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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Cites Economy, Education and Saving Jackson Memorial Hospital as Top Priorities

Miami, FL – Joe Garcia announced today he has resigned his post as the Energy Department’s Director of
the Office of Economic Impact to run for Congress in Florida’s 25th district. In a living-room YouTube
announcement surrounded by his wife of 18 years, Aileen, and daughter, Gaby (12), Garcia noted that
his top priorities will be to create jobs, fully-fund schools and save Jackson Memorial Hospital from

“We need leaders that will take a stand do what’s right. My wife and I have a young daughter and
we see what’s happening in our community. We can’t send to Washington the same Tallahassee
politicians that raised taxes by $2 billion in the middle of a recession; ignored Jackson Memorial
Hospital, now on the brink of closing, and just passed an anti-teacher law that will hurt schools and
families. Our children deserve every opportunity previous generations had – that’s why I’m running
for Congress.”

Garcia added:

“We’ll create jobs and get our economy back on track by giving real tax breaks to middle class families
and small businesses that are struggling to make ends meet. We must also invest in our greatest
natural treasure—our children—by strengthening our schools and working with teachers and
students, not against them. And I will fight everyday so that people who work for a living can take
their kids to a doctor and can’t be denied insurance because of preexisting conditions – this begins by
saving Jackson Memorial Hospital.”

In the coming days, Joe Garcia will make a more formal announcement in person. In the meantime, all
media inquiries are to be directed to Giancarlo Sopo, spokesman for the Garcia campaign.

Media Contact
Giancarlo Sopo, Spokesman
786.395.3298 |
A Dedicated Father, Husband and Family Man

A loving family man and dedicated public servant, Joe Garcia has called South Florida his home his entire
life. In 1963, Joe was born to Joe Sr. and Carmen Garcia at Mount Sinai Hospital. Like many exiles that
came to this country seeking freedom and opportunity, Joe’s parents worked hard to get ahead. His dad
started out washing cars at Miami International Airport, while his mom waited on tables at the Howard
Johnson Hotel on Miami Beach. They didn’t have much money, but Joe’s parents instilled in him values
like hard work, love of country, treating others the way you’d like to be treated and faith in God.

With hard-work and savings, Joe’s parents were able to start a small business and helped put him and
his brothers through school. Joe graduated from Belen Jesuit in 1982 and attended Miami Dade
Community College thereafter. With scholarships and the money he saved from cutting grass with his
grandfather on weekends, Joe transferred to the University of Miami where he was elected student
body president by his peers and graduated with a Bachelor in Arts degree in political science and public
affairs in 1987.

In 1988, Joe enrolled at UM Law, where he met his wife, Aileen, on their first day of school. As a law
student, Joe worked nights and weekends directing the Exodus Project, a private humanitarian
resettlement program, and Aileen served on the UM Law Review. In 1991, Joe and Aileen graduated
together from UM Law. They were married the following year. In 1998, their daughter, Gaby, was born
at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Aileen presently serves as the general counsel for the University of
Miami. Joe, Aileen and Gaby are proud to call South Florida their home. The Garcias are delighted to
have two new additions to their home. Joe and Aileen’s niece and nephew, Alexandra (3) and Hector
(5), frequently stay with them as their father serves in our armed forces.

A Lifetime of Service

Never having served in elected office, Joe’s record of public service dates back over two decades. In
1993, Gov. Lawton Chiles appointed Garcia to the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC), the state
agency that regulates utilities. Serving under both Democratic and Republican governors, Joe made
Florida’s families his top priority and helped usher in the single largest energy rate cut in Florida’s
history, which meant lower monthly electric bills for Florida’s families in the 1990’s. Garcia left the PSC
in 2000 and was named Executive Director of the Cuban American National Foundation where he
became one of the country’s leading advocates for human rights in Cuba and Latin America.

In 2008, Joe Garcia came within a single-digit margin of defeating incumbent Congressman Mario Diaz-
Balart. Proving to be a prolific fund-raiser, Garcia raised $1.8 million. The following year, Garcia was
named as the Director of the Office of Economy Impact in the Department of Energy.
Media Contact
Giancarlo Sopo, Spokesman
786.395.3298 |
A Pro-Family Plan

Strengthening Our Economy - “I believe the way to strengthen our economy is by rewarding hard work
and creativity that moves America forward. This begins by keeping taxes low for middle class families
and small businesses and keeping families in their homes. It means investing in America again: in small
businesses and new industries that put people to work; in public education, technical schools, and
affordable college tuition so American workers can compete in the global economy; and in new energy
sources that reduce the price of gas, create millions of jobs, and free us from our dependence on oil
from dictators like Hugo Chavez and the Middle East.”

Family Health Care and Saving Jackson Memorial Hospital - “I believe that people who work for a living
should have access to a quality family doctor and that nobody’s parent or child should ever be denied
insurance because of a pre-existing condition. And our senior citizens should never have to choose
between buying medicine and paying for groceries. ”

“My wife and I know how valuable Jackson Memorial Hospital is to our community because that’s where
our daughter, Gaby, was born. I will make it one of my top priorities to work with Jackson so it makes
much-needed reforms and ensure it receives the funding it needs to keep its doors open and provide
our community with quality care.“

An Education System That Rewards Teachers and Students - “I have a young daughter and my brother
and his wife are teachers, so I understand first-hand just how important it is that our children receive a
world-class education that prepares them for the jobs of the 21st century. This begins by passing a
middle-class tax-cut that makes college more affordable for families and students. The anti-teacher bill
that Tallahassee politicians just passed is a step in the wrong direction. We should be working with our
teachers and students, not punishing them. In Congress I’ll fight to fully fund our schools and colleges
because teachers should never be asked to pay for their students school supplies and Miami Dade
College should never have to turn away students that want to learn so they can find good jobs .”

Fiscal Responsibility - “I’m committed to reducing the deficit so that future generations of Americans do
not end up paying the price. My office will lead by example and post any funding request directly on our
website. We must crack-down on wasteful government spending because leaders should manage tax-
payer dollars with the same prudence that a responsible parent would manage his family’s budget.”

Media Contact
Giancarlo Sopo, Spokesman
786.395.3298 |