests @Confirm Resources In Service 9 @Donate Blocks B (!#Submit Forecas #Search Forms g&eports &ser Profile i I 407Tracking Number : I ORLANWFL- I 208924 I I Dale of Application: 04/30/2008 Effefectl I Date: Date of Receipt: 04/30/2008 Date Respoqse: Name Provider BELLSOUTH SO BELC 04T 04/3o/2oo8 (Telcordia TM LERG TM 9417 Routing Guide ) OCN: j NPAC SOA SPlD : I Pooling Administrator Contact Information: Dara Sodano Phone: I 9253638730 I Signature of Pooling Administrator Dara Sodeno 9253637697 Fax: Name (print) Email: NPA-NXX or NPA-NU-X : L Block Contaminated(Yesor No) : If Yesmler We number of TNs contaminated : Switch Idenlification(Switch EntityPOI): Rate Center: ’ Rate Center Sub Zone: 7” et Files\OLKB\v.REDACTED Pooling Administration System Page 1 of 2 .com (SP) Sign out I Time ~04/30l200802. 5/9/2008 file://D:\Documents and SettingskSyppn3\Local Settings\Temporary Int ~ ..

request denied. file:ND:Documents and Settings\r5yppn3\LocalSettings\Temporary I n t h e t Files\OLKB\v.lnc. Explanabon: Remarkr: 1 ' This is an eleven-characlerdescriptor provided bd the owning entity for the k purpose of routing calls. 5/9/2008 .REDACTED Pooling Administration System x Page 2 of 2 Form Complete. requirements. therefore this request You may proceed wlth requesting a appropriate rtate commission are In dlsagreementwith refer to the - Request withdrawn. - Explanation..LERG ROUTING Guide and CLLi are trademarks of Telc 'dia Technologies.This must be the CLLl TM L tion identification code of the switching sntily/POI shown an the Part 1A f (Tekordia..) [ Back] 1 Qlestion? Email us Q 1997-2012 NeuSlar Inc. Explanabon Assignment activlty suspended by the admihisbator.

com (SP) Slgn Out 02 07 15 PM EOT Time 04/30/2008 7 13 @Individual Appendlx 3 ' 1 Block Requests m @CO/NCXX d MONTHS TO EXHAUST and UTILIZATION CERTlFlCA ON WORK SHEET .3 Resourcer ow gut In Service Date E @Donate Blocks @Pubmit Forecast m wearch @aeports -- 1 Company bla m e . 5/9/2008 .TN Level' (Thousands-Block Number Poolmg Growt Block Request) Code Requests m @Confirm Tracking Number W .REDACBED Pooling Administration System Page 1 of 2 Pooling Administration System rtt...! Rate Center lis1 all Codes NPA(s)-NXX(s) and Blocks NPA(s)-NXX-X(s) Forms m @User Printable Version August 6.2001 Name of Block Appllcan Profile E-mail m A Available Number- I I stgnatdTelephone-o N I I I B Assgned Numbe C Total Numbering Resources QuMtity of numbers activated in the past 90 days and excluded k m the Utdization c a l w l a t i o m Llst I Excluded Code(s) or Block(s) I Month Month Month Month Month Month Month onth Month Month Month Month #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #9 #lo #11 # I 2 I E Growth monthsz I months3 I -- I --I file://D:V)ocumentsand SettingsbSyppn3\LocalSettings\TemporaryInte/Tlet Files\OLKB\v .O R W-FL*208Q2.

c 4To be a s g n k an additional thousands-blwk ( N U . and Month #6 as the current month. staang with the most distant month as Month #l. I i P 'Net change in TNs no longer av&able for assignment in each prev ous month. section 52.035 Block R e a u e w 1 Total Numbering Resources(CFExc1uded Numbers(D) Explanation: ~ I 'A COPYof this worksheet is required to be submitted to the Pool~ngAdministrator when requesting additional numbering resources in a rate center. starting with the ost recent month as Month # I . Months to Exhaust' must be ksS ban or equal lo 6 months. Months to Exhaust4 REDACTED Page 2 of 2 Numbers Available for Assianment to GustomergA) Average Monthly Forecast(G) Months To Exhaust 1I. 5Newlyacquired numbers may be excluded from the lJ$lization calc lation (FCC 00104.c k I . s d i 52 15 (9) (3) (iii)). 3Forecastof TNs needed in each following month.15 ( [3nil)) I I I 1 I Question? Einall us I '7 4 I I I . (FCC00-104. For audtting purpo+s. the ap@cant must retain a copy this document.X ) for growth.Pooling Administration System H.

The FCC You have requested more blocks than you Forecas i Select One Option and ubmit m e a r c h Forms I @ @Reports @ Retum to the Months To Exhaust F d b 0 @User Profile . Need to request a State Waiver Received a State Waiver I .com 0 Sign 0 I I Time : 04130/2008 01:58:16 PM Requests @I W O I N X X Code Requests m @Confirm Resources In Service A @%onate BIOC~S & &ubmit I EDT 1 - Months to Exhaust and Utilization Certification W rksheet TN Level(Continued) Your Utilization calculates lo 70. 1 ..# -.903%. REDACTED . Pooling Administration System Page I of I I Pooling Administration System I (SP) -stt. ' .

Orlando Utilization Summary Report Exchange Central Olfice Wire Center CLLl Blocks I Attachment 2 REDACTED Average Growth 1 Available * TNs ~ I Orlando Azalea Park ORLDFLAPDSO 210 Orlando Colonial ORLDFLCLDSO 72 Orlando Magnolia ORLDFLMADSI 317 Orlando Pinecastle ORLDFLPCDSO 200 Orlando Pinehills ORLDFLPHDSO 180 Orlando Sandlake ORLDFLSADSO 177 - I\] I Customer Contact information 1 MTE Uti1 .. ' ..