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All the students should converse in English in the School premises and
the Hostel to develop their language skills.
Damages done to buildings, furniture, library books, laboratories, sports goods
etc. will be viewed as violence. Such losses should be paid for at the discreti
on of the Principal.
Any student found to have taken other students belongings will face suspension.
Private tuition will be compulsorily entertained in the school for slow learners
and less achievers.
Any student caught copying in any examination or found committing malpractice of
any type will be suspended from the school.
Students are forbidden to contact outsiders without the permission of the Princi
No hostel student is allowed to go home except during approved terminal holiday
Permission to visit home must be granted by Principal alone and students so perm
itted should inform the warden before leaving and when reporting.
Parents can visit their wards in the hostel on Sundays or Second Saturdays only.
Every student should take part in the school games unless physically unfit and s
pecially exempted by Principal.
Books, Magazine and Periodicals not approved by Principal are strictly prohibite
The cases that justify the removal of the students from the hostel by the school
authorities are:
Offences involving honesty and morality.
Grave and habitual insubordination
Any defect in the boarder either physical or moral, which, in their opinion is p
rejudicial to the welfare of the school.
Students are advised not to keep any money, gold ornaments or electronic goods l
ike walkman, transistor, camera, computer, mobile phone etc. in the hostel.
Girls are strictly forbidden to use valuable gold ornaments except small ear ri
Regular late coming, frequent absence, negligence in wearing uniform, carelessne
ss in studies will be viewed seriously.
Every student should bring school diary daily.
Students are not allowed to give gifts to the teachers except on the Teacher's D
ay as directed by the Principal.

Students will not be permitted to leave the classrooms during the working hours
on excuse like for drinking water etc.
Attendance on National Days like Independence Day, Republic Day and other such c
elebration is compulsory. Absence without prior approval will be viewed seriousl
y and may invite drastic disciplinary action.
Identity cards must be pinned on the uniform.
All students should greet the teachers.
Boys and Girls are to use the right staircase and left staircase respectively.
Students are not allowed to go out of the classroom without permission.
Permitted students should go out of the class with the

out pass' only.

Only Class Leaders are allowed to enter the staff room.

Silence should always be maintained.
Students should enter the Library only in School Uniform.
Reference books and Periodicals can be referred only at the Library.
Students should not socialize or disrupt the normal operation of the Library.
Students should sign in the attendance register before entering the library.
students are strictly prohibited from carrying books in to library
Students on bus should obey the instruction and guidance of the bus driver/condu
No part of the student
any time.

s body (arms, head etc.) should be held out of the window at

No object is allowed to be thrown outside the window or inside the bus.

Students are not permitted to move from seat to seat while the bus is in motion.
At the bus stop points, small children will be accompanied by the conductor to c
ross the road, the elder students should cross the road only after the bus moves
, observing the two sides of the road and ensure that no vehicle is coming
students are strictly prohibited from carrying books in to library
While attending CCA, club activities, special programmes in the Assembly Hall or
on the stage, students should observe the following rules.
They should report at the venue in class wise order.
Students should not break line and should remain in the place they are seated.
They should remain sitting throughout the function. Putting down the head, drows

ing, sleeping are not allowed.

Students should not lift legs, stretch apart either front or to the side and als
o not to keep on the chair in the front
Loud-talking, making indecent noise of any kind is not allowed.
Maintaining silence and following the programme is the expected discipline among
Departing and Reporting from the Assembly should be orderly and should follow th
e instruction of the teacher in charge.
No student is allowed to play during the short interval time.
During long interval students can play in the playground only.
They should report one minute before the silent prayer soon after the long inte