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Liberty for Integrated

Alliances Nationals Society (LINAS)

Organisation Profile


Liberty for Integrated Nationals for the Alliances Society (LINAS) is a national
non-government, non-profit and non-political self-motivated, stand-alone
organization. Established and not registered but started our works directly with
the grass root women and children to keep themselves training on how to make
fulfilled in the society via learning stitching, embroideries jurdousi, karchupi,
block, boutique besides Artificial Jewelry with making own goods with quality
and how to bring them into the market. Starting time 1999 with its founder
President Mrs. Roslin Dias hard worked under project of various NGOs
and Association and feel to independently start as fulfilled NGO and it was the
year 2005 with hand counted people specially in the Lalkhan Bazar and
Motijorna Bosti people and women, from where she made this organization by
her own pocket, members subscriptions, local relatives donations collection by
the honest people in the society and she felt to start with proper papers
documentation and now looking for to work under wide range for the reason
its founder members and Executive members are now in form with all
collaboration to work in the society as it seems the requirements of the
organization coming bigger and work has been selected specially the working
Area are extended to go deepest the country, the registration and other
government formalities had been done for the registration purpose from
the registrar of Joint Stock company and firms and the Registration. no CHS-
521/2009), LINAS is based in Chittagong and will not limit her works only at
Chittagong but also future plan is to work for entire Bangladesh even
Internationally if required.

A team of committed professional workers runs LINAS. A seven Executive

Committee member elected by the General Body oversees activities of this team.
LINAS has the membership with a number of reputed national and international
Liberty for Integrated Nationals for the Alliances Society (LINAS) intends to see
an exploitation free, discrimination free, welfare oriented, environment friendly,
just his/her dependency in the society that upholds human, women and childrens
rights and ensures fair participation of citizens in the governance process.

The mission of the Liberty for Integrated Nationals for the Alliances Society
(LINAS) is to strengthen institutional capacity, free from poverty, injustice,
gender inequality and environmental degradation via partnership building,
action research, with providing technical assistance where it is needed.

It is our belief that knowledge and access to knowledge forms the core of growth
societies. One of our key goals is to support endangered cultural, historical and
artistic resources that form the fundamentals of those who are increasingly being
marginalized within the established modern framework.

Poverty & Income Generation:-

One-fifth of the world is living in absolute poverty, defined as having less than
one dollar per person per day. One-quarter have no access to health care or to
clean drinking water. 190 million children suffer from chronic malnutrition. In
that case we have a lot of work to do to solve this entire crisis. There are many
ways of attacking poverty and those with most impact often operate at national or
international level. But one powerful smaller tool which can encourage them to
join with LINAS and raise their hand to work with this society to save them deep
water source for drinking and maximum of them will keep healthy if they run
under the rules and regulation of the society. Here basic fund will come from the
entire villagers where we would work and 50% will be provided by LINAS. While
we can talk about the micro finance type of project which had already applied
before and the best interest of the villagers will be sit to talk to solve the problem
as we know the Bank will not provided the Loan except any Guarantee so we
would encourage to go not via Loan but to keep on going work and savings can
provide them the needful capital and the rest would come from LINAS.
Development Issue:-
1. Mother and Babies

2. Youth

3. Pre-Post delivery of Women

4. Old man & women

5. Environment

6. Agriculture

7. Socio-Economic Development

8. Education

9. HIV/AIDS awareness.

10. Area of working will be increase time to time.

Proposal to work for any project under LINAS:-

Being with office location and its founder members are now in form to work
anyway inside the country if they get the non government or government
facilities to work and now looking for the project and for the reason this proposal
are submitted.

Due to working with the Bosti people (Bosti is the common word for local here
and it means that a place where hundred of family members livings in the place
of the non-healthy, education less and they are hand to mouth situation) where
maximum are below standard living while for lack of awareness and LINAS
understand if the main of the family aware about himself and family then these
family can live well without any disease.
On 2005 LINAS started the work at Satkania-colony Bosti where huge of under
privilege from Rickshaw puller, van puller and his wife working as a maid-servant
or nursing in people house earning but only lack of method and dirtiness
character they are suffering from various disease. LINAS success in making them
keeping clean where they stay, live good and sustenance of their practice
LINAS selected them in cheap but vitamin available food can make their live
healthy, their family will keep more well even those who are not working in that
Bosti can keep all the kids and children for general study for four hours and
LINAS education team was available with Black Board, Chalk and Duster with
few book to share each other for reading and writing materials. In that case
LINAS tried more then six months and capable to handle them in a minimum
good position. On that way LINAS also selected Moti-Jorna Bosti and Tula-
pukur-par bosti and with the local people help specially the Commissioner of the
local ward help them to made the things success which all expenses was made
from LINAS members own pocket.

Before going for 10 more bosti to work and the fund calculation was not achieving
even we face the documentation for local approval to work for keeping well
awareness, LINAS faced a trouble and applied for the approval of our Society and
last few days before we got the all documentation papers with the approval of
"Memorandum of Association" and our "Rules & Regulation" passed from our
local government to get fundraising via attracting the foreigners and local
interested personal those who willingly and personally want to help the
helpless people via LINAS.

The story of above hope not make you bore while if you really interested to
donate for helpless people and our upcoming project for 2010 which we call:
"2010 Proposal and achievements" given below for understanding our works:

The above Ten Bosti (not yet selected all but will be finalize after having the
approval from the Ministry of Social welfare and we planned to work the below
criteria in short:


Helpless Womens need first training and proper training can make them the
worker to have her energy via giving her proper training with logistic. Once few
women get few logistic and proper training then she can provide time to work
with our plan and on this way we will get some tools for working step by step to
make them their product marketing which may solve their economical
background to stand on her own feet.
Health & Nutrition:-

Besides teaching them how to work we also giving them the nutrition class
specially for the pregnant women who can take care of her baby beside working
with her works, LINAS will also provide them the regular local physician check
up to take care about their health and keep the family small.

Family Planning:-

Growth of the family in village area is emerged where LINAS like to trained them
how to keep family small, maximum of them as depend on their parent's income
so they are fully administrate by the control of the parents but when they give
earnings to the family from their own earn, the gross earning of the same family
will come more effective which means her social position with her family position
will be more stronger.

Old Home:-

Maximum of aged men and women in our country even in foreign country are
fully depend on their son or member of the family, but due to the poor and non
literacy, big family maintaining son or daughter cannot raise their hand to give
backup to their aged parents, the neglect, and over-all peace found ruin in the
family, so our OLD HOME thought target will help them to keep their parents in
our HOME by giving few lum-sum amount and we will also trained them to keep
workable in that age too.


A primary school fully given by my source and all literature with logistic support
will be provided from our fund where only the neglected family, those who are
under our foundation will give first preferences to take admission for literacy
facilities and besides the young but not literate generation will also be the part in
evening class.

The above is our at a glance for 2010 we says "2010 Proposal and achievements"
Our complete Registered Office Address:

Liberty for Integrated Nationals for the Alliances Society


Registered Office: 36/2, Moulana Mohammad Ali Road, Lalkhan Bazar, (Satkania
Coloney) 1st floor of Kamal Shaber building, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
(Address may be changed as per official decision of the Governing Body)